Clash of Queens Slot Game Review

Clash of Queens Slot Game Review




In a parallel world where everything is backward, including time itself, one special slot game invites you to jump through the enchanted mirror to play a little game.

The Clash of Queens slot is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale Through the Looking Glass. Except in the online slot, you witness the behind-the-scenes story of the Red and White Queens as they engage in a battle over the chess board that represents the magical world.

You take the place of Alice as you wander through interactive bonus rounds searching for special prizes granted by the Queens, like free spins or multipliers.

This Clash of Queens slot review will be your guide through this strange Wonderland, so prepare to find rewards just beyond the mirror.


Curious things tend to happen when your imagination runs wild, as Alice knows, and big wins happen when you jump inside the mirror and wander around. This is why you’ll love to play Clash of Queens slot at SlotsLV:

✓   Extraordinary graphics and storyline
✓   Lively features and bonuses
✓   2 bonus rounds with free spins and multipliers
✓   Generous max win
✓   New slot game

Some would prefer to avoid topsy-turvy and strange worlds, and this is why you may want to skip Wonderland:

X  No progressive jackpot (but huge prizes nonetheless!)


A mirror hangs over your mantlepiece; suddenly, you notice a slight commotion taking place on the other side. You step a bit closer and peer inside in astonishment. The next thing you know, you’ve tumbled headlong through the mirror and landed on the other side, in a world laid out over chess squares. But never mind the pawns and the bishops… there’s too much to see!

You encounter all sorts of whimsical creatures as you wander around this slot, including symbols of the twins Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty, and the Red and White Queens, who are all there to lead you on your journey through the biggest wins.

Despite its plentiful and elaborate features, Clash of Queens is one of the easiest casino games to enjoy. Here’s what you’ll find on the other side of the looking glass in this new slot:

  • 3 rows
  • 5 reels
  • 25 paylines
  • Max win: 750x your stake
  • Minimum bet: $0.01
  • Maximum bet: $100.00
  • Free spins
  • Multipliers
  • 2 bonus rounds

CLASH OF QUEENS FEATURESTwo animated queens in silver and red, respectively, from the SlotsLV slot game Clash of Queens, flank either side of a tablet device showing a screenshot of the game features.

The most down-to-earth feature of this other-worldly game is the ability to deposit with gaming crypto, since that means you can begin this game with only $10. Unlike the twists and turns of Wonderland and the Clash of Queens slot, crypto is the simplest and easiest way to a payday, and it’s how you withdraw money without a fuss.

Aside from that, the rest of the slots features in this dreamlike wonderland are ready for you to discover – with two Queens who are ready to clash!


The Clash of Queens logo is your Scatter. This symbol has its own paytable in the online slot, paying from any position on the reels.


The mirror that is the door to the backwards world is your Wild. Just as you discover a brand new and mysterious world on the other side, the Wild symbol will transform into any other regular symbol when it lands on reels 2-5, but whichever one will be a mystery.


In this slot, it’s the two Queens who will grip your attention the most as they have a battle on the reels.

To witness the clash, you’ll need one of the queens to appear on reel 1 and the other to appear on reel 5 on the same spin. It doesn’t matter which queen appears on which reel as long as there’s one of each (one Red Queen and one White Queen). When the feature ignites is this slot online, you must choose your allegiance between the queens, which will also determine your own prize fate at the conclusion of the battle. Then you appear on a life-sized chess board inside a castle to witness the Clash of the Queens.

If you choose the Red Queen and she wins, you are awarded 8 free spins in the Red Queen Free Spins feature. If she doesn’t win, you still get 4 free spins.

If you choose the White Queen and she wins, you get a multiplier of 2x for the White Queen Picks feature. If she doesn’t win, you still get a multiplier of 1x.


If you choose the White Queen feature, you are invited to select from chess pieces with corresponding values on the board until you find the piece labeled “Collect”. Then, in this slots bonus round, you collect either 1x or 2x the prize, depending on the success of the White Queen in the battle.


If you choose the Red Queen feature, the Red Queen thanks you for your choice after the battle, and she awards you with either 4 or 8 slots free spins in which up to three random reels turn Wild.

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If it’s the magical atmosphere inside Clash of Queens that has you inspired to try something else, then another whimsical adventure awaits you inside Lady’s Magic Charms Hot Drop Jackpots.

The Lady of this enchanted forest appears from behind the glowing leaves to bestow her players with good luck as they spin for three jackpots. This game features SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots where hourly, daily and epic jackpots must drop at key intervals.

Magical charms on the reels help lead you to 15 free spins with tripled wins, and the Lady herself tells your fortune as the Wild symbol that has a double multiplier for winning lines.


The two adversaries from the Clash of Queens online slot review are preparing for their battle on the chess board; you can show them how to be nicer to one another and refer a friend to join you and watch it unfold. If you do, we’ll give you a bonus to play in the game, which could directly increase your chance of making the win!

Clash of Queens slot is one enchanting adventure. There are enough features to keep your eyes wide with wonder, just like Alice’s when she first tumbled after the white rabbit. SlotsLV is the best place to be for fairytales – in both slot stories and wins alike! – so step a little closer to the mirror, and don’t be afraid to tumble into the other side.