Decoded: What Your Go-To Slots Game Says About You

Decoded: What Your Go-To Slots Game Says About You



Decoded: What Your Go-To Slots Game Says About You

You already know that our slots casino is a haven for whenever a little R&R time is in order. But did you know that the online slots you choose to hunker down with could reveal a lot about your personality, too? Let’s find the proof in the pudding.

Maybe you’re a rough-and-tumble fighter, headed for the Wild West where a random progressive jackpot is said to be hiding out. Or perhaps sweet, sensitive and affectionate is closer to home, and you’d prefer to snuggle up to adorable furry creatures and their Wild multipliers.

Here’s how it goes: pick your fave game from the list below and we’ll tell you all about… you! If your top pick isn’t in the pack, you can either narrow it down to your next top choice, or pick the slot closest to its theme.

Curious to discover who you really are? We’ve already got a hunch. Let’s spin some of our top slots and find out.

10 Times Vegas

You’ll insist that jeans are the perfect attire for every occasion. A crisp, cool lager is all you need to enjoy a lazy afternoon, especially when you’re surrounded with rollicking good company. You’re as classic as they come: exactly like the 10 Times Vegas slot! 

In one of our most famous Vegas-inspired slots, you embrace the minimalist setup of 3x3x3. And just like you’re the life of the party with your laid-back personality and quick-fire wit, you’re always ready to live it up Vegas-style with Wild multipliers that can lead to the jackpot.

Golden Buffalo

Sitting inside all day on your day off? Not a chance. Not for someone motivated like you!

The Golden Buffalo slot is big, bold, and courageous, which are all ways your friends have described you before. With 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 ways to win, there is plenty of space to set your spirit free and roam the open land.

Fueled by unwavering ambition and a motto of “no fuss”, you charge through the red rocks with passion and ease, collecting Wild multipliers up to 3,125x.

Luxe 555

With enviable posture, an impeccable sense of style, and an appreciation for a fine 2005 Bordeaux, you know a thing or two about sophistication. You would never shy away from treating yourself to the luxe life, which is why the exclusive lounge inside Luxe 555 always has a seat for you. 

In one of our finest classic slots, we can always find you positioned on the black leather sofa and adjusting your paylines from 1x to 5x. You are cool and calm under pressure, so when presented with the choice of which bonus to play for, you always pick the right one.

Lawless Ladies

Pictured in the middle of this image is the central logo and animated character from the SlotsLV slots game, Lawless Ladies. This cartoon cowgirl wears a brown hat sitting atop of long red hair, and holds up a pistol in one hand. She stands behind an illustrated wooden saloon-style sign that says “lawless ladies”.

Judging by your no-nonsense, no-fuss attitude, plenty of people in your life have probably heard a mouthful from you when you want your wishes known. You are independent and tough, and just as fiery as the red hair of the main outlaw in Lawless Ladies.

And that’s precisely why this strong girl gang loves to have you by their side. As is your personality, you can throw down fiercely when Sheriff Wilds gets close, and you’ll show up boldly to the shootout any day if it means collecting the random progressive jackpot from the dust.

Larry’s Lucky Tavern

You’re lively, funny, and a darn good conversationalist. It’s no wonder an outgoing pal like yourself gets along so well with the bartender inside Larry’s Lucky Tavern.

The two of you chatterboxes shoot the breeze for hours on end while Larry keeps the frothy beer scatters topped up. He’s always so tickled to see you that he slips over a bundle of 10 free spins and tripled wins as he’s sliding out the barstool he reserves for his most esteemed patrons.  

You also have a knack for organizing a great outing, so why not invite some more friends to play slots online? If you do, we’ll give you a referral bonus.

Mystic Elements

“Head in the clouds” is a phrase that hits home for someone like you. You’re a day-dreamer and an idealist, and you’d take a quiet walk in nature over a rowdy bar any day.  

When you play Mystic Elements, your strong intuition takes over in pursuit of the huge jackpot triggered by five light symbols. You only have to close your eyes and ponder, and free spins – the first step towards the progressive – seem to gravitate toward your kind and gentle spirit in return.

