Benefits of Depositing With Crypto



In 2009, a mysterious online pioneer (or could it be plural?) made monetary history by bucking our reliance on a centralized money system and releasing a self-regulating, all-inclusive currency into the hands of the people. Which brings us to this current point in time where savvy-minded individuals, businesses, and innovative crypto casinos alike are embracing this new form of online payment that shares the benefits around.

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard the name and are aware of its appeal: Bitcoin. Your bank card is no longer a gateway for pay, and at a best crypto casino like SlotsLV, betting with Bitcoin (and other popular cryptocurrencies) is rewarded generously with massive benefits to your playing experience.

If you’re not already on nodding terms with it, we’d love to introduce you to all the benefits of Bitcoin and other crypto gaming methods. So take a seat and get comfy. Crypto gambling is here, and you’re about to see why you should retire your bank card and start betting with crypto like Bitcoin at SlotsLV today!



Playing with crypto doesn’t require that you fill out any forms or sign away your assets or your family heirlooms. In fact, Bitcoin and crypto doesn’t know who’s behind the transaction. It’s one of many crypto facts that your money, your business, and your spending has no corresponding monthly statement. How? Each transaction passes through a public ledger called a Blockchain which has never been intercepted or hacked. That makes your transactions totally private and secure


If you’ve ever experienced a failed transaction or a banking error while using your bank card online, then you know how frustrating it is. No one should have to deal with that sort of system anymore! When you play with SlotsLV crypto, your deposits and withdrawals are 100% guaranteed to go throughplus it has much lower fees than your credit card. And there’s no plastic card for crypto – wallet space is out of your pocket forever! It’s just the progressive currency we need in the 21st century.


It’s incredibly easy to use your USD to play at a crypto casino! You can use regular USD through your bank card to buy crypto online at an exchange, then send us the coins from your digital wallet with guaranteed success (so long, transactional errors!). Basically, crypto lets transfer your USD with a safer, faster currency for gambling online, then instantly convert it back to USD to use in your SlotsLV account. 


Putting all the speed, safety, and convenience aside, let’s look at the real reason you want to switch over to betting with crypto: bigger bonuses! 

For starters, the SlotsLV Welcome Bonus with Bitcoin gives you up to $7,500 over your first 9 deposits, as opposed to $5,000 with regular money.

If you’re a regular around here, you can add an extra $25 to your casino referral bonus for every friend you refer who chooses to deposit with crypto! That’s on top of all the other exciting promotions that are bigger for players who use Bitcoin or crypto.


Whenever the inspiration to play strikes you at a moment’s notice, we don’t want anything to hold you back from playing SlotsLV online slots with crypto, least of all a small bankroll. If you like the shape of your bankroll and you’re ready to hold it in your hands, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take your winnings as soon as they ignite!

When you play at a crypto casino like ours, you don’t need much to get yourself going. Just $10 is enough to deposit and start playing games, and $10 is all you need to request a payout of your winnings. We like to see you have a good time now instead of later. 


When you use a credit card, there’s a drawn out process behind the scenes that means you have to wait longer to get your money. SlotsLV Casino won’t make you wait a second longer than you have to. With crypto, your funds are processed and paid out faster directly into your digital wallet within 24 hours of being processed by us, ready to withdraw and use for real-world purchases. 


The key message is this: in the internet age where privacy and security risks are at an all-time high, playing at a best crypto casino eliminates nearly all of the typical problems associated with bad transactions. Cryptocurrency is 100% guaranteed for privacy, security, and speed. And besides – the SlotsLV crypto casino bonuses are simply too good to ignore.

Aside from being the King of crypto casinos when it comes to the original Bitcoin (BTC), your SlotsLV online casino also supports other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT), each with equally enticing benefits. 


Don’t be intimidated by the different types. You can buy each of them at an exchange and use your digital wallet just the same. If speed is your main aim, you’d be really happy with Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. These types of cryptocurrencies have larger blockchains which means your funds are processed within minutes instead of 24 hours. If saving on fees is more important, Litecoin has remarkably low fees to take advantage of. And finally, if you want to really be on top of the trends, you should consider using Tether. 

Tether (USDT) is exactly as it sounds; it’s tethered to the US dollar, meaning you can now use crypto without any price fluctuations! Claim crypto bonuses, enjoy hassle-free transactions, play slots games, and do this all with the price stability of a trusted stable-value coin like USDT. What’s not to love?

Have you tried our SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots? They drop HOURLY prizes, every day – making crypto one of the best ways to get your account loaded up fast and ready to play!


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