How to Get Started Playing Slots Online

How to Get Started Playing Slots Online




If you’ve never played at a premier online casino before, you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you. 

From hundreds of slots games, table games and specialty games, you’ll never be short of choices – or adventure – at SlotsLV Casino! We offer a dizzying array of top-notch games to entertain you, challenge you, and – hopefully – help you collect a pretty penny!.

But playing is only one part. We’ve got tons of rewards to offer you; from bonuses, to promotions and plenty of prizes. We love nothing more than welcoming you home, and sending you off with enough goodies to put a big, bright smile on your face.

Sound good so far? Fabulous. Let’s go on a SlotsLV Casino journey. We’ll show you just how easy it is to sign up, collect all that bonus money, and play the best casino games for your unique taste. 

First stop: Your very own free account. 


The first thing to do is open a account. Don’t worry, it only takes a minute. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the small form with your details, and check the box at the bottom (if you’re 18 or over, of course!). 
  2. Don’t forget to fill out the email of anyone who referred you. They’ll get a special bonus, and you’ll probably get a hug. 
  3. Hit the pink “Register” button.

And you’re in. Now you can make your first deposit and collect some bonuses. 

Let’s get to it!


Once you’ve taken the steps above and you’re in your account, look to the top right and click on the profile icon. This will lead to the cashier page. 

Once there, click on “DEPOSIT”.

Choose your deposit method. At SlotsLV Casino, you have a few options: crypto or card. 

Make your deposit. Once you’ve chosen your method, enter the amount you’d like to deposit. Feel free to use the “quick select” option to deposit a set amount like $25, $100, $250, $1,000, etc. by clicking on the corresponding button. Otherwise, enter your amount manually in the field. 

Select your Bonus. You can do that by clicking on the field with a pink wrapped gift that says “CHOOSE YOUR BONUS”. Make sure you don’t forget this! But hold tight: we’ll go over bonuses and how they work in the next few sections. 

Finally, click on the “DEPOSIT” button. Welcome to SlotsLV Casino! You’ll see a confirmation page with a reference number once the deposit is complete. Then you’re almost ready to hit up the games. 

Before you dive in and start playing, though, you may want to get up to speed on the casino bonuses and promotions. 

Just as promised, here’s how they work. 


First-timers and seasoned players alike are entitled to special SlotsLV bonuses. We offer this as a humble way of saying thanks for stopping in. Taking advantage of these casino and slots bonuses is key for optimal play at any casino. They let you start off with a healthy bankroll, which means more funds for your game. 

SlotsLV has two primary types of bonuses: 

Cash Bonus: This is as “free” as free money gets. With a cash bonus, we give you a certain amount of cash up front. Simply select the bonus with the amount of cash you’d like to take, and hit “CLAIM”. The funds are instantly available to use in your account. Bam! Like magic.

Match Bonus: This is typically how SlotsLV will give you your money for a Welcome Bonus. “Matching” means we match the amount you deposit based on the percentage. So let’s say you deposit $100 with a “100% match”. We will reward you with $100, too. So now you have $200 to play. If it’s a 150% match, you get $150 from us, and so on. 

To claim any of your bonuses at SlotsLV Casino, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account, and click on the profile icon at the top right.
  2. Select “My Rewards”.
  3. Select either the amount for your cash bonus, or make a deposit to receive your match bonus. Otherwise, enter the coupon code from your email.
  4. Hit “CLAIM”.

Now, once you have your Bonus, there are usually some requirements to use the money, called a playthrough or a rollover

Playthrough/Rollover: This is the amount you’ll need to wager at SlotsLV before you can withdraw your money. If you’re using a match bonus, the playthrough requirement is the bonus + your deposit. That has to be played a certain number of times in order to access your funds. 

Since the amount of times you have to play is different for each bonus, make sure you check the Bonus Description for each one, along with the expiration date (which you’ll find just above the Bonus Description). 

SlotsLV Casino makes it super easy for you to keep track of your wagering requirements. In order to see how much playthrough you have left, take these steps:

  1. Clicking on your profile icon.
  2. Selecting “My Rewards”.
  3. Selecting “Bonus Description” under the bonus you want to learn about. Here you’ll see your Playthrough Progress (under Active Bonuses). This will tell you how much playthrough is remaining until you can claim the bonus funds. 


Get Your Welcome Bonus! Why Bitcoin is Best

Now, you’ll want to lean in and listen closely. SlotsLV Casino has some of the best Casino Welcome bonuses. Here’s why:

We offer welcome bonuses that can reach up to $3,000. Just imagine. Over 3K of bonus money to get you rolling towards those mountainous jackpots. 

