5 Diamond Facts to Rock Your World (With Gus)

5 Diamond Facts to Rock Your World (With Gus)



5 Diamond Facts to Rock Your World (With Gus)

Howdy, out there! Yoohoo!

Turn a little more to the right… that’s it.

I’m the fella waving with one hand, shovel in the other. Why don’t you come on over? You can call me Gus. After we dig, you can call me Doug.

I’m known ‘round here, and in certain pockets of the world, for my expertise of gems and diamonds. I’ve been working with these rare and precious stones ever since the Gold Rush. There ain’t nothin’ I couldn’t tell ya ‘bout ‘em.

I’ve got two SlotsLV slot games to show ‘em off a bit, too. You may have to grab a shovel and a pickaxe to help me out some, but you’ll be rewarded mightily. I know how to show my diggin’ buddies a good time.

But before you play, why don’t I share with y’all some shiny, fun facts about diamonds – my favorite subject. After all, the only things I love digging up more than diamonds are… facts!

Ready to jump on the Gus Bus to the Diamond Fact-ory?

#1: Greeks and Romans believed diamonds were tears of the gods

Back in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, those folks had some mighty fine ideas about diamonds.

They weren’t just stunning rocks, as if that ain’t enough. Oh no, they were revered as none other than the tears of the gods themselves. Hot diggity! Ain’t that somethin’?

Just picture it: Greek and Roman folk, togas and tunics as far as the eye can see, staring up at the sky, thinking ‘bout those fancy gods shedding their precious diamond-shaped tears onto Earth. Wow!

#2: Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance

A large cartoon miner character looms over a pile of rocks with a huge diamond sitting on top, set against a blue background.

Diamonds hold the title of the toughest matter, and that’s a matter of fact. Yep, they are the hardest known natural substance on God’s green earth. Carbon. That’s an atom. An up and atom! It makes up all sorts of natural phenomena, and hangs around with oxygen quite a bit. Get it on its own, though, and it can gain an awful lot of value – and beauty – over time.

Among the many interesting facts about diamonds: they are so resistant to scratches, that only another diamond can leave a mark on ‘em. Now that’s a fair match.

They can also take the sort of beating that’d make a boulder crumble. Here’s the kicker: if you expose ‘em to the right mix of heat and oxygen, these gems will pull a vanishing act. They just go and – poof – disappear in a puff of carbon dioxide. No joke!

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#3: Diamonds form up to 120 miles below the Earth’s surface

Deep down below the Earth’s surface – up to 120 miles, if you can wrap your mind around that number – fiery infernos under crushing pressure bubble away in pockets of the globe. In those conditions, carbon atoms begin to form a flash mob, locking arms and dancing like electrified jelly. This formation, with some allowance for my metaphors, is the very fabric that makes a diamond.

All you need is a volcanic eruption to bring diamonds to the surface. Which, by the way, you can find in one of my famous slots! 

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#4: Diamonds come in a bunch of different colors.

A cartoon otter crawls out from amongst a pile of rocks to find several diamonds in various colors, set against a blue-patterned background.

Now, you might have well thought that those alluring gems were just as clear as the prairie sky or a pane of glass. Reality is always more interesting, though.

Diamonds come in all sorts of colors. They can be blue as a clear summer day, pink as a blushing rose, or gleaming yellow like our own inferno in the sky… the sun.

Sometimes it’s Mother Nature herself adding her own special flair. Other times, it’s them sneaky, leaky impurities wiggling their way into the carbon. No matter the cause, these fancy colored diamonds sure are a sight to behold. The red, green, and white ones even make some big winners from my very own slot games.

#5: Dig for diamonds right here in the U.S.A – Arkansas State Park

Gather ‘round, folks. Here’s a little-known tidbit of knowledge and it’s based right here in the almighty U.S. of A. There’s a place where you can still dig for these sparkling, captivating treasures. That place is none other than Arkansas State Park, my friend.

Arkansas State Park, bless its heart, is a real gem in the diamond digging world thanks to the Crater of Diamonds. That’s an authentic diamond mine open to the likes of you and me, and you’re free to keep what you find… so they say. How ’bout that? You can be a bona fide prospector right here in the land of the free.


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