This Week’s Hot Slot: Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots


This Week’s Hot Slot: Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots

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This Week: Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots

March 23, 2023.

The journey through the desert is long and hot, but it has been attempted. In fact, many online slots players have traversed the African continent before you, in search of the priceless treasure that awaits inside the Arabian palace of Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots.

From the very first glance of that gorgeous oasis, even from miles away, you’ll feel the irresistible allure of the highest-paying symbols: a beautiful princess, gold lamp, red gem, and pair of swords.

A female 3D-animated character from the SlotsLV slot game, Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpot, is pictured wearing a bedlah set, with a gold sword balanced on her head. To her left is an open laptop previewing a screen from the same game, with a winning badge that reads “epic win 1500.00”.

Outside the looming castle with its golden minarets, three bonus symbols representing the palace appear, and that’s the moment you’ll find yourself inside the breathtaking interior with two glowing treasure chests before you.

If you choose the chest with free spins, you are awarded up to 15 free spins with up to 200 additional Wilds in play.

If you choose the chest marked Hold and Spin, gold coins will fall into the spaces around you, each emblazoned with values reaching up to 100x your bet. You may even land one of three fixed jackpots; and if you collect all the coins, the Grand Jackpot awards 1,000x your stake!

If you encounter three crown symbols, prepare to spin a very special jackpot wheel and, to win one of three Hot Drop Jackpots. That is one dreamy oasis, and one very popular SlotsLV destination.

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This Week: Larry’s Lucky Tavern

March 17, 2023.

Do you have your green top hat, a fiddle, and big ol’ pipe on hand to welcome in St. Patrick’s Day? If not, don’t sweat it! We know a special someone who’s got it all covered for you – and soon you’ll know him too. Just come on down to Larry’s Lucky Tavern to introduce yourself, and you’ll be right at home.

As one of our best Irish slots, crowds of players are swinging by to say a big, hearty hiya to Larry in the month of March, when the leprechauns come out of hiding, along with the Kiss Me, I’m Irish t-shirts. He’s a popular guy.

The main 3D-animated character from the SlotsLV slot game, Larry’s Lucky Tavern, stands in front of an iPad wearing a white shirt with green trousers and hat, oversized sunglasses, and playing a fiddle. On the iPad behind him is a screenshot of the game, featuring the gameplay features and graphics.

Larry works his magic behind the bar, making sure his frothy beer scatter symbols are nice and chilled. If he pours out those scatters three at a time, you get 10 free spins with multipliers of 3x. During free spins, a Wild green top hat may appear on reel 3, expanding to cover the entire reel!

Pace yourself, now, there’s still another prize. If you collect three bonus symbols, Larry invites you to choose from one of three kegs of beer to reveal a special prize. That’s the luck of the Irish, right there.

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Luxe 555

March 10, 2023.

The soaring golden doors of the casino part in front of you. The murmur dies down into an excited silence as everyone turns to look at you.

You are the elite guest they’ve been waiting for.

A colorful, 3D-animated toucan holding a red love heart with one hand, peeks around the screen of an iPad which is featuring a screenshot from the popular SlotsLV slot game, Luxe 555. Shown are three reels with various symbols against a luxurious black backdrop.

You are ushered into the exclusive and gorgeous lounge. Everything in Luxe 555, from the grand walls to the handsome furniture, is quilted in luxurious leather and stitched together with gold thread. Aaahh… you fit right in.

You are asked to select your bet size on each of the five paylines between 1x, 3x, or 5x. Because in this classic slot, you are the boss.

Then, at your command, symbols like anchors, oranges, plums, cherries, bells, crowns, and gold-lined fives zip across the three reels.

The casino crew is on standby to heed your every beck and call. This is why, if you land just two scatters, they step in to grant you a Bonus Chance. For you, the reel without the scatter spins again.

If you are lucky enough to land three scatters at that time, you’ll be presented a silver platter of bonus games and given one choice. Will you spin for the Royal, Gold X, or Royal Gold X games featuring an assortment of slots free spins and multipliers? The choice is yours. After all, you are the boss of this online slot!

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Temple of Athena Hot Drop Jackpots

Two 3D-illustrated Greek statues stand tall at either side of the image, flanking the words “Temple of Athena” - the logo from the SlotsLV slot game of the same name. Faded behind the logo is a Greek temple, set against a tri-tone blue abstract background.

March 3, 2023.

The mythological world of ancient Greece is a lot nearer than you’d think.

Temple of Athena Hot Drop Jackpots is the new slot on the block, but thanks to the generous blessings of goddess Athena and her elegant, high-paying features, it’s already stolen many a heart among our players.

Athena’s symbols consist of her own crowned head and face adorned with makeup and jewels, a hippogriff, a unicorn, and her owl of wisdom. Together, they ignite a deeper kinship with the goddess as you spin.

As if she senses your affection, Athena reaches out and touches your reels with the same symbol in the base game, only stacked together as a three-high block. These appear as mystery symbols initially, before transforming into the same regular stacked symbol once they settle.

If three free spins scatters appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, they trigger eight slots free spins. During these free spins, the stacked symbols appear again, but now Athena has granted them special powers. Only the highest-paying symbols can appear, including the Wild! What a generous goddess she truly is.

Nothing could be more generous, however, than Athena’s holy offerings of three SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots. These jackpots must drop either once per hour, once per day, or, in the case of the Super Jackpot, by the time it reaches a godly amount! Now – let’s get you to the Greek.

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