NEW! Scratch, Match & Win up to 200K Points

NEW! Scratch, Match & Win up to 200K Points



NEW! Scratch, Match & Win up to 200K Points

Hear ye, hear ye, Attention thrill-seekers!

New thrills are brewing at SlotsLV, and we’re about to unleash a whimsical new adventure for your gaming repertoire. Are you curious about what it is? Lean in a little closer, and we’ll give you a hint.

It doesn’t have reels, it doesn’t have spins, but it does have symbols, and it does have wins. What could it be?

It’s the SlotsLV Super Scratch Card, and it’s brand-new on the casino floor.

With just the flick of a wrist and a simple deposit of $30 or more, you can unlock the golden gateway for three consecutive days to one of our most exciting casino promotions yet. We give you a scratch card, and if you match three symbols, you can win up to 200,000 Rewards Points, hand-delivered with a smile.

Do you like what you’re hearing so far? You betcha! We’ve got a scratch card with your name on it and it’s just one quick deposit away. But first, take five minutes to scratch yourself up on the deets below and see how you can be up to 200,000 Rewards Points richer on your next deposit.

It’s Easy: Scratch. Match. Win.

You’ve heard the hype, and now you’re filing your nails to get them on the card. The Super Scratch Card is one of our best SlotsLV promotions yet, and you can take advantage of it in just a few quick steps.

  1. Scratch: Make a deposit of $30 or more and scratch your card
  2. Match: Match at least three symbols on the card
  3. Win: Win up to 200K in Rewards Points every day for 3 days in a row

That’s the gist. Here’s the detailed game plan.

The next time you roll up to SlotsLV Casino, deposit a humble $30 like you normally would.

PRO TIP: Since we’re a crypto casino, your deposit is more private and secure and clears faster when you do it through crypto.

Once your deposit clears, we’ll give you a scratch card with 12 boxes that conceal the faces of your favorite slot characters, giggling with anticipation underneath. Using the mouse on your laptop or finger on your phone, scratch off three boxes. If the symbols underneath are a match, you win a prize.

You can do this on the day of your deposit, the next day, and the day after. That’s three days of opportunities for one small deposit upfront.

It’s 4 x 3 tiles, you must match 3 symbols to win a prize. Your haul could be up to 200,000 points each day with the SlotsLV Rewards Program.

Collect Bonus Casino Rewards

Oooo… 200,000 Rewards Points, you say? We sure do! And you’re probably wondering what it’ll getcha.

As you may already know, the SlotsLV Rewards Program is our loyalty program (often hailed as the best online casino rewards program) that pays you back for playing games. If it sounds fabulous, that’s because it is.

There are eight tiers to reach, and the higher you climb, the more cash you get for your points. With 200,000 points from your scratch card – woah Nelly. You could rake in $200 in cash, just like that.

With such a juicy bonus intact, you’re ready to embark on your next adventure in slots. If you’re scratching your head and wondering which ones to play, the characters from the scratch cards told us they’d love to see you again. Let’s swing by and say hello!

Games to Play With Your Bonus Cash

The pink-mohawked chick from Cyberpunk City heard you would be scouting their streets, and she’s prepped the progressive jackpot to shoot off at random with the pull of a laser-gun trigger when you least expect it.

In another dusty dimension, a Golden Buffalo lopes over 4,096 paylines, playing a game of hide and seek. If you manage to catch him and grasp a tuft of his golden fur, you’ll amble off into the golden sunset with multipliers up to 3,125x.

Blink your eyes again, and you may find yourself in a pair of overalls with a pickaxe swung over your flannel-laden shoulder in Gold Rush Gus. Now you’re hitting the dirt for two mini jackpots or the big progressive, and Gus the prospector is rooting for you with each clank into the 5 reels.

Then again, who knows? If that cash is planted in the right game, it could flower into an hourly, daily, or Epic Hot Drop Jackpot. These jackpots are triggered around the clock.

Even More SlotsLV Promotions Waiting for You

Every day is Your Time to Play at SlotsLV, whether you put your scratching finger to work or not. That’s why we have boundless opportunities to cash in through our top casino promotions, available any time from sunrise to sunset.  

For instance, the next time there’s a lull in the group chat, assemble your buddies to play at SlotsLV. We’ll give you a cash referral bonus for each friend who signs up and makes a successful deposit.

If, by chance, you’re a new player who hasn’t spun their first slot yet, we can’t wait to have you, and you’re in for a juicy treat. We have the best online casino bonus you’ll ever see from any corner of the web. Even if you were not able to participate in the SlotsLV Super Scratch Card, feel free to use our welcome Bonus. With our Welcome Bonus, you can get up to $3,000 + 30 free spins after you make your first deposit. And that’s available right now, so if you want it, the bonus is yours! 

With a simple deposit of $30 or more, each sunrise for the next three days greets you with a new opportunity to scratch, match, and win. Give your spin finger a warmup and start your daily session with a bountiful boost. To learn more, open the golden gates of SlotsLV, and see for yourself the opportunities to scratch, match, and win. 


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