FAQ About Online Slots

online slots and slots games frequently asked questions

What is online gambling? 

With so many recent advancements in the world of gambling, there’s never been a better time to try your luck at SlotsLV

Established in 2013 as one of the world’s biggest online casino companies, SlotsLV offers a range of exciting games for players to enjoy from any device with an internet connection and is popular among slot enthusiasts thanks to its great selection. If you are looking for fast-paced gameplay or lucrative bonuses and promotions that will keep your game exciting, SlotsLV Casino has it all! 


How Do Online Gambling Slots Work?

Online gambling slots are the ultimate test of luck. They feature spinning reels with a set number of symbols that can change after every spin, meaning there’s always an opportunity for a winning combination. 

There’s somewhat of a difference between online slots and slots machines, but usually, traditional slot machines only have 20 different symbols per reel. However, it’s a new day and age where online casinos are now using high-tech software to power their slot machine operations. Online gambling slots can offer up to as many as 256 combinations, paving way for millions of potential combinations that can line up for a potential jackpot! 

With SlotsLV—an industry leader in the field of casino gaming—our use of unbiased algorithms produces random results that ensure fairness for all who play. You can be sure honesty is at the heart every decision made at this online slots real money casino.

Can You Win Money?

Absolutely! Online gambling slots can be just as rewarding in the form of a digital slot machine. With slots real money, you choose your game, put money into it for playtime, and win cash prizes if you’re lucky enough—not to mention it’s in real US dollars too. Plus we give you the option to play with crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Can You Trust the Site?Can You Trust Slots LV

There’s a litmus test that can tell you if the website you’re looking at is a legit online casino, and you can start by looking for the padlock icon in front of the website’s address. Like most trusted websites, Slots. lv has the highest standards when it comes to online security. SlotsLV uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)—indicated by the HTTPS on the web address as well as the padlock icon—to encrypt the private information you share with us. 

In addition (because we like taking it one step further), SlotsLV has been certified to be a safe and secure site for players of all types, with the assurance that our operations are always legal and trustworthy. 

SlotsLV is backed by more than just our reputation and customer service; to go above and beyond in ensuring trustworthiness, we have also obtained our license from Curaçao Gaming License, a respected regulating authority that evaluates casinos for security checks and fair play. They have audited our gaming equipment and software, such as the Random Number Generators (RNGs) and have certified it to be truly random. You can grant yourself peace of mind knowing that as a casino, we’re here to give you a thrilling gaming experience with no foul play.


How can you get your money out?

After creating an account with SlotsLV, there are several methods through which one may be able to withdraw their winnings—either via checking out using courier service (which will come right to your doorstep), sending over a wire transfer, or using credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. You can also use the variety of approved cryptocurrencies available.

Withdrawal requests for cryptocurrency are approved in approximately 24 hours while other methods take anywhere between 1 to 10 business days. Note that all our withdrawal methods have a Maximum Withdrawal Amount which varies depending on what transaction method is chosen. 

If a user requests an amount larger than the maximum specified, then we divide their funds up amongst multiple small installment amounts that are immediately deducted from your playable balance once it has been received. You can visit our financial FAQ to get yourself up to speed with the transaction method that suits your needs best!

Is there a Secret to Winning Money?

Gambling—or risking for a reward—is always going to be subject to the law of chance. In other words, anyone can win at any point in time. You can read our 5 tips for playing slot machines to see how you can increase your winning potential. 

The key here is in choosing games that you enjoy—just remember to always gravitate towards the fun and exciting aspects of gambling and play responsibly. If you keep that in mind, you’re always the winner no matter what. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and win big at online slots for real money! 

Are Online Casino Games Legit?

With the rise in virtual casinos, it can be hard to know which ones are legitimate and trustworthy. The following list of signs will help you distinguish between a good casino and one that is out to scam its users:

Gaming License 

Legit online casinos have licenses from regulating agencies that have confirmed that they operate an honest business model, ensuring that the company can be held accountable for any illegal operations that may be found. However, not all unlicensed operators may offer this type of consumer protection. 

SlotsLV is operated by Lynton, Ltd. and we have obtained our permit from Curaçao Gaming License. Our gaming equipment and software such as the pseudo-Random Number Generator has also been audited by established regulatory agencies to be truly fair and random. 

Data Encryption 

Another tell-tale sign that the website you’re looking at is a legit online casino is the HTTPS in front of their web address (look for the padlock icon). When a site uses 128- or 256-bit encryption, your personal information can be securely transmitted and stored on their servers without fear that someone will intercept them while in transit. SlotsLV utilizes SSL certificate security which means that any time you interact with us—whether it’s playing games, utilizing our transaction methods, contacting customer support—we ensure that all connections between our website and your computer uses the same level of protection as banks do.

Operation Record

Another thing to add to your inquiry in the gambling cyberspace would be to check the casino’s reputation by doing research into how long the company has been around. Factor in as well different reviews from players who have used them previously. If an online casino doesn’t show up anywhere—no reviews, no rankings, no information on their payout percentage—it is probably best for you to steer clear of them as these could signal that they aren’t a legit online casino.

Privacy Policy 

When joining a legit online casino, they make sure you’re presented first with a privacy policy document as part of their compliance with strict government regulations—these are all protocols to protect customer data from being accessed by third parties. It should detail how the establishment intends on handling your private information. SlotsLV Casino is one such company that has taken these steps seriously because we care about our customers’ security!

Terms and Conditions 

Terms and conditions are important for you to understand what you’ll be getting when you hitch your wagon to an online casino of your choice. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with how they run their games and ensure that you won’t commit any mistakes that will disqualify you from a win and lose out on your payout.

As tempting as it may be to just scroll past it, it is crucial that you read this document before playing so there will not be any surprises if you win. Knowing the rules of the casino will allow you to play with confidence and have more fun in the process! If there are any changes to our terms and conditions, you can rest assured that we’ll let you know as soon as possible so nothing gets past you. 

What is Return to Player Percentage?

Experienced players often check the return to player (RTP) percentage which is a number that represents how much the slot pays back in relation to how much gets put in. Often, it is difficult to ascertain this number at brick-and-mortar casinos as some games don’t display this information at all; you end up having to search it yourself. With online slots, the payback percentage is clearly displayed at the info section, allowing you to figure out your play cost-effectively.

Online Slots Volatility

Whereas RTP percentage lets you know how much a slot pays back on average, slot volatility is a measure of the likelihood that a slot will trigger a win, as well as the size of the wins. With lower-volatility slots, winnings happen more frequently but with small payouts, thus making them appealing for gamblers who like steadier payouts. The situation is vice versa for high-variance machines, as the higher the slot’s volatility, the less likely you will win from spins; however, the exciting things is that when jackpots do happen, they are larger in size. Often, this higher-payout ratio is enjoyed by people who have sufficient bankrolls and enough time to really lean into the game and go after the ultimate prize.

To get a feel of a particular game’s slots volatility, you can load your game in practice mode first. All our available games are designed with this mode included, so you can see if this game is a right fit for you without even wagering anything. You can also try our versatile games using free spins that our online casino offers!

The mobile version of the SlotsLV Casino is decked out with awesome promotional offers and is very easy to access from iOS and Android devices. It also has a practice mode for compatible games to sharpen your play before betting real cash.

Where Can You Play Online Casino Games?Where Can You Play Online Casino Games?

SlotsLV offers an unbeatable welcome bonus and offers all kinds of games, so no matter what kind of player you are, we’re confident our selection at Slots.lv can satisfy them. 


If you’re playing online slots, don’t forget to read our 5 tips for playing slot machines for helpful insights on how to play.