BONUS: 10 of the Best Bonus Games

BONUS: 10 of the Best Bonus Games



BONUS: 10 of the Best Bonus Games

SlotsLV online slots are the bee’s knees, and don’t you know it! That’s especially true for the bonus features. Slot bonus games take the classic bells, BARs, 7s, and cherries and add an extra ‘WOW’ factor that leaves you reeling with delight. The best online slot bonus games have the highest winning potential, and it’s a double bonus if they have a cool interactive theme, too. That’s why we’ve searched, spun, and saved the 10 best bonus games online in this fabulously curated list – just for you.

Hold on tight and prepare to be impressed. Good times are spinning with the best bonus games slots, and they’re just a few clicks away.

1. Super Golden Dragon Inferno: Hold & Win Games with Jackpots

When the Chinese-inspired symbols light up the crimson-red reels of the Super Golden Dragon Inferno, a special Hold & Win bonus game crouches in the background, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Six or more flaming bonus symbols flash the signal. Hold your breath as the reels hold on tight to bonus symbols that are falling with values ranging from 0.50 to 5.00. They stick to the grid and rack up your wins, drawing you closer to the mini, minor, major, or grand jackpot prize.

Ancient Chinese wisdom advises you never to brave the reels alone. Refer a friend to join you in your spins. In turn, you’ll experience unbound and unlimited fortunes with a referral bonus in your account.

2. Mystic Elements: Up to 150 Free Spins

Close your eyes and let the ethereal breeze and hypnotic chimes of Mystic Elements guide you through the ether of bonus magic in one of the best online slots with free spins.

Three, four, or five mystery symbols peel open the cosmos to a round of 10, 15, or 20 free spins, all with tripled wins. When the atmosphere grows quiet, landing the same bonus symbols can re-trigger your free spins up to an astounding 150.

From within the allure of the freebies, if you ever sense a dimness in the depths of space, five light symbols illuminate your reels as the astronomical progressive jackpot is revealed.

3. Cai Fu Dai Panda: Super Features

With a mint green background there’s a cute panda eating bamboo with three symbols below it. Next to them is text that says ‘Cai Fu Dai Panda’ and “Collect coins to trigger many features’

Within the fortunes of Chinese-themed slots are the pillars of positive virtues that are the foundation of their culture.

Joyful creatures like Koi fish, mice, frogs, Maneki-nekos, and the cuddly Cai Fu Dai Panda embody the traits of a thriving, happy life. To fill your soul with their blessings, search the reels for symbols of Prosperity, Longevity, and Jackpots.

If you adopt either virtue at least once on the reels, your outlook is uplifted with a special bonus round for each. If you happen to embrace either two or all three symbols at once, you’ll live your best life possible with the combined Super features of Prosperity, Longevity, and Jackpots, culminating in a grand win of 2,500x your bet.

4. Lawless Ladies Return Hot Drop Jackpots: 3 Must Drop Jackpots

When the Wild West’s finest jackpots come barrelling into town with guns blazing, you’re gonna know it. In Lawless Ladies Hot Drop Jackpots, five female outlaws shoot up the reels to help you dodge the sheriff and track down the town’s guarded safe.

At any moment in your heist, you might come face-to-face in a shootout with one of three Hot Drop Jackpots in the game. The Hourly jackpot stares one lucky player down every 60 minutes, and the Daily jackpot once every 24 hours. But it’s the Epic jackpot that’ll have you sweatin’ as it grows and grows to a lofty peak, instructed by the banker to blow up with the face-off gets too heated.

5. A Night with Cleo: Adult-themed Gamble Feature

Inside the palace of Egypt’s most seductive pharaoh, the divine Cleopatra reveals a gamble feature after any winning spin within A Night With Cleo. Guess correctly which hand she holds the lotus flower, and you can double your winnings… but you may not even notice.

Each time you please her, the femme fatale seductively removes a piece of clothing. If you guess correctly five times, and five separate garments later, you’ve effectively multiplied your winnings by 32x, and Cleo is bare. Fortunately, your wallet is not.

To get a sly peek at what we mean, check out our A Night With Cleo slot game review.

6. 777 Deluxe: Bonus Round With Progressive Jackpot

‘777 Deluxe’ is on the left and next to it are three golden 7s on top of a pile of gold coins, and above that it says ‘Jackpot’ and below the 7s it says ‘$100.000.000,00’.

When you play online slots 777 Deluxe-style, you dust off the traditional retro fruit machine and bring it back to life with today’s features, including a very modern bonus round.

You need three question mark symbols in the base game to get the bonus go-ahead. The screen jumps to life and transforms into a bonus game. The spotlight illuminates one single payline and three reels at center stage. You can hear a pin drop as the crowd goes silent, the stars of the show are revealed, and three gold 7s award a deluxe progressive jackpot.

7. Gold Rush Gus: Video Game-style Bonus Round

Do you have your driver’s license handy? No matter – you won’t need it in the bonus round of Gold Rush Gus. Just a set of two keys and a treasure map will do the trick, then it’s all hands and legs inside the vehicle for one of the wildest bonus game slots around.

Buckle in and hold on tight. You vroom off to a bumpity bonus round where you drive a rail cart that’s careening down a mine at full speed, collecting gold coins as you go. Don’t bother reaching for the breaks, ‘cause as old-timey Gus would say, there ain’t no stoppin’!

8. Reels and Wheels: 2 Wheels and 5 Jackpots

Have you ever wondered which slot would match your favorite color? You can match them all in one of our most rainbow-tastic slot bonus games.

Reels and Wheels is brilliantly retro and brimming with show-stopping hues. As you land just one bonus symbol on the payline, your entire game transforms into a bonus round.

But wait – before your next move, slip on your sunglasses. This wheel spins into a vibrant blur with multipliers ranging from 5x to 500x plus a jackpot wedge. If you land on the jackpot wedge, hold on tight. Now you’re whisked away to yet another wheel, this time in a spin for one of five progressive jackpots.

9. Leprechaun’s Golden Trail: Unlimited Free Spins

A leprechaun stands to the left of a slot grid that says ‘Free Spins’ and above it text says ‘Leprechaun’s Golden Trail’ and it’s all on a mint green background.

As a rule, Irish-themed slots are all about opening your pot and gathering as much luck of the Irish as you can muster. While whistling a happy tune, prance down Leprechaun’s Golden Trail to discover the good fortune one of our best online slot bonus games has to offer.

When you stumble over three tall green hats on reels 1, 3, and 5, place it, most importantly, atop your head. Follow the leprechaun Goldie Pots to a round of unlimited free spins, where each hat symbol transforms into the luckiest leprechaun himself.

10. Hottest 666: Customized Reels & Screen

Hold onto your fire hoses because we’re coming in hot with one of the best slot machine games with bonus rounds, and this one’s a scorcher!

Hottest 666 is utterly on fire with a mega-cool bonus game discovered via three flaming bonus symbols. First, a Pre-Bonus Game ignites, where you spin three reels to determine your number of spins, multipliers, and screens.

When your fate is sealed, you can get up to 6 spins with 6x multipliers played over 6 screens at once, which practically blows up when a deluge of Wild rain catches fire with multipliers up to 500x.

Once you rack up piles of wins from these slot bonus games, be sure to request your withdrawal via crypto. SlotsLV is a crypto casino which means you can nab your smokin’ payday within 15 minutes or less after your request gets the go-ahead. SlotsLV online slots are a blast as-is, but the addition of wild and wacky bonus games is a big bonus. Pick one of these slots to shake things up, and enjoy the adventure. We’ll be waiting on the other side of your winning bonus round.


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