How To Play Slots Online For REAL Money

How To Play Slots Online For REAL Money




Right now, there is some warm, hard cash waiting for you at SlotsLV Casino. Slots are the most popular type of game to play at any casino, and while you don’t need any special knowledge to participate, having the right information can make your gaming session a lot more enjoyable, and possibly more profitable, too.

You’ve probably got questions about online slots that pay real money, and we’re here to give you some answers. We created this guide to cover everything you need to know, including how to pick the right slot machine and how to get started playing slots. We’ll show you all there is to know about real money slots, and you’ll be ready to dive right in!


Long gone are the days when you had to go to a brick-and-mortar casino to play slots for real money. Nowadays, any type of slot imaginable is available online, and they have all the same real, green USD money that you’d expect from a land casino.

When you join the world of online real money slots, one of the best – but toughest – parts is figuring out which slot you should play. While you’re reading up, trying to decide where you’ll make your first spin, you may hear all this talk of reels and rows and jackpots; and these terms really do mean something, as they help to create the experience of your game. Not only that, but they give you the best indication of how you might expect to play and how much you might win.


3-reel slots online tend to be loosely designed after the traditional slots you know from the 1990s – the ones with 3 reels, 1 payline, and a big, clunky lever to set them off. Simple, plain and easy.

When you play 3-reel slots online, you’ll get a pang of nostalgia as you trade the lever for a mouse click or a finger tap. You’ll find classic symbols like 7s, bars, fruits, and bells – everything you know and love. Sometimes it’s just one payline, though it can be more.

You’ll still get A-grade graphics and high resolution in 3-reel slots, although the themes tend to be more toned-down, and the features and bonus rounds are far less extravagant than their 5-reel cousins.

None of that is to say 3-reel slots can’t make you large sums of money – they can! They just do it in a much more straightforward way, without all the theatrics you’d find in other types of slots.


On the other hand, if you’re looking to liven up your play by immersing yourself in a story with an engaging theme, 5-reel slots are calling for you to enter their realm.

These types of slots online are best known for their vibrant graphics, and elaborate characters with real personalities that come alive off the screen. (You’ll want to make some of our SlotsLV characters your friends, too!) Some types of 5 reel slots, like video slots, even start your session off with a quick, animated story to introduce you to the adventure ahead. No levers in sight!

It’s not only the story itself that makes 5 reel slots such a blast to play. The added two reels means more paylines are available, and it’s not uncommon to see them reaching up to 243 and well, well beyond. You’ll also get a wider range of interactive bonus rounds, and some of the most unique features to win real money prizes within the base game.


Jackpot slots are what most players show up for. They’re the slots that dangle, before your very eyes, the most mind-blowing real money jackpots at every spin, and they are by far the most popular type of slot to play at SlotsLV.

SlotsLV offers two types of jackpot games. The first is a progressive jackpot. It’s a jackpot that grows with each wager placed in the game, from all players hitting spin. It keeps growing and growing indefinitely until one lucky winner takes the whole thing. Then it starts the fun all over again.

Winning a progressive jackpot usually happens at random, or comes down to launching a bonus round via the correct symbols in the base game, then landing a few more lucky combinations to make it. It’s not always easy, but the huge win potential (sometimes in the 5- or 6-figures) is always there.

The second type is a Hot Drop Jackpot. These exciting games offer jackpots that must drop by a certain time, like the daily jackpot that triggers every single day. While this must drop jackpot is new to the US casino market, it’s already a hit with our players.

Hot Drop Jackpots are available on some of our most popular slots like A Night With Cleo777 Deluxe and Golden Buffalo. The hourly jackpot is the most frequent, with a prize pool of over $1K. That’s really something you don’t see often – the chance to win a real money slots jackpot 24 times per day, every 60 minutes.


How do you play slots online real money? That’s easy! Join SlotsLV as we break it down.

After you figure out how to get started playing slots online in terms of your account and deposits, you may be wondering how to actually play.

It may seem like playing slots is as simple as hitting “spin”. While that’s true to some degree, there are some key pieces of information that will have a measurable effect on your game, and possibly even your outcome.


