Multipliers are the Equation for Wins in These Slots

Multipliers are the Equation for Wins in These Slots



Multipliers are the Equation for Wins in These Slots

Take your seats! You’re right on time for Multiplier Slots 101, and this class is officially in session. Pay attention, because today, we are your Professor of Wins. We’re teaching you how to give your game a thrilling upgrade.

Multipliers are more than just concepts in math. You can spot them by the ‘x” next to a number in an online slot, like “5x” or “10x”. When you score a multiplier in your game, it boosts your last win by that number. This turns an ordinary spin into an extraordinary win with sparkles in your eyes.

A multiplier might give you a mini boost with 2x your win, 100x for a zealous push, or 15,000x to catapult your wins into another galaxy. (PSST – you’ll discover how to snag those multipliers in these upcoming multiplier slot games!).

We’ve done the calculations and rounded up the top slot games with multipliers. These games will add up your spins, subtract any dull moments, and divide the answers by your soaring level of joy. The equation is simple: better games, bigger paydays, and a more thrilling experience in the best multiplier slot games.

How Multipliers Work In Slot Games

Simply put, slot machine multipliers increase your wins by the given factor. So, a “5x multiplier” means your win gets multiplied by five. If you scored $100, your win would turn into a whopping $500, just for landing the right symbols. Pretty nifty, right?

You can hit multipliers in either the base game or the bonus game. There’s no hard and fast rule, you have to check out the paytable to know for sure. As for how they work, multipliers are multi-faceted and they come in all shapes and sizes across games.

Win Multipliers

Your standard multiplier takes your latest win and multiplies it by the given number. So let’s say you’re in a round of free spins (another fave feature). The round might give you a 3x multiplier. That means each time you win, that total win is multiplied by three. These might apply to your overall win, or just the line that had the multiplier.

Bet Multipliers

Bet multipliers are super-duper common and just as exciting. For these, the multiplier value is added to the size of your bet. So if you bet $50 and win a multiplier of “3x your bet”, you would then have a fabulous $150.

Wild Multipliers

If your Wild symbol comes with a multiplier tagged, you will receive a boosted payout after the Wild multiplier morphs into the correct symbol and scores you a win.

Progressive Multipliers

Progressive multipliers start at a base value, let’s say 2x, then increase with every spin or win, depending on the game. The amount they increase can vary, sometimes by just 1x or even jumping to 10x or more.

Random Multipliers

Some games have an entire army of multipliers bumping shoulders behind your slot, and it picks a value at random. You might snatch up a random multiplier because you landed a special symbol, it’s built into your spins, or it’s a unique feature of the game.

Top Slot Games With Multipliers

Have we multiplied your interest? We sure hope so! Now, let’s add the best SlotsLV multiplier slots to your gaming equation so you can put them to play inside your wins. 

Hottest 666: 6600x

The slot game ‘Hottest 666’ is shown with three reels displaying ‘666’ over a mint-green background and the logo ‘Hottest 666’ on the right side.

Phew, can you feel the heat? Just a few more degrees and it might shatter the glass on your device. Quick – grab a pair of oven mitts and carefully crack open the door of the Hottest 666 slot. We know you can take the sizzle.

Cherries, grapes, lemons, and watermelons are dripping with sweat. Land three bonus symbols, and trigger a bonus round with up to 6 free spins, 6x multipliers, 6 screens, and a possible Wild rain storm. Forget about cooling off with water, instead, turn your umbrella upside down and catch Wild multipliers up to 500x, possibly igniting the maximum 6600x win.

If the heat you’re feeling is coming from the weather, take our summer vacation quiz to pick a destination where you can enjoy your latest multiplier win in real life.

Alien Fruits: 15,000x

Far away on a distant planet, moody Alien Fruits float grumpily, happily, suspiciously, and tiredly within a tractor beam. It’s a wondrous foreign land surrounded by falling clouds of space dust. Before you miss Earth, at least three spaceship scatters teleport you aboard the mothership and into the round of up to 30 free spins. Here, random multipliers from 2x to 100x accumulate through a sequence of refills, zapping through glass tubes and into your balance, potentially multiplying your bet by up to 15,000x.

Once you collect your wins, the alien fruits will beam you back to your home planet. Since SlotsLV is the best Bitcoin casino, you can withdraw your payout within 15 minutes or less after we wave our antennas of approval. 

Adventures: 2,100x

There’s a mint-green background and pictures of three goblin-like monsters on cards.

Four anime heroes are seeking the help of a brave human in their quest to defeat the beastly boss who guards their precious multipliers. If you’re up for new Adventures, dive into your device’s screen and watch in awe as your body transforms into the sharp lines and exaggerated features of classic anime art.

Now, using their symbols as weapons, fight alongside the heroes to slash the lives of each beast through rounds of 10 spins. If you ever grow wary, glance at your hero’s guide in the Adventures slot game review. It fills your soul with renewed vigor as you discover the secret to multipliers. For each beast you bravely slay, you may accept your bonus game reward that has the warrior power to multiply your wins up to 2,100x. 

Aztec Magic Bonanza: 10,200x

The ancient mysteries of the Aztecs have been shaken awake and they’re stirring behind the 6 reels and 4 rows of slate-grey stone, revealing the historical Aztec Magic Bonanza. With just a spin of your finger and a minimum bet of $0.40, you can summon the magic through symbols that randomly award multipliers from 2x to 100x. These symbols accumulate your wins through refilling sequences, potentially leading to a breathtaking Aztec multiplier of up to 10,200x.

When such an astounding win shakes your balance to its trembling core, you’ll need to refer a friend to SlotsLV to witness your epic win and assure you it’s real. Once they sign up, we’ll enchant your balance with the modern magic of a real cash bonus.

Bonanza Billion: 15,000x

This morning, you bit into an extra juicy plum in your fruit salad, and the flavors exploded into a vibrant 5×5 game, bursting with plums, lemons, watermelons, cherries, and a Bonanza Billion multiplier wins!

Rainbow-spiraling four-leaf clovers whirl over undulating lime-green hills as scatters. Catch at least four, and frolic over the field with up to 30 free spins. Now, brace yourself! An explosion of flavor is coming your way as a rainbow bomb explodes with a random multiplier up to 100x, helping you soar through the peach-puffy clouds to a multiplier up to 15,000x.  

Leprechaun’s Golden Trail Hot Drop Jackpots: 8,000x

A leprechaun stands to the left of a winding trail of multipliers and both are displayed over a mint-green backdrop

If you don’t live in Ireland, where can you discover the whimsical fortune of rainbows and pots of gold? Right here, inside one of our most popular Irish-themed slots!

Goldie Pot is your earnest guide. As chipper as a spring robin, he grabs your hand and skips you over his golden trail of multipliers and upgrade symbols. When you find the right symbols and luck sprouts from the fields, you may join the jolly leprechaun in the Super Bonus Round for a heel-kick multiplier of up to 8,000x your bet, 

Whenever you find yourself absorbed in the enchanting allure of Irish legends, you could be the fortunate winner of one of three Hot Drop Jackpots, delivering a delightful Celtic victory to a lucky player every hour, around the clock.

To sum it all up, some things work well when there’s only one: the sun, a pencil, and a key to your home. But when it comes to your wins in slots, they should always be multiplied. Grab your next favorite slot, calculate your bet, and spin your way to exponential multipliers to multiply your fun. Now, let’s close the equation – class is dismissed!


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