Crypto Decrypted! Your Crypto Casino FAQs

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If the chatter of everyone using crypto has reached fever-pitch lately, that’s because they are!

Crypto has officially upgraded to mainstream, and it has become easier and more beneficial than ever to play online slots and table games using crypto at a crypto casino, too. With easier deposits, faster withdrawals, lower deposit minimums, higher security, and more privacy, crypto has quickly become the wisest choice of currency to use.


Most players at SlotsLV Casino are already using crypto. If you haven’t taken the plunge just yet, we’re here to answer some frequently asked questions about the digital coin. We’ll get you revved up and up to speed, then send you on your way to start using the best transaction method at a crypto casino online.

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is pretty much like any other casino online. You still have hundreds of games to choose from, except you play using crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currency supported at the crypto casino.

Crypto casinos are so popular because they make it much easier to jump into slots and table games.

It’s a crypto fact that your deposits are done in a flash (see ya, credit card hassles!), so you can grab a game by its horns the moment the inspiration strikes you, and your withdrawals are processed just as quickly, so there’s no waiting around while the adrenaline wears off waiting to see your winnings.

What are the advantages of playing with crypto?

There are so many reasons to play at a casino online, and even more reasons to do so with crypto! Here are some of the pretty terrific advantages of crypto:

  • Deposits are super-fast, and sometimes almost instant
  • Crypto withdrawals are paid out the fastest of all methods
  • Enjoy higher bonuses and more rewards when you use crypto!
  • Crypto deposits have the lowest minimums
  • Crypto withdrawals have the highest maximums
  • Forget dropped or canceled transactions – they ain’t happening!
  • Transactions are anonymous and extremely secure

Are crypto casinos legal?

YES! Using cryptocurrency is legal throughout the USA and almost every country throughout the world, for all legal activities.

How do you deposit crypto at casinos?Panda cartoon character holding up a piggy bank while standing next to a giant levitating bitcoin, to explain crypto casino deposits

It’s super easy to deposit crypto. You only have to set up your Digital Wallet and sign up to an Exchange platform one time, then it’s all smooth sailing to the idyllic island of SlotsLV for game time! It was already quick – but SlotsLV makes it even easier!

Follow these simple steps from our crypto deposit guide to get started:

  1. Your Digital Wallet is where you store and manage your crypto, and it’s nothing complicated. In fact, you’d probably spend more time fishing around for loose change in your physical wallet than you would setting up this one. If you’re ready to sign up, then Blockchain is a good place to start and it’s free!
  2. Now you need some cryptocurrency! To exchange your standard currency into a nice crypto deposit, sign up at a reputable Exchange platform like Cryptovantage, where you have plenty of choice and plenty of security.
  3. It’s time to buy some crypto! You’ve picked the right kind for you. Now, simply purchase it through your Exchange, then transfer your purchased crypto to your Digital Wallet.
  4. And just like that, you can use your Digital Wallet to make a crypto deposit into your SlotsLV account, which is done within minutes. We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC),Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Pro Tips:

  • Always transfer crypto from your Digital Wallet to SlotsLV, not from your Exchange.
  • Use a Debit Card for instant transfers. Other methods can delay transactions.

Then it’s off to the races as you explore the best crypto casino games with your boosted rewards! You’re a crypto captain now!

Should I really switch from credit card deposits?

Yes. Credit cards might seem easy in the moment, but once you set up your Exchange and Digital Wallet the first time, you’ll be able to deposit quickly and it’ll be way more reliable than credit card. Crypto is guaranteed to go through.

How do you withdraw crypto at casinos?

If you’ve already deposited with crypto and started collecting wins, congrats! That means you’ve already got all the right parts to make a speedy withdrawal.

Follow these steps to see your money in a snap:

  1. Pat yourself on the back and cheer yourself on, because you’ve just won real crypto money – now you’re ready to make a casino withdrawal!
  2. Let’s get your money. Open up your Digital Wallet, select the type of crypto you want to withdraw, and hit “Receive”.
  3. A unique wallet address will appear, and you’ll need to copy this address EXACTLY as it is, or else it won’t work! Think of it like a phone number: if you want to give crypto a friendly call, you’ll need to have all the numbers right!
  4. Paste this unique wallet address into the field marked “Your Wallet Address” on the website, then enter the amount you want to withdraw in plain old USD.
  5. We’ll get your request, approve it and send the funds on their way, which you can expect to see in 24 hours or less. Some coins are even faster – up to 1 hour!

Like magic!

Are there any deposit minimums for crypto?

Yes, and at SlotsLV, it’s only $10!

That’s half the amount you need to make a credit card deposit, and of course, it’s done just as fast and without the hassles!

Other crypto casinos might have a slightly different deposit minimum, so it’s worth checking the financial FAQs to be sure.

