5 Reasons to Play Casino Online




Online casinos have come a long, long way since the late 1990s. Traditional games have burst wide open with technology, creativity, features, and unique prizes that have never been seen. The best part of the technology side? You don’t even need to leave your house to get the experience!

All of the industry’s top casino games are available right here at SlotsLV, including the option to play with a real live dealer. You get direct access to the best casino promotions that aren’t available in any land casino, and you can make deposits with more options than just a standard bank card and cash. 

If you’re still teetering on the fence, allow us to give you a gentle nudge onto the greenest side. Here’s 5 incredibly compelling reasons to join the many winners-to-be by playing casino games online.


As much as we all love a swanky casino night out with tailcoats and feather boas (or insert your own style here), you can’t deny that cozying up in your living-room best is a bit more comfortable for this occasion.

When you play online, there’s no need to get all dolled up if you don’t want to. You can play the games in any outfit you’d like. Since you’re not traveling anywhere, you’ll also save yourself from other unnecessary fuss like parking, traffic, and pricey gas – and let’s be honest, no one wants to negotiate those on the best of adventures.

There are no lines, no extra costs, and certainly no dress code. But perhaps the best part of all is that we’re the home of the best casino promotions that no land casino would ever dream of giving out. 


Our promotions are what keep our players running back to the games beaming with wide, eager grins. While land casinos are keen to offer you physical rewards like free food and drinks, an online casino prefers to give you what really counts: bonuses you can turn into wins that turn into cash!

Just take a look at the Welcome Bonus, for instance. You could get a 100% match bonus up to $2,000 when making a first deposit with a card. Plus, you get 20 free spins on a specified game. And since we’re a best Bitcoin casino, you could get a bigger Welcome Bonus by using crypto. Grab a 200% match bonus up to $3,000, and 30 free spins on a specified game, when you make a first deposit with crypto!

If you already play at SlotsLV but haven’t switched to crypto – this one’s for you. If you opt into our Crypto Club and start depositing with crypto-exclusively go-forward, you can also get crypto bonuses TWICE a week! Enjoy two 100% match bonuses up to $250 each and also earn SlotsLV reward points.


If you still feel like something is missing, you may be right. A land casino has something that an online casino simply can’t compete with, which is real people to play with, talk to, and interact with. Or… can an online casino offer those things?

We’re thrilled to tell you that SlotsLV can! When you play live dealer games, you get to have the experience of a real-life land casino straight from the comfort of your home. All you do is log in to your account and head to the “Live Dealer” section. Pick your game, and the screen will transform into a live gaming session with a real life, professionally trained dealer leading the way. 

All the controls work the same from your PC or mobile, and the live dealer sees your input and deals the cards or spins the wheel on real, high-end casino equipment right before your eyes. You can even make some friends and chat with your fellow compatriots at the table using the built-in chat feature. When you place your bet, you can opt to tip the live dealer on top of a winning hand and have them thank you by name on the spot!


When you play games at a land casino, the physical space only allows a limited number of games to enjoy. You could theoretically make your rounds through the entire floor within one busy, caffeine-fueled evening. 

Our number of games available is staggering. It would be quite a feat to play each of the hundreds of slots plus plethora of table games in one night, no matter how much coffee you drink (and we don’t recommend that). There is no end to what you can do with the themes, styles, bets, and payout potential. And that’s just for slots. 

With table games, you can choose from multiple variants in one game. Take Blackjack, for instance. You could do a classic single deck, or you could try Double Deck for a challenge that’s even more fun. In video poker, you have the option to play with multiple hands up to 10 which offers crazy big payouts at your fingertips.

Whichever way you swing, we certainly won’t leave your mouth dry with options for fun. There’s something to whet your appetite with every scroll of the mouse.


Finally, and most importantly, is how our online casino reinforces your trust with ultra-fast and secure payment methods. They aren’t even limited to just one kind. 

If you prefer to keep it traditional and make deposits with your credit card, we support that option, although admittedly it does take some time to clear. It’s not that we like to see you sweat. It’s the hoops your transactions need to jump through in the ether of bank processes, verifications, and forms that tends to slow things down. 

On the other hand, since we’re a reputable Bitcoin Casino, you could forego the slow wait times and uncertainty altogether. Using any of our cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Ethereum, you can reduce wait times, pay next to nothing fees, and confidently savor a 100% success rate, every single time. 

Any which way you choose to get in the game, you can be sure that our casino is the easiest and most convenient way to play the best casino games the industry has to offer. Now’s the time to grab your Welcome Bonus, get settled in, and play away on your favorite online casino games, straight from the comfort of your own home.