Refer A Friend, And Everyone Wins

Refer A Friend, And Everyone Wins




A friendship group – whether it’s a circle, a square or a triangle – is made up of all kinds of characters that make hanging out with them fun. Maybe there’s the joke-teller, or the habitual oversharer. When it comes to you, you can be the friend who always has the hookup, with a bit of help from SlotsLV Casino. Everyone loves a good connection.

With the SlotsLV Refer and Earn program, it’s not just your friends who get the hookup when you refer them to our online casino. You, too, get a big, easy benefit – $225 in potential benefits, in fact.

That’s up to 225 smackers dropped directly into your account, and for that little ball of free cash goodness, all you need to do is refer a friend to SlotsLV. Taylor, meet SlotsLV. Jaime, here’s your new gaming go-to. Easy, right? As for your referred friend, they get plenty of benefits, too, (including a welcome bonus of their own), and you can be sure they’ll be just as appreciative that you sent them our way as you will be that they signed up.

Before you shout about our casino referral bonus from the rooftops, let’s take a few minutes to make sure you’re up to speed on exactly how it works, and exactly what you’ll get. Then you can strap on your professional climbing gear and safely situate yourself on a non-slip, flat spot on your roof. If you must.

Buddy bonus bonanza, here we come!


You’ve heard the buzz and you know that $225 is waiting for you behind the referral doors at SlotsLV, so now the only question is, how exactly can you get your hands on it?

Here’s how it goes.

When your friends sign up with SlotsLV and make their first deposit, we will match 100% of their deposit amount up to $200, and we’ll pass that bonus money on to you. That means if your friend deposits $100, you get 100 bucks you can use on games, too.

So how about the extra $25? This is actually where it gets really fun.


If your buddy signing up is into Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency like USDT, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Ethereum), we’ll top off that match bonus with a little wink and $25 extra.

Why, you may ask? Well, we are well aware of the joys and conveniences of Bitcoin, and we love to reward anyone who has jumped ahead of the curve to reap its benefits. If you’d like to join the crypto casino club, but you’re not totally up to speed on playing at a Bitcoin Casino like SlotsLV, then read our Bitcoin Casino FAQ to see what all the hype is about. Hint: There are tons of special Bitcoin bonuses for you, too.


We know you’re itching to get out there to tell your friends to deposit, so here’s how you get your SlotsLV Refer and Earn bonus:

  1. Retrieve the referral link from your SlotsLV account and send that link to your friends’ email addresses.
  2. Your lucky buddy will click on the link and follow the steps to make their very first deposit.
  3. However much they deposit, we’ll match 100% of that, up to $200, and place it into your own account.
  4. If they make their deposit with Bitcoin, we’ll add an extra $25 – directly into your account.

Once your friends are all deposited up within the SlotsLV community, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make sure your valued friends know how to sign up with SlotsLV and where to start, and set them up with easy casino games for beginners. All you have to do is check your account for that extra shiny, extra free bonus money deposited in there.


A girl with curly hair and glasses sits among SlotsLV slots games characters, with a laptop with the SlotsLV Casino logo on her lap; Unlimited Bonuses is overlaid on top of her.

It really does pay to have friends, and the best part is that the more friends you have that use that referral link, the more money you’ll get in return.

When you refer one friend who makes a successful deposit, you could get up to $225. If another friend makes a deposit the same day, you could get $225 again. If your entire crew gets word of the fun at SlotsLV Casino and they all make a deposit using your link, you could get as much money as you want – to infinity, and beyond! That’s some exhausting popularity right there.

So now we’re crystal clear on what you can get for referring your friends. The only question that remains is what your friends will get after signing up with our online casino. We’re really glad you asked.


Like anyone who signs up, your friends will be instantly eligible for some very nifty perks themselves, just like you did when you first signed up with SlotsLV.


What’s that buzz? Is that Bitcoin whispering in your ear again?… It most certainly is!

Friends who join and deposit for the first time with Bitcoin or crypto can earn up to $3,000 with the Welcome Bonus.

  1. We’ll match them 200% up to $3,000 when making a first deposit with crypto.
  2. We’ll also throw in 30 free spins on a specified game.


If they want to deposit with credit card, your friends can get a $2,000 Welcome Bonus.

  1. We’ll match them 100% up to $2,000 when making a first deposit with a card.
  2. We’ll also throw in 20 free spins on a specified game.

Then they can refer friends themselves and receive a casino referral bonus, too, and the circle of life for extra happy SlotsLV players continues on.


A man and woman hold loudspeaker microphones in their hands, announcing to the SlotsLV Casino characters about the Refer a Friend program.

Now that all your enthused friends have jumped on board and joined the SlotsLV train to Bonusville, it’s time to make a night of it and spin through the slots side by side.

You can be the seasoned player with the sage advice, and show them how to get started playing slots online. Then be sure to head to the promotions tab to see which other bonus treasures are waiting there for you and your friends (no matter how many) at right here at SlotsLV Casino.

Hourly prizes – every day. There’s exciting Hot Drop Jackpots waiting for you and your friends at SlotsLV.


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