If you’ve got just a handful of bucks to play around with on a particular day (like $20 to play at the casino with), using crypto lets you deposit that small chunk of change so you can march right on in and get going on your next casino adventure!

Are there any withdrawal maximums for crypto?

Most crypto casinos will have an upper limit to withdraw your money, but it’s usually much, much higher with crypto since they don’t have to deal with the added checks and balances that come with a bank.

At SlotsLV, you can withdraw up to $2,500 in one go with crypto, as opposed to a common maximum of only $2,000 through your bank.

Do I have to pay fees to play at a crypto casino?

At SlotsLV, you’ll never be charged a crypto fee. However, your Exchange and Digital Wallet will likely charge a negligible fee for the transaction.

What casino coin crypto should I buy?Panda cartoon character gleefully standing amongst falling bitcoins, to explain what crypto is right for you

A best crypto casino like SlotsLV is often called a Bitcoin casino, but most offer more options than just the standard Bitcoin. At least, the best ones do!

Bitcoin is a reliable choice that beginners often feel is the safest to use, and it is widely accepted for use in most casinos.

For the fastest processing times that get you inside your game the fastest, Bitcoin Cash is a great option.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have the lowest fees, and USD Tether is the most stable since it’s tied to the US dollar.

In order to find the perfect fit, check out our guide on the right gambling crypto for you. Easy!


Can I lose money if crypto fluctuates?

While that’s true, fluctuations in value are rarely dramatic in the day-to-day world, just as they’re not with any standard foreign currency exchange. You’re just using crypto as a vehicle to convert USD, not making a long-term investment.

If you’re feeling unsure about the fluctuations, you could always use the stablecoin USD Tether. This is attached to the USD so it’s less likely to bounce around on you, and you still get all the benefits you do with other cryptocurrencies.

Is crypto secure?

Yes! Thanks to layers of encryption inside the blockchain, crypto is far more secure than any other type of currency, especially your bank.

What are the most popular crypto slots?

Yeesh, we have so many Bitcoin slots that it’s hard to pin down just a few!

Reels and Wheels XL is a retro classic with bright, fruity colors and five progressive jackpots.

Golden Buffalo takes you on a journey through an old canyon to track down the beast of all prizes (wild multipliers of up to 3,125x!), with three Hot Drop Jackpots looming large overhead.

Reels of Fortune is another SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots game with a classic 3-reel setup. Learn more inside our Reels of Fortune slot review!


Keep in mind that the entire casino is at your disposal when you play with crypto, so the selection of games is far more vast than you could ever get through! As always, just be sure to gain the maximum out of your crypto experience by using the best winning strategies for playing slots online!

How do I play slots with crypto?

Watch our video to see how to play SlotsLV online slots with crypto.

Can I also play table games with crypto?

You sure can.

Any best crypto casino that offers table games should let you play them with crypto in the same way you do with online slots.

Every game at SlotsLV is available with crypto, including our top table games.

You may be surprised to hear as well that some table and specialty games also have progressive jackpots, and you can play for those using crypto as well!

Can I play with crypto on mobile?

Absolutely! You can make deposits and withdrawals with crypto the same way on mobile as you do on desktop, then play the best mobile slots, or any game at all that you see on the casino floor.

Are there crypto casino bonuses?Cartoon character of a panda holding up a gift box with bitcoins printed on the wrapping


Crypto or Bitcoin bonuses are quite possibly the best part of playing at crypto casinos online, and the best casinos will plump them up so they’re extra juicy.

Take SlotsLV, for example. Our top casino promotions are all better when using crypto.

When you deposit with crypto for the first time, you can get up to a whopping $7,500 in Welcome Bonus to play with. That’s much bigger than the $5,000 in Welcome Bonuses when you use credit card!

And when you refer a friend, and your pal selects crypto for their first deposit, your referral bonus gets bigger too! Wow-ee!


What is the best crypto casino?

We won’t just tell you that SlotsLV is the best Bitcoin casino in all the land; we’ll show you.

SlotsLV is registered with Curacao, a licensing authority for online casinos. To get a license from Curacao, an online casino must prove themselves trustworthy, and adhere to the guidelines for secure and legal gambling.

Check: that’s us!

On top of the security you get from gaming with crypto, SlotsLV is also backed by a secure socket layer (SSL). The little padlock in your browser’s address bar means the connection between you and SlotsLV is private and secure.

Aside from all of these incredible crypto benefits, like the biggest and best bonuses for playing with crypto deposits: SlotsLV has plenty more on offer all day, every day, like:

Play Crypto Casino Games at SlotsLV

Are you ready to get started at a best crypto casino like SlotsLV Casino?

Once your Exchange and Digital Wallet are set up, there are hundreds of games waiting for you to explore. So snag yourself all the benefits and make your very first crypto deposit, win yourself some jackpots, then take those winnings and put them right where you started – all in a day’s worth of fun!


Have more questions about slots? Visit our FAQ about online slots and casinos now.