Have Good Luck At The Casino

Have Good Luck At The Casino



How To Have Good Luck At The Casino

Luck has practically everything to do with casino games; it’s pretty much our M.O. That’s not to say strategy isn’t important too – because it most certainly is – but after all is said and done, it’s pure luck that we owe most of the credit to for our mammoth and memorable wins.

So, just for fun, SlotsLV Casino is sharing some super superstitious methods to inspire good fortune and good luck before you play. There will be rituals, gestures, and charms, and maybe you’ll even see your own go-to lucky habit described here.

Check out how to have good luck at the casino with these popular ways, and maybe try one next time you’re hoping and praying for a hefty jackpot win.

Good Luck Rituals for Gambling

A 3D-rendered bearded man wearing medieval clothing is seen waist up, holding one arm up and crossing the fingers of his hand, while in the background, six dice are pictured hovering around him.

With the prospect of a huge jackpot win so close you can taste it in games like Hot Drop Jackpots where a jackpot triggers every single hour of every single day (no joke – check them out), sometimes a little boost in good luck is just what you need to drive it home. Let’s see how to be lucky in gambling, according to tradition.

Blowing on Dice

You may swear by blowing the dice as the best way to win at Craps, but who knows, maybe it could work for slots gaming, too. 

Many say this tradition comes from an old method, where, blowing on the dice activated a sticky substance on one side. While we can neither confirm nor deny that icky legend, when you’re playing popular slots or table games online, it doesn’t hurt to channel the spirit of the tradition and give it a try.

You could try blowing your “play” finger instead of the dice, and hopefully Lady Luck will see your efforts and get the point!

Crossing Your Fingers (but not your legs)

If you wish someone good luck, you just might cross your fingers to show your support. Why? Well, it’s a verrry old tradition that may well be over 2,000 years old. It seems to have emerged from Western Europe, and its purpose was to symbolically “trap a good wish” until it was fulfilled.

If you’re about to hit ‘play’ on online slots or ‘deal’ in blackjack, try to trap the wish of your major win between your fingers, but just do one thing, and do not cross your legs!

It’s one of the strangest gambling superstitions out there, but some would say that crossing your legs will block good luck from reaching you, especially when playing at an online casino. So: feet flat on the ground, and back nice and straight. Excellent! Let our session begin.

Wearing Red

If you haven’t worn that red dress or bold red tie in a while, now might be the time to shake it out and let it loose. Red has long been considered the color of luck in many parts of Asia, and it still persists in Chinese culture today. That’s why it’s such a popular color in so many Chinese slots too.

If you wear something red it could go a long way, but if you refer a friend to SlotsLV who also wears red, there’s no telling what you could accomplish on the reels. For your first strike of good fortune, we’ll even give you a bonus after your friend makes a successful deposit, and that is regardless of what color they have on!

Knocking on Wood

“I hope it doesn’t rain…” knock on wood.

We’ve all lived through that experience once or twice. Knocking on wood is a tradition most people are familiar with when you want to prevent something bad from happening (like rain on your day off!).

The tradition itself comes from pagan times when they believed that touching wood tapped into the divine power of trees. So maybe it’s time to get a wooden desk if you don’t have one already, and knock on wood the next time you hit ‘spin’ in roulette.

Good Luck Charms for Gambling

A 3D-animated bearded man in medieval clothing and a hat is seen waist up, one hand on his side and the other elevated with a thumbs-up, smiling. To his right are three number sevens, from the SlotsLV slots game 777 Deluxe.

Aside from the rituals themselves, there are some lucky charms that might be how to have good luck at casino, just by having them in your pocket while you play. We’re familiar with quite a few which we’ll show you here, but to see the rest, you’ll have to read all about them inside our fun guide on casino lucky charms.

Lucky Number 7

The number 7 is repeated again and again throughout history and tradition as a divine number. According to the Bible, the seventh day is sacred as the day God rested. There are also seven days in a week, seven continents, and seven heavens in both Island and Judaism. Coincidence? Perhaps not!

If the lucky number 7 is right up your own alley, you could put it to the test in an online casino game like 777 Deluxe which is full of the number seven.


Imagine all the luck you need is pouring from the casino sky, and your horseshoe is tilted upward to collect it within its U-shaped bowl. That’s the lucky belief behind the horseshoe.

The good news is that you don’t need a real one to make it work. Any size will do from a pendant to a keychain, so put it in your pocket, tilt it up, and let the good luck flow through.

What you certainly don’t need a horseshoe for is receiving a quick payday when you play via crypto gaming. Crypto is the fastest way to get paid out. No luck needed there!

Four-Leaf Clover

A four-leaf clover is notoriously difficult to find, which is precisely why it’s considered to be so lucky.

But if you do find one, and we’re going by the tradition from Celtic times, you just may be able to see fairies, ward off evil spirits, and welcome good luck. Sounds like a great charm to have in a game like Leprechaun Legends, since they know all about gaining good luck at the casino.

Are any of these lucky charms and rituals speaking to you? That just might be the good fortune working its magic. Whether you’ve got a horseshoe in your pocket, or your fingers crossed on both hands, SlotsLV Casino has endless online slots and table games to put your good-luck ritual to the test. So pick the online casino game that gets your gut right in the instinct, kiss that four-leaf clover, and enjoy that good luck!


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