May Slot Forecast: slots for long weekends

May Slot Forecast: slots for long weekends



May Slot Forecast: Treat Yourself With Slots for a Long Weekend

Everyone loves a three-day weekend. Those extra 24 hours are aaallll yours. No alarms to wake you up, no traffic to battle, and no exhausting routine. Nothing but the deep sigh of sweet, sweet relaxation.

The blessed long weekend could spell out some much-needed R&R; a chance to get active, or just an opportunity to sleep in for once! If your calendar is looking full, it’s only because it’s full of possibilities. Your next three-day weekend is your time to truly shine.

To toast this all-too-rare gem of a break, we’re rolling out these SlotsLV online slots to embrace Your Time to Play. 

These specially chosen online slots will have you sprinting, lounging, grooving, and treating yourself to something extraordinary. Whether your 3-day weekend holidays are coming up tomorrow or you’re counting down the weeks, an extra day of play is on the horizon, and now is your time to prepare for more fun.

10 Times Vegas

The Vegas experience is a bedazzling slot, near you for this long weekend.

Fire up 10 Times Vegas on your device, and do a fashionista walk over a neon-lit strip behind 3 reels and 3 rows. Bust a move as Wild multipliers up to 10x pop off to the retro beats.

Flash a charming wink to your fellow Vegas partygoers as you land a win after a re-spin, and three jackpot symbols do a ditty on stage. That’s when you know your long weekend will be a long-standing memory as a Vegas-sized progressive jackpot steals the award-winning show.

You may need a good chunk of change to travel to Las Vegas and play slots there, but since SlotsLV is an online crypto casino, it only takes you $10 to play online when you deposit through crypto. And we’re here all long weekend-long, 24/7.

Candy Carnival

With a light blue background there’s a carnival with text that says ‘Candy Carnival’ and ice cream, donuts, and cake surround it on either side.

Treat-yo-self is a solid 3-day weekend mantra, and Candy Carnival is the ultimate indulgence.

The weather is bright and sunny with a refreshing breeze and the pastel carnival of candies and sweets is rolling into town for your long weekend of treats. And guess what? You have the whole place to yourself!

Run wild through the 6×4 carnival with cotton candy pink, yellow, and purple booths. Lick every ice cream cone, munch every pink-sprinkled donut, and bite every blue-frosted cupcake. Taste each flavor of the Wild layered cake as it expands over the entirety of the reel.

Your golden ticket to the best three-day weekend ever is also your golden ticket scatter to up to 50 free spins which can all be retriggered.

Coins of Ra

Many three-day weekend holidays will be spent lounging on recliners and tapping the remote, but not yours. For your holiday weekend, you’ll be tapping the spin button in one of our most magical Egyptian slots where the secrets of ancient legends awaken before your eyes.

The Coins of Ra are hiding in the secret chambers of a mystical temple shrouded in midnight stars. If you lean into the weathered stone and listen carefully, the aura of centuries of forgotten history divulges which symbols to land.

When you dust off three bonus symbols, the Hold & Win game trembles from the cracks in the stone, and you have the chance to seal your holiday weekend with major wins.

Cyberpunk City

A pink-mohawked woman is holding two laser guns in either hand and four cyborgs stand behind her. Text under her says ‘Cyberpunk City’, and it’s all over a light blue background.

Ahhh. So you’re one of them. You’re a half-machine, half-human three-day weekend pioneer, hunting the rain-drenched streets of Cyberpunk City between flashes of flickering neon signs.

With a sharp eye infused with the green-grid overlay from your cyberwear, you scan your surroundings, looking for expanding Wilds and random Wilds. Sure enough, the Cyber and Punk symbols leap from behind a busted building corner on reels 1 and 3, triggering like your laser gun for a round of 10 free spins with tripled wins.

Alright… relax. You got the loot. But just when you’re about to head back, a progressive jackpot randomly plummets from a rooftop and crashes at your feet, igniting a fury of long weekend ransacking for the goods.

Lucky Lady Emerald

For the next long weekend, nature lovers will flock to the forest for a tranquil vacation away from the bustling city.

Strolling through endless shades of eye-catching green, the Lucky Lady Emerald hears your footsteps. She gently lays an array of lucky charms on the bed of fallen leaves before you. Choose your charm and hold it dear, and the Lady will appear as a Wild that doubles your wins.

She has a heart of gold, but what’s more important is the heart of green which beats tenderly with the love of 15 free spins and tripled wins.

The forest’s trees seem to stretch to the heavens, but they fall short of the towering heights of the Epic Hot Drop Jackpot. This jackpot soars beyond the clouds to a pre-set dollar amount foretold by the stars, my dear. It’s destined to burst before its zenith, unleashing a deluge of cash rain on the player who stirs it.


One of the most popular slots themes is centered around gems and jewels. Over the three-day weekend, as you luxuriate in the extra hours, let your dreams of riches sparkle brighter in Gemmed!.

On a unique 9×9 grid gleaming with gems of all sizes, you have 40,503 ways to make the most of your extra day. Scoop up gems adjacent or diagonal to one another. When you encounter a gem that’s so large it takes your breath away, heave it up with all your might since oodles of gems are represented inside.

While collecting red, green, blue, and purple gems from here, there, and everywhere, four clusters may shimmer as your scatters and a round of up to 50 free spins glitters with long-weekend joy.

Caishen’s Arrival

As Friday nears and the giddiness of the 3-day holiday weekend builds, celebrators open their coin purses and adorn their homes with red ribbons for Caishen’s Arrival.

Singing and dancing erupt as he descends to Earth, blessing his multitudes of mortals as a Wild, sometimes stacking 3-rows high. When he arrives at your home, Caishen sneakily hides a red ticket on reels 1 and 5, which grants you a heavenly entry to a round of 10 free spins.

Before the next long weekend knocks on your door, rally your friends for a slot session at your place. We’ll make your long weekend lavish with a referral bonus for each pal who signs up.

The countdown to the next long weekend has officially begun! While your three-day weekend may technically have an end, at SlotsLV, the good times last forever. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, it doesn’t matter. There are jackpots every day around here. Kick up your feet, fire up a slot, and let a smile travel across your face. You’re here to treat yourself, and these slots are here to treat you.


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