Which Crypto is Best For Me?

Which Crypto is Best For Me?




Did you know that crypto gambling is now the number one way to deposit and play games at SlotsLV? Now you do – it’s true! Our SlotsLV Crypto Casino supports most major forms of cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and Bitcoin Cash), and players utilizing this modern-day gold receive access to zillions of benefits that credit-card users simply don’t.

In fact, let’s just lay it out right here and now.

  • Easier deposits
  • Best way to transfer USD
  • Faster withdrawals
  • More secure
  • Ultra private
  • Miniscule fees
  • Better bonuses

…and plenty more, which you’re about to see!

To help you decide which type of crypto to deposit for playing Bitcoin slots – i.e., any regular slot played with a crypto deposit – we’ve created a nifty little crypto list based on your needs when playing our games.

Keep in mind more than one currency might be right for you, so don’t be afraid to dabble in more than just one cryptocurrency.

So, tell us – what are your needs for gaming at SlotsLV? Scroll down to the section suiting you best, and let’s find out which crypto is the best one for you.

Come on down!


If you’re a player who loves a nice, chill-axing evening with a game or two while some friends hang out to lighten the mood, then you don’t want to waste any of your precious time worrying about your transactions going through. We’ve all known those pesky banks to interrupt them at the most inconvenient of times.

For you breathe-easy players, Bitcoin is here to save the day.

There are almost too many Bitcoin benefits at an online crypto casino to name them all here, but peace of mind is high up on the list for many players.

Bitcoin is the original crypto, operating since 2009, and therefore has the advantage of time to prove its strong blockchain security. Read: your transactions will never, ever drop.

So kick back and relax, because Bitcoin is the safest, more reliable and most secure crypto you can use.


If you’re focused on having the most fun with your games, crypto is the way to go. No slow credit card deposit waiting times when you play with crypto!

What could possibly be worse than depositing your money to hit up a game, only to have to wait before finally putting it to use? Ugh – no thank you!

If you’re the type of player focused solely on having a good time with your online slots, you won’t appreciate waiting around for your funds to clear. That’s when you need an ultra-speedy cryptocurrency to get you in and out of the deposit page within minutes, with your funds locked, loaded and ready to be put to work.

Meet: Bitcoin Cash.

This crypto was developed to improve upon Bitcoin’s initial design, hoping to speed things up with a more efficient blockchain that can handle faster transactions. It made the necessary tweaks to the original blockchain (called “forks”, if we’re being technical), allowing transactions to soar through within minutes.

Ethereum is also a good choice. This crypto is the second biggest cryptocurrency; it’s trusted and reliable, so you can get straight to playing.

That means you’ll have your funds ready to go within the hour tops, and you can have all the time you need to jump into your game and focus on having fun.


Everyone knows the pain of making a standard payment, only to find the fees stacked up covertly at the end of the receipt. Not. Fair.

That’s what’s so great about crypto gaming. When you fund your account with Bitcoin or any other crypto, you’re already paying way fewer fees than you would with credit card. Even still, certain types of coins have fees even lower than their own crypto brethren.

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have the lowest fees of all the cryptos available at SlotsLV.

With Litecoin, for example, the fees tend to average around $0.03 or $0.04 – comical in comparison to your typical Visa fees, clocking in around 2.4% of your transaction. Ouch!

And, SlotsLV doesn’t charge you any fees (correct – no fees) for using crypto either.

And with all the extra money saved from fees, you can have even more chances to play extremely lucrative games like SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Hot Drop Jackpots – also known as “must drop” jackpots – are jackpots guaranteed to drop every hour of every day. To get a chance to win them, you simply need to make a deposit with your crypto of choice, open up the game, and hit spin! That’s how Hot Drop Jackpots work, and, naturally, they’re even better when you deposit with crypto.


If withdrawing funds at mega-speeds to treat yourself is your aim, these cryptocurrencies will get you there pronto.

If you’re more of a “treat-yo-self” kind of player, you’re going to need a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Litecoin, that lets you withdraw your funds at mega speeds.

These coins are lightning-fast. Litecoin’s average block time is is only 2.5 minutes, and Bitcoin’s is 10 minutes. As you could imagine, that means withdrawals with Bitcoin and Litecoin are done in minutes – 15 minutes once approved to be exact! Whereas with other cryptos, it could take a bit longer to see your crypto funds (way faster than the alternative, sure, but still a notable difference).

Since Bitcoin and Litecoin are some of the easiest ways to deposit and withdraw with crypto, you can take your big winnings from SlotsLV progressive jackpots or daily jackpots straight to the store for a new pair of shoes or those golf clubs you’ve had your eye on, faster than you can say “So long, slowpokes!”


If you know the online slots you love to play and your finger automatically darts to the icon you recognize, then you need a cryptocurrency that follows your routine. Volatility, begone!

All cryptos fluctuate in value as the market dances around. That means your funds could either lose or gain small amounts of value over a period of time.

With a currency like USD Tether, otherwise known as USDT, that inconsistency is booted out the door with the dust.

USDT, as its name implies, is directly connected to the U.S. dollar. It’s a lot more stable in comparison to the other coins, and you won’t have any surprises when you go to withdraw your funds.

That way you can play our most popular slots for Bitcoin and other cryptos as regularly as you tie your shoes in the morning, and never worry about seeing the value of your winnings change when you transfer them back to USD.


It’s all about bonuses, baby! Get the VIP treatment when you use crypto at SlotsLV with larger welcome bonuses and more.

We’ve a hunch that every player is going to stop in their tracks as soon as they scroll down to this part, and think: now you’re really talking!

This is where we bring all the players together under one big roof. Every single crypto we offer at our casino can be used for grander, more impressive bonuses than your typical credit card.

The Welcome Bonus goes from 100% match bonus up to $2,000 with a card, to 200% match bonus up to $3,000 with crypto, and the Refer a Friend promotion gets bigger too when your friend deposits with crypto – just to name a few.

Remember, all of that extra crypto money can be claimed with any of the cryptos we accept at SlotsLV, and they can be used in any game you see at our Bitcoin casino, too. That’s the magic of Bitcoin bonuses, right at your fingertips!

And that’s exactly why SlotsLV is the best crypto casino this side of the moon.

Whether you’re a ready to dip into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether or Bitcoin Cash, you can be sure this crypto casino has the right type of crypto for you. So, pick the currency that best suits your needs, use our crypto deposit guide to get started, and enjoy the wonderful world of faster deposits and withdrawals.