Be Crypto Ready in 15 Minutes – Learn How

Be Crypto Ready in 15 Minutes – Learn How



Super Fast Crypto Deposits: Be Crypto Ready in 15 Minutes – Learn How

Boy oh boy, have we got good news for you.

Think for a second: what is the one thing about funding your play that you want most from an crypto casino? Now, if you instantly think of super-fast deposits, then you’re among good company – this is what our players have been telling us!

Getting crypto ready is now faster than ever.

Now, at SlotsLV, you can get your transactions going faster than you can say “Wooaahh, Nelly!” when you use crypto. But that’s only the beginning.

To sweeten the crypto pot even more, your fees are lower, your withdrawals are almost instant, and your bonuses are ramped up as well. There are now so many reasons to get on board with crypto.

Using crypto at SlotsLV Casino gives you all kinds of unbeatable benefits, and getting crypto-ready is now even easier. We’ll show you why – let’s get straight to it.

Crypto Deposit Ready Within a Few Minutes – Here’s How:

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Click here and create your account
  2. Verify your identity with a valid ID
  3. That’s it, you are crypto-ready

Now, you can be verified and crypto-ready within minutes. You’ll be all set to make your first cryptocurrency purchase, and then you’ll be able to start making crypto deposits with us at SlotsLV.

And it really is that simple and easy! Just a few clicks and you can play crypto slots and all the other casino games you love, by using crypto to transfer USD, all the while reaping crypto rewards.

Bigger benefits, lower fees, and faster transaction times? Outta the way, because here we come!

Why should you start using crypto with SlotsLV?

It comes down to this: crypto is the simplest and fastest method of transaction you’ll find.

Every single one of these crypto casino benefits is available for you as soon as you join SlotsLV and start using crypto:

Rapid Withdrawals: Your crypto withdrawal will be in your wallet in as little as 15 minutes after approval. Can you believe it? No more waiting around! Those winnings are yours, so they belong in your wallet.

Better Bonuses: Enjoy bigger and better bonuses all round, and that even extends beyond your own transactions. If you refer a friend, for example, and they make a deposit with crypto, we give you a bigger referral bonus too. See? More bonus, because… crypto

Lower Fees: Crypto transactions have lower fees, so you get to keep more of your winnings. Who wants to see any of their payday go to transaction fees from your bank?

Immediate access to games: Imagine that; the moment an online slot catches your eye, you could dive inside while the inspiration was still piping hot. With crypto, that’s exactly what happens. In the case of Hot Drop Jackpots, where jackpots must drop before the timer hits zero, you won’t miss a beat when the fire is lit and the jackpot is near!

Go Crypto Now

Why waste time waiting for transactions to clear? We’ve got a better way to get the job done at SlotsLV Casino. This is our fastest crypto deposit method yet, so what are you waiting for? Go crypto in just a few minutes.

Still have some crypto questions? We have answers! Read our handy crypto casino FAQ.