In any slots game you play, you’ll have the option to choose the size of your bet. You could go as low as $0.01 per spin or as high as $200.00 or more. The minimum bet is the lowest amount you must make to play, and the maximum bet is the highest amount you’re allowed to make.

Now, if anyone ever tells you there’s a special trick to make slots spin in your favor, that’s one of the common slot myths we’ve debunked – and you shouldn’t believe it. That said, the size of your bet does have a direct effect on the potential outcome of your game.

In some games, the slots prizes are configured to award more frequently to higher bets. That’s just the law of the land.  When it comes to progressive jackpots, some games have a requirement to play on the maximum betting amount (max bet) to be eligible. You can still play the game on a lower bet size, but if the jackpot strikes, you won’t win it, and that’s an awful fate we wouldn’t wish on anyone!


The paytable is usually found with either a question mark (?), a small (i), or a hamburger icon with three stacked horizontal lines. This is like the operating manual for your game – it tells you all you need to know to follow along.

Paylines: These are the ways (or configurations) that lead to a real money slots win, and it’s not just horizontal and left-to-right; you can have paylines of all shapes and directions, sometimes reaching into the thousands.

Symbols: What are the different symbols in the online slot, and how much are they worth?

Max win per spin: What’s the maximum prize you could expect if all the stars in the slots universe align?

RTP: Return to Player is the percentage of money you could theoretically expect to get back from a slots game over time – AKA it’s how much you could reasonably expect to win playing slots, and understanding RTP is perhaps the most crucial part of choosing a game.

Jackpot: What’s the jackpot amount, how can you win it, and what are the requirements for eligibility?

Bonus rounds: How do you trigger slots bonus rounds, and how much can you win?


Bonus features keep playing fun, interesting, and could also deliver the big bucks! Find out about the various bonus features you’ll typically find.

Bonus features are truly the meat in the sandwich of any slot online. A slots bonus feature is an added element in the base game, and sometimes takes place on a separate side game entirely.

This is essentially how you boost up your slots wins, and they come in several different forms:

Wilds: These are special symbols that can replace any regular symbol to help you form a win. Mostly, they cannot replace other special symbols, like a scatter or bonus symbol, but sometimes a game will kick up a welcome surprise.

Scatters: These are high paying symbols that aren’t restricted to paylines. They can land anywhere on the reels and count towards a win, and they’re most often your ticket to the bonus rounds.

Free spins: These are usually won through landing three or more scatter symbols in the base game. The number of free spins you get is often pre-determined, depending on the number of scatters you landed… although every game has its own rules.

Multipliers: If you land a multiplier, it multiplies your bet amount for a bigger prize. You often score them inside a bonus round along with free spins.



It might feel like such big casino wins like jackpots can’t happen to you, but they happen to regular people all the time, that’s what the game is all about. In fact, our SlotsLV Big Winners celebrates just these players, and there are multiple big winners every single month (and always room for more).

Even if you don’t win the biggest jackpots, there is plenty of online slots real money to be won during regular spins through special features, which you’ll see soon enough yourself.

Many of our players choose to play with a gambling crypto deposit, too, so they can get their USD winnings that much fasterCrypto withdraw methods are the fastest and offer higher limits.


Picking the right slot machine to play online isn’t hard, but there are a few tips worth bearing in mind. Try these 4 tips to set you up for success!

When we say there are a lot of real money online slots to choose from, we’re really not pulling your leg! Just at SlotsLV Casino, there are well over 100. Here are some tips to finding the right one for you:

Read reviews. If you see a game you like, take a minute to look up its slots game review online. See what other players have to say about it. You might even discover some nifty insights.

Ask friends. Friends can share their favorite games with you, and you might just discover a new go-to. When you love a slot or a casino, it never hurts to refer friends either.

Practice first. Did you know you can play any of our games for free? Simply select “Practice Mode” instead of “Real Play”, and you’ve got a practice balance to spin around with and get a feel for the online slot.

Take a brief quiz. For example, this quiz asks a few simple questions to see which type of slot you’d have the most fun playing based on your dream summer vacation, or, if you like a bit of superstitious fun, even your zodiac sign.

There’s a lot more to know about slots for real money than meets the eye, but now you’re among the players who really understand what’s going on. Our slots are always geared up and ready to go, so jump in any time and starting playing today.


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