Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice? (With Matching Christmas Slot)

Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice? (With Matching Christmas Slot)



Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice? (With Matching Christmas Slot)

It must be close to that time of year again when Santa sits in his study with two books, each filled with lists of names that stretch longer than the miles from Cincinnati to his North Pole.

You know how it goes: one book holds the names of all who were nice and kind, and the other book holds the names of those who were naughty and bad.

Well, we teamed up with Santa to get a peek at those lists in order to select the best SlotsLV online slots to match your behavior.

So, take the Christmas quiz below and let’s see how nice – or naughty – you really were this year… Either way, there’s a Christmas slot plummeting down your chimney that’ll be just right for someone like you, however you are!

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More About Your Results

3D snowman standing in front of a Christmas wreath with the text ‘More about’ overlaid, against a green background.

The Gentle Snowflake: Play Snow Wonder

In a serene expanse of fluffy white snow covering your neighborhood on Christmas morning, one distinct flake falls more sweetly and gently than the others – and it looks a whole lot like you.

A nice person like yourself appreciates the less complicated pleasures of life, whether that’s a quaint winter landscape to roll a snowman, or the 3 reels and 1 payline of the Snow Wonder slot.

You’re definitely much more nice than naughty. You’ll smile at a stranger and hold open the door for a few extra people – nothing too overboard in the good deeds department; as well as be the first to celebrate the simple joy of winning with three matching symbols on a single payline.

The Tinsel Troublemaker: Play Reindeer Wild Wins XL

If you awoke from your Christmas Eve slumber to find yourself at the helm of a sled barreling through a snow-covered forest with a bow and arrow in hand, a Tinsel Troublemaker like you wouldn’t hesitate to take aim at the first target you saw!

In the wintry wonderland of Reindeer Wild Wins XL, you embrace the adventurous hunt for up to 25 free spins and Wild multipliers of up to 64x, even if it does mean you elbow aside the well-meaning huntresses and trample down a few frosty bushes along the way. It’s fair game, as long as no one gets (too) hurt.

You may need an extra hand or two to assist in the tomfoolery this year. Go ahead and ring up a few accomplices. We’ll provide the funds in the form of a referral bonus, and you provide your trademark cheeky tricks.

Cartoon grinch in front of a Christmas wreath with the word ‘Results’ overlaid against a green background.

A Coal-Hearted Curmudgeon: Play Crazy Christmas

The North Pole is known for its magic and joy, but when a Christmas Curmudgeon like yourself gets their ultra-naughty paws on it, the North Pole devolves into chaos and mayhem.

In your North Pole, Santa is bedraggled and overslept. The head elf has taken over, but he doesn’t look so sharp himself. Come to think of it, that must be why the toys are discombobulated and the conveyor belt is skidding off the rails. If it weren’t for the 25 free spins with multipliers or the progressive jackpot poised to drop at any time, Christmas might be totally ruined this year!

How’s that for a Crazy Christmas? It’s the one you were hoping for; a holiday to enact your extremely naughty ploy to nab all the presents from online slots… all for yourself!

The Merry Miracle Maker: Play Santa’s Ways Hot Drop Jackpots

The comforting embrace of a warm, crackling fireplace is like a hug coming from you: the warmest, kindest, and straight-up nicest person around!

Your inner glow illuminates a room like a string of Christmas lights, and your good deeds pile up like the gifts under the tree; but we know you would never dare help yourself to them, being the most selfless and giving person in the room, wherever you may be.

That’s why, this Christmas, Santa has set aside special Christmas slots with jackpots including Santa’s Ways Hot Drop Jackpots.

Features flow in a never-ending tide of sparkly ornaments and Christmas symbols; there’s free spins with a multiplier, tumbling reels, and daily and hourly jackpots. Santa hopes your holiday is a mighty big day of wins.


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