The 8 Best Chinese Slots for Lunar New Year 2024

The 8 Best Chinese Slots for Lunar New Year 2024



Enter The Dragon: The 8 Best Chinese Slots for Lunar New Year 2024

Happy Lunar New Year! The festivities start on February 10th, 2024, and we’re about to welcome in the Year of the Dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and good fortune, and the Year of the Dragon is set to usher in prosperity and success – all qualities that resonate with players who enjoy the thrill and excitement of gaming.

In the spirit of the season, we’re introducing you to the dragon himself, with a selection of eight captivating SlotsLV Chinese slots. Each of these games features the majestic dragon, bringing with him good fortune and joy via hold and win bonus games, free spins, progressive jackpots, and so many more features.

From the fiery depths of dragon lairs to the soaring heights of mystical skies, the following online slots promise an auspicious adventure filled with riches and excitement, perfect for heralding in the Chinese New Year. It’s time to celebrate at SlotsLV Casino!

1.   Golden Dragon Inferno

In Golden Dragon Inferno, ancient myths blaze to life on 5 reels, where each spin can lead to a fortune. Here, the dragon is not just a symbol, but a guardian of untold riches, which he protects over the 243 ways to win.

Once you open this SlotsLV online slot, you’ll quickly discover the biggest prizes are in its hold and win bonus. Six fireball scatters ignite the flames of possibility and grant you entry. The more you collect during the respins, the bigger the prizes, including a chance at a mini, minor, major and grand jackpot.

The nudging multiplier wild reel stands as a testament to the dragon’s power, promising multipliers that could turn even the smallest ember of a bet into a blaze of winnings.

2.   Fortune Dragon

Golden colored dragon with mouth open wide behind the logo of the SlotsLV online slot, Fortune Dragon, on a vibrant red background.

Among the echoes of ancient legends, there’s rumored to be a Fortune Dragon, who breathes not only fire, but also riches. In this classic 3-reel, single payline slot, you’ll get to behold the dragon directly.

He appears to you as green, blue and gold symbols, and despite his menacing grin, he’s really quite a generous guardian of wealth, ready to unleash a bounty of riches.

The quest is simple: line up any three dragons on the payline to unlock their reward – even if the colors don’t match. However, if you do match their colors, such as three gold dragons in a row, you’ll witness your prize grow exponentially.

In Fortune Dragon, the roar of dragon doesn’t signal danger, but rather, it promises legendary wins!

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3.   Dragon’s Scroll XL

Ascend to the clouds in Dragon’s Scroll XL, where the sky is a canvas for majestic dragons, keepers of celestial fortunes. This 5-reel, 4-row Chinese slot, with 100 paylines, is an odyssey through the heavens, which features symbols of Koi fish, peaches, and regal royals, who await to align under your command.

Discover the hand of the dragon and unleash 20 free spins with a triple multiplier if you land three of them. With every spin, you have the chance to soar higher into the dragon’s realm of myth and majesty. The dragon wild, a symbol of immense power, stands ready to substitute and stack, creating towering opportunities for legendary wins.

Here, in the dragon’s sky, you could start your Lunar New Year off with up to 2,000x your stake!

4.   8 Golden Dragons

Journey to a land where mythical creatures reign supreme in 8 Golden Dragons, a slot game that weaves a tapestry of East Asian lore and the revered dragon.

Each spin on this 5-reel, 3-row slot with 20 paylines is a foray into a world where dragons symbolize power and fortune, their majestic forms gracing the reels with auspicious promise. In the cumulative scatter feature, the golden dragon symbol can bring up to 2,000x your bet to the reels.

The heart of the dragon beats with the other special feature: free spins. Here, you can earn up to 30 turns in a realm of luck and prosperity, with a 2x or 3x multiplier.

8 Golden Dragons isn’t just a slot game; it’s a celebration of a culture that reveres the dragon as a harbinger of good fortune. Hit spin to immerse yourself in the legend and hone in on that ancient, mystical luck for yourself.

5.   Dragon’s Gold 100

In the shimmering realm of Dragon’s Gold 100, the mighty dragon breathes life into a world of opulence and chance. This 5-reel, 4-row slot, boasting 100 paylines, is a canvas where origami creatures and lucky symbols of Lunar New Year – like red lanterns – come alive under the dragon’s gaze.

The dragon wild, a symbol of untamed power, expands to engulf reels, promising bountiful wins. Amidst this mystical setting, Koi fish and maneki-neko emerge as two scatters, each a bearer of multipliers and fortune.

The gamble feature beckons the brave, offering a chance to double or quadruple your spoils in a daring game of chance.

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6.   Dragon Blast

Fearsome looking dragon lurks in the background of the logo from the SlotsLV online slot Dragon Blast.

In the fiery depths of Dragon Blast, legend and fortune intertwine, beckoning adventurers to a world where dragons guard the earth’s riches. This 5-reel, 3-row, 50-line slot is a journey into the heart of an ancient volcano, where every spin has the power to unleash the dragon’s wrath and bounty alike.

The Dragon Blast free spins feature is a spectacle of nature’s fury, where the dragon’s breath expands the reels, granting up to 10 slots free spins and turning the central reel into a conduit for easier wins and fiery multipliers.

Amidst this molten realm, the promise of 2,500x your stake awaits, a prize as elusive and coveted as the dragon’s own hoard. In Dragon Blast, real money riches can be made in an instant!

7.   Dragon’s Hot 7s

Dragon’s Hot 7s ignites a blaze of classic slot excitement with its 3-reel, 3-row structure, and a singular payline that harkens back to traditional gameplay while infusing it with burning modern twists. In this game, the dragon’s breath is a catalyst for fortune, turning near-misses into chances for wins with its re-spin feature.

Payouts in this slot can be amplified with random multipliers, where each win has the potential to be elevated from a modest gain to a sizzling reward of up to 10x.

The thrill peaks in the gamble feature, where a correct guess on the color or suit of a card can double or quadruple your prize, adding a layer of suspense and reward to every successful spin. Dragon’s Hot 7s offers a thrilling journey, blending the nostalgia of classic slots with the exhilaration of fiery features.

8.   Dragon’s Siege

While it’s not technically a Chinese-themed slot, it keeps the dragon vibe alive for Lunar New Year, as well as the potential for big wins! In Dragon’s Siege, you are summoned to an epic battle, where a fierce dragon guards piles of gold in a shadowy castle. Each spin is a step into a medieval fantasy; the reels are a battleground, with symbols of bravery and fortune guiding your quest.

The essence of the adventure lies in the free spins round. Once triggered by the bridge and gate symbols, you can then pick your hero, who leads you through hidden paths to the dragon’s lair, and up to 25 free spins. Here, multipliers grow like the dragon’s fury, turning each victory into legendary spoils. As the reels turn, a progressive slots jackpot looms, ready to crown you at random with riches befitting a true dragon slayer.

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