Embark on Your Adventure Quiz

Embark on Your Adventure Quiz



Slots Explorer, Embark on Your Adventure Quiz

A sliver of sunshine peaks through your bedroom window, and you part the curtains with a resounding whoosh. Well, would you look at that? 

Robins flutter gracefully amidst a melody of bird songs, daffodils sway freely in the breeze, and a playful swarm of bumble bees buzzes busily over the hill. 

You got up on the right side of bed today! And those bees have a bright idea. The days are longer now which means you have more time to wiggle your toes in the grass and step outside your routine.

Before you zip the final pouch on your bag, save a smidge of space between your sneakers and your light cotton shirt. We’ve been growing a beautiful garden of SlotsLV online slots with Wilds, Scatters, free spins, hot drop jackpots, and multipliers to make your trip more fun.

Where will the spring breeze carry you? 

There’s only one way to find out. Answer the questions below, and see which adventure you’ll spring forth to and which spring online slots will be chirping by your side. 

More About Your Results…

Enchanted Forest Wanderlust With Lady’s Magic Charms and Larry’s Lucky Tavern

As the curious forest adventurer, you are, you look to the towering sycamores as they part, revealing a narrow passage. It’s only natural that you instinctively duck inside. Follow the faintly glowing light at the end. Is that… a fiddle you hear? Follow that tune.

When you surface on the other end, a merry leprechaun does a heel kick and nods toward an inviting building nestled behind a tree. You’ve reached Larry’s Lucky Tavern.

Ease into a stool at one of our most famous Irish-themed slots, and good guy Larry will pour you a stout, frothy mug of Wild multipliers, spilling over with free spins with tripled wins.

Immerse yourself in the melodic music, spewing the luck of the Irish charm, while outside the tavern, a lady with fire-red hair looms from behind stately spruce, sending shivers down your finger and into the “spin” button on your screen.

The spell of Lady’s Magic Charms Hot Drop Jackpots has reached your game. As it does once every 24 hours on cue, the Daily Hot Drop Jackpot will explode in a cloud of fairy dust before the day is done.

Spin Me ‘Round with Carnaval Forever and Candy Carnival

A woman dressed in a colorful costume is at the front. Behind her is a small drum and text ‘Carnival Forever’, all with a green background.

The streets erupt with a riot of dazzling, fiery reds, electric blues, sunny yellows, and lush greens. Sequins and feathers swirl in a tornado of headwraps and skirts, and at the center of it all, we find you, Samba-dancing the night away at the Carnaval Forever with carnival fever.

An audience of free spins, a Gamble Feature, and a Buy Feature watch in rapt attention as you spin voltas in rapid succession, whipping up an impressive performance of prizes.

In another timeline beyond beads of sweat and sips of caipirinha, the air fills with the sweet scent of sugar. Your adventure takes off with a “Hold on!” and up to 50 free spins on the cupcake carousel, followed by a sky-high stack of walking chocolate cake Wilds at the Candy Carnival slot.

You’ll notice that the ice cream in your hand has two scoops. That’s one for you and one for the friend that you refer to SlotsLV Casino. We call the flavor “referral bonus buttercream”, and instead of dripping sugar, it drips with real cash as a reward to you.

Hit the Road with 10 Times Vegas and Elvis Frog in Vegas

It’s the classic Vegas Road Trip: the wind blows through your hair, the music is cranked up, and you and your besties belt out Highway to Hell on your way to a weekend you’ll never forget (and most likely never tell).

It’s Las Vegas, baby!

Sin City is 150 miles ahead – you’ll get there soon. But your adventure lies within the long stretch of pavement on the open road.

As you barrel through the desert on I-15, the path lights up with red-orange neon lights on the way to 10 Times Vegas progressive Jackpot slot. Neon-blue mountains jut up from the roadside and Wild multipliers of 2x, 5x, and 10x crumble from the wreckage in glowing balls of rock.

Speaking of rock, from your speakers, the unmistakable timbre of a famous rock n’ roll king rings like a serenade, but it has an extra hop. It’s Elvis Frog in Vegas, one of our most dazzling spring slots. He’s called in a reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel where the maid laid out giant symbols, blazing reels, and three Tutti-frutti Jackpkots on the pillow.  

Before you reach your destination, screech your vehicle to a halt and turn that beast around. The best Bitcoin casino is right here at SlotsLV, where you can request your payday via Bitcoin or Litecoin for a lightning-fast withdrawal. 

A Deep Dive with Ocean Treasure and Deep Sea

Rays of sunlight bathe your skin in a blanket of warmth, but it doesn’t last long. Before your sweat has a chance to dry, you’re squeezing into your wetsuit for the adventure of the Deep Sea.

Secure your goggles and double-check your oxygen tank. All good? Great – now let yourself sink.

The deeper you submerge, the more out of this world your surroundings become. Yellow jellyfish glow and glisten with diamond-like tentacles, sea snakes curl into spirals of light like LEDs, and free spins re-trigger up to 15 with up to 10 Wild symbols floating into your open hands.

You’ve collected your share of seawater wares, but don’t go up for air yet. A little minnow told us that an Ocean Treasure hides tucked behind a coral bush. Look! Over there.

Rub, wear, or kiss your casino lucky charms and let their magic boost propel you through the waves of 5 reels and 3 rows. Stay low and trawl the seabed for up to 10 free spins, Wild blowfish, and a 2x multiplier floating by.