Quiz: What Slot Should I Play Next? (FALL EDITION!)



Heellooo fall! Nice to see you again! It’s now that time of year when the leaves turn amber and gold, and sway lazily to the ground, and we start dreaming about the best SlotsLV online slots to play with the new season.

There’s so much to love about autumn that it’s hard to pick just one thing. The air is crisp and earthy, your favorite scarves and sweaters make their first debut since February, and pumpkin and apple takeover everything from home décor to food and drink.

Depending on the part of fall that you like the best, there’s bound to be the perfect online slot that compliments your taste. It could be the weather, the ambiance, the friends, or the activities, but something about fall makes you fall in love… and SlotsLV Casino is going to figure out just what it is!

Are you ready to see which are the best online slots to play in the fall, especially for you? (PS! Our SlotsLV Fall Spotify Playlist is the perfect soundtrack while you complete the quiz!)


Which of these online slots is perfect for you to play this fall? Are you the outdoorsy type who loves the falling leaves, a creepy-crawler with a witchy edge, or a friendly pal-type who also craves the creature comforts of home? Let us know on social which SlotsLV online slot you got, then start playing to have a totally awe-tumn time!


Chances are that you enjoy the fall because of the outdoors. The changing leaves and the subtle, dirt smell of the earth make you feel right at home.

The best place to experience fall in your style is inside the woods with Robyn where nature thrives. It won’t just be the two of you, however, and there are a few more characters tip-toeing through the brush over these 5 reels.

A dashing prince and his horse are hot on your tail, as well as a villainous witch. Whenever a target symbol lands on the reels, Robyn darts out from behind a tree and shoots it in the bullseye, allowing new symbols to fall in their place. If you make it to the free spins round, her arrow turns each target into a Wild, and landing scatters can award more free spins.

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There’s a good chance that you’re the type who loves the fall for its eerie light and spooky vibes, especially in the lead-up to Halloween. If there’s a bump in the night or a cackle in the dark, you’re not one to cower under a pillow. Instead, you’ll be at the front door of the ominous sounds, greeting the creatures of fall as they emerge from the Monster Manor.

When you approach the Manor, a vampire is there with a glass of bloody-sauvignon, as well as Frankenstein, a werewolf dressed in Grandma’s garb, and a mummy wrapped in decaying cloth. The black cat might just mosey out too, and if it lands on reel 3, you get a witchy surprise that awards a monstrous prize.

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Before you settle in for a cozy evening with candles burning bright and your homemade apple pie baking in the oven, your pal Gus from Gold Rush Gus would like to invite you over. It’s to do a little digging, yes, but only because it makes the chill-time that much more worth it!

Grab your hoodie and follow him to his indoor and underground pad. He’ll graciously show you where the best treasure is hidden. With a pickaxe in hand, the two of you will swing away at the dirt and dig up gems for progressive jackpots, as well as explore his space in a go-cart during the interactive bonus round.

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