The Perfect Slots to Celebrate This Happy Month!

Get your tapping finger ready, because SlotsLV has just curated the best slots to play in August - just for you! Let’s go, shall we?

Did you know August is the month of happiness? It’s true!

In fact, August 8th is Happiness Happens Day, which is perfectly suitable for our perpetually chipper crew at SlotsLV! Around here, we’re already pretty perky as it is, but when the happy sunshine of August comes around for another year, we can’t help but notice our smiles beam a little wider and a little brighter than just a month before!

With these SlotsLV slots to play in August, we know you’ll find a few more reasons – six, to be exact – to perk up and feel a bit happier. We’ll also be celebrating some other quirky days of the month, which might get you thinking about your feet, your next day off, or your bestie – and you’re about to see why!

Can you feel the happiness rising on all corners of the casino floor? Get ready – these online slots are bound to boost your mood alongside your bank account!

New Hot Drop Jackpots: 4 Exciting Games

Have you heard the good news? SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots are the newest addition to our online casino. These jackpots are set to trigger once every hour, every day, or before they reach a specific dollar amount. These new slots are such a hit that they’re creating more SlotsLV Big Winners than ever before, and there are four games you simply have to try.


Reels of Fortune

The newest must drop jackpots game? Reels of Fortune! It’s already becoming a fan favorite with its classic 3×3 design, traditional symbols, and lucrative features. Look out for the Golden Bonus Wheel where you can win one of 24 multipliers, in addition to the exciting jackpots.

777 Deluxe

This famous classic was already a major hit, but now 777 Deluxe has added three Hot Drop Jackpots to make it an absolute smash! Fruits, bells, and bars still spin throughout, but now the extra Crown symbol ensures that one of those jackpots will trigger on the dot.

A Night With Cleo

The beautiful Cleo continues to be the lady of the hour. Now, Hot Drop Jackpots in A Night With Cleo will have her rewarding visitors by the hour, day and dollar amount.

Golden Buffalo

He’s shiny. He’s fast. And the Golden Buffalo is barreling through the reels at full speed, watching you collect multipliers up to 3,125x and waiting to see which lucky buffalo chaser can hunt down one of three Hot Drop Jackpots.

National Friendship Day: Animal WildsWith National Friendship Day coming up, we think a great game to pair with this is Animal Wilds. You’ll just have to trust us on that! Read on to find out more.

Friends are one of the most precious elements in our lives. They’re there for us when we’re blue, when we’re bright with laughter, and when we play our slots!

August 7th is National Friendship Day, but with a game like Animal Wilds, you can celebrate your best buds any day of the year!

Just like a beautiful August day, this online slot is warm and sunny, and your entire crew of fun-loving pals have come along for a summer shindig in the outdoors.

Polar Bear is there, and Elephant, Panda, Alligator, and Giraffe, too! They’re sipping on refreshments and busting some moves under the luminously green leaves of the jungle. As it always goes with a close-knit friend group, when this gang gets together, they go BIG, as you see in the form of extra-large symbols on the reels.

Wild symbols fling through the party with multipliers up to 10x, and landing three or more scatters featuring the face of your famously goof-ball bestie Squirrel awards ten free spins with tripled wins.

SlotsLV Casino values friendship so much that we offer a bonus per friend when you refer a friend to play, too. So don’t be shy and get sharing!


New Slot: Mystic Wilds

At SlotsLV, we’ve always got new slots sprouting up on the casino floor so you can find your new fave (and if you’re into horoscopes and all things mystical, you might just find out your new favorite slot according to your zodiac).

Right now, we just launched a brand new must-spin adventure deep in the forest. Step into Mystic Wilds, an exciting 5×3, 243-payline slot featuring a Mystical Woman and her spirit animal friends. Each win twinkles across the lush green reels, leaving you seeing green in more ways than one!

If you’re not already mesmerized by this game, the Free Spins feature might just do it. You get there by landing 3 or more scatters, which awards you a choice from six different options of free spins with multipliers. Plus, keep an eye out for your new friend; the Mystical Woman is your wild and she wants to help you collect wins!

National Lazy Day: Koi Garden

It’s a lovely afternoon, and the weather is fabulous – the perfect day to go outside and catch some serenity by a shimmering lake.

That’s what we want to see when August 10th rolls around because it is National Lazy Day, so we won’t be doing diddly-squat except for kicking back and chillaxin’ with nature!

Koi Garden has just the right mood: a pleasant Japanese shamisen plucking a calm and joyful tune in the background and the gentle splash of koi fish playing in the teal-colored water.

A dragonfly buzzes overhead as you flip open a book to get lost in a good story. And then a couple more! If at least three land gently on your arm, you get up to 15 slots free spins with multipliers up to 3x. If you take a break to stretch and see a few lotus flowers floating in the lake, try to collect three since those symbols will start the bonus round.

Remember that you could always play any of these games as Bitcoin slots if we’re talking about minimal effort. That way, your deposits are made within minutes, and you can withdraw your winnings extra fast, with the least effort or wait time possible – a total stress-free zone.


National I Love My Feet Day: Big Money BigfootIt’s official: there’s a day for everything! National I Love My Feet Day lands soon, and to celebrate, we think you should slip into your most comfy slippers and settle in for a game of Big Money Bigfoot.

Our feet get us through a lot in life. They carry us from place to place, give us balance when we need to stand, and provide relief when someone is kind enough to offer a foot massage!

It’s only suitable that our trusty feet get an entire day to themselves to celebrate their value in our lives. Now introducing “National I Love My Feet Day” on August 17th!

Whether your own feet are big or small, there’s one creature stomping around SlotsLV who has gigantic feet, which just means more feet to love. On “I Love My Feet Day”, the bigger the feet, the bigger the prize, which couldn’t be more true than in the Big Money Bigfoot slot.

Once inside, you’ll want to kick your shoes off and let those feet do what they do best: step around the grass and lead you on a hunt. You’re looking out for the legendary Bigfoot himself. If you find him via three Big Money Bigfoot scatters, you get five free spins where Bigfoot can randomly transform any 1-15 symbols on the screen into a Wild.

Then, hopefully, you can go out and buy your beautiful feet a shiny new pair of shoes thanks to our SlotsLV online slots!

National Dog Day: Year of the DogIf you’re a pooch lover, you’re going to bond with the Year of the Dog slot. Why? Because National Dog Day is coming, and that’s good enough for us!

Everyone knows that dogs are the best people, and on August 26th, we celebrate our beloved puppers with their own special day!

Whether you have a Maltese, a retriever, a labradoodle, or a mix, there’s one very excited Shih Tzu in Year of the Dog that’s wagging his tail and panting with delight for you to come inside his slot online and give him some pets!

It’s not only this little guy’s special day, it’s also his special year in this slot! And he’s rewarding all human petters with gobs of rewards as you rub his belly and set off the reels.

A free spins bonus lets you choose your number of free spins and multipliers, and then the animated Wilds will appear to reveal the multiplier you chose. All along the way, your favorite little pup runs frantically to the door to jump inside your arms when you come in from work. What a good boy!


These are the best slots to play at SlotsLV Casino in August, from Hot Drop Jackpots, to best friends, new slots, a lazy day, loving your feet, and celebrating your furry best friend. No matter which slots online you jump into to celebrate this month, the prizes will always be ready to dazzle your bank account and brighten up your day, right there with the sun!