What Kind Of Big Slots Winner Would You Be?

What Kind Of Big Slots Winner Would You Be?



What Kind Of Big Slots Winner Would You Be?

You’ve made it to the bonus round. The jackpot is so close you can taste it. Just one more spin is all you need to secure the big slots win.

Then all of a sudden, it happens. The correct symbols fall into place. Your game erupts into a performance of blinding lights.

Just like that, you’re officially the newest jackpot winner from our online slot games, and you can’t believe your luck.

Ok so… what will you do with the humongous jackpot you’ve just won?

Phew, who on earth knows…there are so many options!

Would you book yourself a ticket to the Bahamas before the day is done? Or would you set up a savings bond? Or make an anonymous donation to the local animal shelter?

We think we can help you figure out what you’d do. Answer a few of our simple questions, and SlotsLV Casino will tell you, of different slots big winners, which one you would be when the jackpot strikes. And we’ll recommend the perfect online slot to match that vibe.

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Aren’t you just dying to see who the Big Spenders and Love Spreaders are? Who’s saving up every penny like a Sensible Saver, and who’s carefully planning out their finances as the Budget Balancer?

Tell us your results on Twitter @SlotsLV, and check out everyone else’s.

More About Your Results

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Sensible Saver: Play Atlantic Treasures

No one has to worry about your big win going to waste. Good things come to those who wait. By the time you’re ready to use it, you’ll feel like a serious winner knowing you didn’t blow it on some vacation that only lasted a week.

You’re a lot like the sea king inside Atlantic Treasures. He’s got piles upon piles of slots free spins and Wild multipliers in his underwater lair, but he guards it with his trident until it’s juuuust the right time to let it loose. (Maybe he’ll share with you!)

When you’re ready to dip into your big win and have some fun, don’t forget to refer a friend to join you. If you do, you’ll get a referral bonus to top it all off. Every penny counts!

Hey, Big Spender: American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots

A big winner like you is already on the airline’s website before the confetti has even had time to settle. Finally you get to take that trip to Vegas or New York City. Finally you can spring for that Gucci bag or big screen TV. I mean, why not, right? Money is meant to be spent.

Come to think of it, you’ll be dipping right back into that big win for some more fun with online slots, too. Slots big winners happen all the time, so there’s no reason why it can’t happen again.

A game like American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots is just the style of slot for you. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s got a massive multiplier wheel, and it’s got three must-drop jackpots that are required to drop by certain times, including a big one that can drop at any point and payout huge amounts.

The Love Spreader: Larry’s Lucky Tavern

If you learned anything from Oprah, it’s that fabulous winnings are meant to be shared. You will most certainly be treating yourself more than a few times. But the rest of the big jackpot from one of your favorite online slots will be put to good use spreading around the love. A bit for you, a bit for you, and a bit for you!

You’d get along famously with the bartender inside Larry’s Lucky Tavern. He’s an expert at spreading the wealth, and the good vibes too. He’s got enough free spins, multipliers, and bonus round prizes for everyone – especially for a kindred spirit like you.

Since SlotsLV is the best Bitcoin casino, you can get your money as quickly as you need it, and then surprise your friends by picking up the bill. You can deposit with crypto, check your balance in USD, then withdraw again in crypto for a speedy transaction time.

The bottom line is that you simply get more with crypto, and that means having more to give.

The Budget Balancer: Luxe 555

You’ve just hit it big, and that means you have extra funds to pay off all the regular stuff (aka bills). You’ll indulge in a few big purchases for you and your family (we saw you eyeing that new 90” TV!), but the biggest win will be when you pay off your mortgage. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’re spending your money right. Not even the biggest flat screen money can buy.

A smart spender like you makes for an equally smart player, and in a game like Luxe 555, you would surely flourish.

That’s because, in this slot online, you’re the one in control. You have room to think methodically. You get to choose the multiplier value of each payline, and you’ll select from three types of prize payouts inside the exciting bonus round. It’s all there…


It’s time to put your thinking caps on and sift through our clues to guess the name of the popular slot games. How well do you know your slot games?

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