April’s Slot Forecast: Thunderous Wins Ahead



April’s Slot Forecast: Thunderous Wins Ahead

There’s something blissful about the pitter-patter of raindrops on your window panes.

Each droplet dances and duels with the rest, growing into larger and larger drops, building with anticipation. Slowly… slowly… then suddenly, PLOP. Water cascades down your window in a moment of pleasant surprise.

Hmm… that scene rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Oh, yeah! It sounds like jackpots! Ding ding ding!

April may be the month of showers, but around here, we’re following our own tradition. Instead of water falling from the sky, these slots to play in April will be raining, nay, pouring down with cash. 

As raindrops gather on your window, the plump features like free spins, multipliers, and jackpots in these spring slots are converging on the reels to plop, but this time, into your bank account.

Grab your big yellow raincoat and slip into your rubber boots, but turn your umbrella upside down. You’ll want to catch every drop of cash raining down from these online slots in April.

Big Progressive Jackpot: 777 Deluxe

As you tap through puddles of games at SlotsLV, themes and features scatter in a splash from under your fingertips.

Multipliers here! Free spins there!

But hardly any feature can hold a ray of sunlight to the golden progressive jackpot, especially when it comes to 777 Deluxe.

When you swing open the doors of 777 Deluxe, you notice the classic-cool vibe of the old-school bells and bars on the modern translucent reels. Multi-colored seven symbols are peeking out from behind red velvet curtains, waiting for you to land the bonus round.

To get there, you’ll need three mystery symbols, and then a single reel will appear at center stage.

The room goes silent like the calm before a storm. In a flash of lightning, three golden 7s throw open the curtains with a flourish to take to the reel. All the 7s are cheering, and you’ll quickly discover you’re being showered by one of the most thunderous progressive jackpots at SlotsLV.

We hope you brought an extra-large pale because this progressive jackpot is known to swell beyond $100K, and it produces some of our biggest slot winners!

$1,000 Every Hour: Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots

With a bright green background and gold coins floating in the air, a mermaid is in the foreground next to text that reads ‘Pearl Pursuit Hold & Win Hot Drop Jackpots’, a SlotsLV online slots game.

If you’re perched at the window pondering which online slot you should play next, our forecasts show that Hot Drop Jackpots are brewing up a storm.

In case you haven’t heard through the pelting of features outside, Hot Drop Jackpots are jackpots that must drop by certain times. They swell and swell like storm clouds, which must release a deluge of winnings every hour, every 24 hours, or before the Epic jackpot reaches its mountainous peak.

If a sprinkling of slots-win showers from above doesn’t hydrate you enough, then take a leap and dive right into the mother-pool with Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots.

As you sink lower and lower into an ocean of clamshell Wilds, treasure-chest scatters, and shiny pearl hold and win games, the bubbles of the sea may take the shape of three crown symbols.

That’s your ticket to one of the Hot Drop Jackpots via the jackpot wheel, so grab the crowns and swim up for air!

High RTP: Larry’s Lucky Tavern

As fresh rainwater flows through streams and babbling brooks, another liquid is flowing through a barful of beer mugs at Larry’s Lucky Tavern.

Merriment thrives in April when the patrons at Larry’s crowd inside to escape the rain. Little do they know, the RTP is so high in this slot, that regular monsoons of cash wins bust through the wooden windows and flood the whole bar. You may want to opt for a higher stool.

Sitting merrily at 97.3%, the return to player percentage at Larry’s Lucky Tavern is higher than your average, streaming in via expanding wilds, free spins, and a you-pick bonus round. Guests expect to see about 97 cents returned for every dollar they bet, and that’s a winning special that’s never erased off the board.

If you still have room on your tab, Larry suggests you call a buddy to join you at the slots bar. You get a referral bonus for every friend who signs up!

Tons of Multipliers: Golden Buffalo

Five buffalos with horns stand in the center with stacks of gold coins at their feet, and below them a SlotsLV online slots logo says ‘Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots’.

One of the best tips to boost your online slots winnings is to pick games that have a deluge of multipliers.

10x multipliers are something to follow. 100x is a number to pursue. But what about 3,125x? Now that is a number of multipliers to wrangle a wild beast, strap on your saddle, and bound through a canyon to chase them down.

What a coincidence, as that’s precisely what you’ll do in the Golden Buffalo slot!

At first glance, there’s not a drop of rain to be seen within the vast, dry canyon landscape of the Southwest. Upon a closer look, you’ll notice those puffy white clouds are taking on a darker grey hue as you lope through 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 ways to win.

Then, the first drop hits. But it’s just a Wild symbol. Nothing to get worked up about.

One drop turns into two, one bonus symbol into 3, then 4 then 5 then 6, and the next thing you know, the cyan sky opens up and a downpour of multipliers cascades in a deluge of free spins until you’re swimming up to your knees in wins up to 3,125x. 

Exciting Bonus Round: Gold Rush Gus

The California sun, usually bright with its beating rays in the Gold Rush Gus slot game, is coming face to face with a big, grey cloud.

The town is talkin’ of the threat of rain, but Gus gives a firm ruling to keep on diggin’ for treasure.

‘Cause once you pull a tattered brown map out of the treasure chest after unlocking it with two key scatter symbols, you won’t even notice the rain. You’ll be careening in a rickety wooden cart down the path of one of the grandest bonus rounds the Golden State has ever seen. And that ain’t no joke!

You’ll want to keep your legs in, but feel free to reach your hands and arms out of the vehicle to collect gold coins and increase your prize.

What’s the matter with a little rain, anyway? Nothin’, as long as you have a heart-pounding bonus round to keep you warm.

Wait, before you go, there’s another secret that Gus is jumpin’ out of his britches to share.

If you embrace the digital gold rush – aka crypto! – when you do your transactions, you can save on fees and get your payouts super-fast. And, you’ll be happy to know then, that SlotsLV is the best bitcoin casino online.

The weatherman’s report is in. Clouds are swelling with progressive jackpots, Hot Drop Jackpots are rumbling with thunder, and high RTPs in SlotsLV online slots are emerging like rainbows. April showers are forming from within these spring slots, and you know what to do. Hunker down with your gaming device and tightly secure your bets, because a storm of jackpots is coming, and you want to be ready to collect the rain.