If you make a first deposit with a card, we’ll match you 100% up to $2,000, as well as give you 20 free spins on a specified game.

If you like that, then get this. A benefit of depositing with Bitcoin or crypto:  Your first deposit is matched 200% up to $3,000. Then you get 30 free spins on a specified game.

Bitcoin just happens to be the fastest (15 minutes or less) and the most secure method of deposit. There’s no easier way to get started with ease at SlotsLV Casino than Bitcoin, for sure. 


Aside from the standard Cash, Match, and Welcome Bonuses, there are a few more awesome bonuses you can snatch up at SlotsLV: 

Referral Bonus: Refer a friend to SlotsLV and get a 100% bonus up to $200, plus $25 more if they deposit with Bitcoin. The more friends you refer, the more money you make. It really is that simple.

Email Coupon: SlotsLV Casino will fast-track our regular promotions and coupons straight to your inbox. You can use these any time simply by entering your unique coupon code and clicking on “CLAIM”. 

Crypto Club: If you already play at SlotsLV but haven’t switched to crypto – this one’s for you. If you opt into our Crypto Club and start depositing with crypto-exclusively go-forward, you can also get crypto bonuses up to $500 weekly! Enjoy two 100% match bonuses up to $250 each per week, and also earn SlotsLV reward points.

You can access all of these bonuses the same way as you access the others. Easy.


Now that you’ve made a deposit and collected your bonus, it’s time to choose a game. You’ve probably noticed that we have hundreds of slots for you to choose from. In order to choose your next game, it helps to know what’s what. These are the main types of slots to play. 

3-Reel Slots: Three reel slots are often where you’ll find traditional games. You know the ones – cherries, bars, and 7s. These types of slots typically use less graphics. They’re great to play whenever you’re in the mood to chill out after work. Or if you’re in the mood for a healthy dose of nostalgia, of course. Either way, don’t expect the wild n’ crazy graphics, the musical flourishes, and 3D adventures you’re likely to find with 5-reel slots – but do expect the money and prizes! 

5-Reel Slots: If you’re into playing slots for the adventure, then 5-reel slots at SlotsLV Casino are for you. These games boast loud, fancy graphics and funky-fresh music to fit the theme. The additional 2 reels in 5-reel slots also give you more paylines to win on. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see some 5-reel slots with 243 winning combinations. Generally speaking, these are your go-to style of online slots if you want a fully immersive gaming experience to pump yourself up.

It’s also the 5-reel slots where you’ll find the most progressives, too.  

Jackpot SlotsSlotsLV Jackpot Slots are games that focus on a big, satisfying jackpot – usually progressive. A progressive jackpot means it gets bigger and bigger as you play. The more players that make a wager, the more money that gets added. Plenty of players at SlotsLV wouldn’t dream of playing anything other than progressives. That’s because they figure if you’re going to wager any money at all, you might as well give yourself the best chance to win big. And when those progressive jackpots reach into the double-digit millions, it’s pretty easy to see why.


What if you want to try your hand at the tables, instead? SlotsLV has that covered as well. Of course, we do!

We take the traditional experience of real-life table games and deliver them straight to your computer or casino mobile. Any game you can find at a land casino, you can find right here, too. Among our proud collection, here are some of the most popular. 

Blackjack: The most popular SlotsLV table game that you know and love. With a low house edge of 0.5% and multiple strategies for you to test out, this is a perfect game for easy wins.  

Baccarat: Just like 007 himself. Slide on up to the table and bet on either the Banker, the Player, or a Tie. One thing is for sure – Baccarat is super fast-paced and will keep you on your toes.

Roulette: Spin the wheel and stack your chips. With an impressive amount of bets to choose from, Roulette is a great game for those who love variety and the thrill of the unknown. 

play casino games on your phone


What happens when you’ve collected your paydays on online slots and table games, but you’ve still got the itch? Head on over to the specialty games section.

In this corner of our world, we’ve got games like Keno, Bingo and arcade-style, as well as unique graphics, stories, and unexpected prizes. 

You can get your Bingo on from within the mysterious Amazon, or use your lucky numbers to play a game of classic Keno. Either way, the specialty games at SlotsLV will keep the excitement spinning.

Are you still here? Fabulous! We’re delighted to have you. And remember, SlotsLV Casino is the place to go for variety, fairness, and the happiest of paydays. We’ve got tons of games, bonuses, strategies and good times. You can almost hear it now: the joyous cries of our very next jackpot winner. Now go out and get it at SlotsLV!