QUIZ ALERT! Are You Naughty or Nice? (With Online Slots to Match)

3D cartoon of Santa Claus holding up a scroll that reads “Naughty is the new nice”, standing in front of his sleigh filled with toys and a candy cane, against a two-tone purple background.It must be close to that time of year again when Santa sits in his study with two books, each filled with lists of names that stretch longer than the miles from Cincinnati to his North Pole headquarters.

You know how it goes: one book holds the names of all those who were nice and kind, and the other book holds the names of those who were naughty and bad. Depending on which list you were on, we have teamed up with Santa and gathered up the best SlotsLV online slots to suit that behavior of yours all throughout the year.

This quiz has the answers, well before Santa is willing to give them! So, let’s see how nice you really were this year… and discover which holiday slots at SlotsLV Casino are perfect for you!

While you take the quiz, play these Holiday Tunes to get into the spirit of the season!


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So which list will Santa be etching your name on this winter?

Are you cute as a button with a heart of gold, or surly and mischievous with a mind for trouble?

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Holiday Slots for: ‘A Real Life Grinch’

Some may say you’re a tough cookie, and they just might be onto something. You certainly don’t shy away from taking a walk on the wild side, as long as no one gets between you and a good time!

In that case, you’d do well with an online slot that matches your fiery disposition, like with Zeus inside Fury of Zeus, or maybe even one with some risqué content that you’d want to minimize on your screen whenever someone else is close enough to peer over your shoulder.

If that sounds dandy, A Night With Cleo Hot Drop Jackpots is the one for you. The sultry pharaoh invites you to play a little mature-rated game with her inside the Double Up Gamble feature. Plus, with SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots, you also get three progressive jackpots to play for, which trigger once per hour, day, or dollar amount. Bring on the coal!

Holiday Slots for: ‘A Little Bit Naughty’

As someone who isn’t afraid of teetering the line between “naughty” and “nice”, you’ll tend to fall, just barely, on the naughtier side. You love the moments in life that make you feel alive, and speak to your inner rebel.

You’ll want a popular slots theme that’s just as adventurous and slightly naughty as yourself. In Fast & Sexy, you can break some road rules by going full speed in a race car down the freeway, picking up free spins and multipliers as you ride those bends like a pro.

If you’re made of tougher stuff, why not enter the dystopian world of Cyberpunk City? Life is truly tough in the City, and a cast of curious cityfolk band together to survive the enemy in the shadows. Brave those streets of gloom for random expanding Wilds and a random progressive jackpot.

Holiday Slots for: ‘Mostly Smiles & Sunshine’

Overall, you’re a thoroughly good person with a cheerful disposition. You see the good in most things, and most people, and it really shows in the way you value your friends, and friends-to-be.

The best online slots for a good egg like you are those with fun and friendly characters who are well-deserving of your good nature! As you are of theirs, of course.

With Gold Rush Gus, you’ll be fast friends with Gus, who is the friendliest guy around – a real gem – much like yourself! He’ll take you on a gold-digging adventure for diamonds, real gems, and a progressive jackpot.

Or, step inside the forest and get acquainted with Robyn. She’s quick on her feet and shoots a mean bow and arrow, but she’s always ready to help you out with cascading symbols and free spins. That’s what friends are for!

Holiday Slots for: ‘The Sweetest Sugar Plum in the Box!’

No one ever accused you of being a meanie. In fact, you’re often the one your friends are most grateful to have around. You are quick with a kind word and you truly love to be there for others and to lift them up.

You need a slot online that’s just as warm and generous as yourself!

The panda and his buddies inside Panda Pursuit welcome you with their wide-open and cuddly arms to spin for free spins and multipliers up to 64x. For once, you can let the panda pander to you, and your only job is to enjoy the pursuit of bear hugs.

Inside Lady’s Magic Charms Hot Drop Jackpots, you get to use the lady’s lucky charms to trigger jackpots every hour of every day. Plus, the lady knows another kind soul when she sees it and she’s ready to share her free spins, multipliers and more.



Naughty or nice; Grinch or giver: there are SlotsLV online slots to suit all kinds of behavior – even yours! If you’re searching specifically for the best Christmas slots, visit us at slots.lv to try Crazy Christmas, Reindeer Wild Wins XL and more!

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