Wynloch Keep

You have to be brave, ambitious, and a little bit reckless to endure what it takes to cross the rocky terrain and arrive at Wynloch Keep. That’s how we know you’re purpose-built for the job.

A challenge – be it impossibly difficult or virtually effortless – never daunts or bores a capable person like yourself. You are proud and mighty, and always the first one to stand up for a cause you believe in… especially if it means fighting for treasure coins and free spins to win up to 100x your bet. 

American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots

A 3D-animated small jet airplane is pictured flying in front of clouds against a blue background, while the logo from SlotsLV’s slot game called American Jet Set hangs overhead, with a smaller logo below featuring a golden crown, and the words “Hot Drop Jackpots”.

When’s the last time you said no to an opportunity to travel? Never! And because your spontaneous spirit can never resist a last-minute trip, that next dream summer vacation would certainly be planned on a whim.

In American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots, you’re always having fun on the fly, and the flying is first class. Somewhere along the way to Vegas or New York, a few wayward crown symbols appear in your carry-on (you’re much too spur-of-the-moment to over pack a heavy suitcase), and you find yourself spinning a jackpot wheel for one of three Hot Drop Jackpots.

You live on the edge, just like those jackpots that drop every hour.

Animal Wilds

Don’t you just melt when friendly, furry critters beg you for a pat on their scruffy little heads? A sweet and gentle soul like yourself melts into a puddle in the presence of precious animals.

Your empathy and warmth are always received with excitement on the reels of Animal Wilds. With your infectious, good energy, you’re able to get up close and personal with all of your fluffy friends with their Wild multipliers up to 10x, and pet, purr, scratch, and coo your way to 10 slots free spins. 

Galapagos Islands

You’re an intelligent and curious person with big, wide eyes that soak up all the wonder of the world around you. 

When you traipse over the reels of Galapagos Islands, your passion for exploring is in full bloom as you get up close and personal with the high-paying slots symbols like rare and exotic tortoises and blue-footed boobies. Being as observant and keen as you are, your sharp eye never misses the randomly awarded free spins round peeking its head from beneath the white sand.

Genesis Island

We see two 3D-animated characters from the SlotsLV slots game, Genesis Island, featured to the left and right of this image. On the left, a dinosaur with large teeth and spikey head peers at the screen, while on the right, king kong wears an aggressive expression. Between them is the main game logo - the words “genesis island” in a green-gray font made of stone, set against a landscape of green mountains inside a circle. Behind, is a multi-toned blue abstract background.

When the going gets rough and everyone else is cowering away in fear, you are the daring one who steps forward, braves the monsters, and takes on the world.

You are fierce, courageous, and fearless, and you revel at the opportunity to stand up to the ancient, ferocious beasts inside Genesis Island. You hold your head high and stand your ground no matter what, even when primal Wilds take over and mega reels and their mega symbols roar over the screen and make your jungle-balance tremble.

Gold Rush Gus

With a big barrel laugh and a go-getter attitude who doesn’t shy away from getting a little dirty every now and then, you’re the perfect, friendly partner for the prospector inside Gold Rush Gus.

When you and Gus get together, it’s nothing but good-hearted teasing and hard work, but the rewards are always worth it with two mini jackpots and one big progressive.

Since you’re already digging for gold, here’s a little tip to help you find some more: SlotsLV is the best Bitcoin casino online. That means you can collect even bigger bonuses just for using crypto – and a savvy player like you loves that!

Cyberpunk City

You’re the first one your friends turn to when they’re in a tough spot. You’re resourceful, compassionate, and a natural-born leader, and they can count on you through thick and thin to always find a way out.

Such tenacity is awarded in a game like Cyberpunk City. You’re not afraid of any sly bad guys getting in your way while you’re watching out for your friends, and it really shows when you shove randomly expanding Wilds out of your way and pursue the random progressive jackpot in the game. 

Are you tough? Intellectual? Effortlessly sophisticated, or diligently hardworking? Or all these things at once?! There’s no better or worse personality traits – these online slots simply describe you (we hope!) best as an individual, but we all have one thing in common. Everyone here loves to play slots and win, and any of these games can get you there. At SlotsLV, just be yourself and the right game will eventually find you.


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