Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game Review

SlotsLV brings you one hot game review in Reels of Fortune, where you can increase your chances of winning thanks to three hot drop jackpots. Read on!

There are a lot of things to feel fortunate for. A beautiful sunny day, a traffic-free highway, and even having a few minutes to play games at SlotsLV!

When it comes to matters of fortune, SlotsLV is exactly where you want to be. With the shiny, new SlotsLV Reels of Fortune slot, good fortune has stepped up to new heights, where luck has never felt luckier. This game comes with three Hot Drop Jackpots that are poised to strike by the time the clock hits zero or jackpot reaches a set prize amount. In fact, the hourly jackpot drops over $1K every 60 minutes!


Its theme manages to be both flashy and classic, simple yet sophisticated; this online slot really does seem to have it all. So let’s get into the Reels of Fortune slot review and see what it’s all about!

Should you spin it?

Here are some reasons why you’ll love to play Reels of Fortune Hot Drop Jackpots at SlotsLV:

✓ Classic vibes
✓ 3 Hot Drop Jackpots
✓ Excellent Bonus Wheel (with up to 500x multiplier)
✓ Wild symbol with multiplier
✓ RTP: 96%
✓ Beautiful color scheme
✓ Upbeat, toe-tapping music
✓ A total blast to play with friends and compete for the biggest prize… plus grab a referral bonus!


This is why some may want to skip the fortune for something else:

X Only one payline
X One bonus round (although it’s a big one!)

Game Overview: A Classic with Big, Big PrizesLet’s see what game features Reels of Fortune has to drive your game forward into the land of the big winners!

The Reels of Fortune slot at SlotsLV is adorned in royal purple and gold, with a swanky piano tune that transports you to the VIP room at a traditional casino.

Gold-lined symbols like cherries, diamonds, sevens and bars fling through the flashy three reels, and one payline across the center row draws your attention as you wait to see what lands. A simple paytable sits adjacent to the reels for your ease, so you can know what you’re playing for. Beside that, you’ll spot the thrilling Hot Drop Jackpots, with amounts ticking along in real-time (more on them below!). Bet anywhere from $0.20 to $100 and see if fortune will drop a jackpot, bonus round or wild multiplier into your hands.

Reels of Fortune Features

If you have a casino good luck charm in your pocket, now is the time to reach your hand inside to touch it. This game may have few features on paper, but they are big enough to blow your balance right off the meter, especially when we get into how to win a hot drop jackpot!


The shiny blue and white diamond is your Wild in this online slots game. In its basic form, this symbol will replace any other symbol on the line to help you form a win. And if it does… you’re in for a reel treat.

Multiplying Wild

When that same Wild is a part of a win, that entire value is multiplied by 2x. If you’re fortunate enough to get two Wilds on the payline and that results in a win, then your entire win is multiplied by 5x. Gimme five!

Bonus Wheel

The Wilds will already have you beaming like the diamonds that they are. If, however, you happen to land a golden Bonus symbol on the third reel of the center row, then a golden vault opens up… and so does your opportunity to go for the gold!

Just inside the golden vault is the Bonus Wheel. When you give it a spin, try not to hold your breath. You can win a multiplier anywhere from 5x to 500x in this online slot real money, and you’ll need that extra oxygen to burst out with cheers when you get a good one.

As wonderful as that Bonus Wheel is, however, it doesn’t even compare to the granddaddy of the game… and the pinnacle of the Reels of Fortune online slot review.

Three Types of Hot Drop JackpotsSpeaking of Hot Drop Jackpots, we take a look at the three types of jackpots you could win when you play Reels of Fortune at SlotsLV.

When you talk about the best types of jackpots, Hot Drop Jackpots are right up there.

SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots are three progressive jackpots that are programmed to trigger at key intervals:

  • Hourly: This jackpot will drop once every 60 minutes.
  • Daily: This daily drop jackpot triggers once every 24 hours.
  • Super: This jackpot is configured to trigger before it reaches a pre-set ($250K!) dollar amount.

Hot Drop Jackpots are making new SlotsLV Big Winners left and right! You can play for them at any time, but here’s a pro tip: When you see the jackpot getting closer and closer to its drop, that’s a great time to get in the game and play. The closer you are to its trigger time, the greater your chances are of winning it, so don’t hold back!

As always, these jackpots are best enjoyed with crypto. Since SlotsLV is the best Bitcoin casino, you can withdraw with crypto to get your winnings super-fast, then go out and drop some cash on something nice!


If you love Reels of Fortune, you’ll also love other Hot Drop Jackpots!

Reels of Fortune is not the only game at SlotsLV that features three must drop jackpots. Several popular games have them, too, and more will come soon. Because you can’t have too much of a good thing, right?

A Night With Cleo Hot Drop Jackpots features a sultry Egyptian Pharaoh and a private rendezvous in the Gambling Feature, as well as the three Hot Drop Jackpots that could trigger at any time.

Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots also has three Hot Drop Jackpots as well as the chance to win 3,125x multipliers from within the slots free spins round that is rampant with multiplying Wilds.

777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots takes the deluxe life up a notch with 3 Hot Drop Jackpots, more classic symbols, and multiple big prizes in the bonus round for landing matching 7s.

Play the Reels of Fortune Slot Game at SlotsLV Casino Now

Good fortune is coming your way, and Hot Drop Jackpots at SlotsLV are here to help you welcome it in! All you have to do now is open up Reels of Fortune, keep an eye on the rising jackpot sum, and spin ‘till you drop… Hot Drop style.