Golden Buffalo Slot Game Review

Golden Buffalo Slot Game Review

Riding a horse is something of a ride of passage, if you’ll indulge the pun, and some of us have even experienced riding a bull – even the mechanical kind with a soft landing. But have you heard of riding the buffalo? Don’t be wary, now! The majestic beast of the SlotsLV Golden Buffalo slot isn’t here to fight. He’s full of adventure, fun, and total good will – and he’s about to take you on a journey like no other. 

With an expanded game screen to enhance your adventure, Golden Buffalo slot gives you more paylines than ever before. There’s a bet amount for anyone to get behind, and we guarantee you won’t be able to keep your toes from a-tappin’ to the bouncy beat. 


Hold on tight, because in this Golden game review, you’re about to see why this incredible slot has a crowd of happy bettors lined up for a spin. Get that saddle ready. Grip those reins. This game is charging ahead at full speed and you’re about to get the ride of your life!


Should you spin it?

If you like a wild adventure with a classic Americana-feel and lots of ways to win behind each spin, you’re going to love the unforgettable adventure of the Golden Buffalo slot at SlotsLV

Let’s break it down:


4,096 ways to win
Gorgeous graphics & sounds
Memorable theme
Record-breaking multipliers up to 3,125x
Tons of free spins
Wide betting range for all bankrolls ($0.4 – $200)
Consistent win potential
✓ RTP is a solid 96%


      X  No progressive jackpot

Game Overview: An Adventure Like No Other

Golden Buffalo offers a brand new take on your typical slots game, with expanded reels, an astounding number of paylines, and a stack of golden winning potential There’s that bouncy beat that keeps your spirit soaring, a 3D backdrop of canyons and a broad, blue sky as expansive as the earth’s mysteries. 

This game centers on the adventure of the spin. There’s something extra special about these old western plains: wild racoons, eagles, and wolves appear with a mystical glow as their keen eyes observe from afar. But don’t become too comfortable in the stillness – you never know when a wild or a multiplier will burst on the scene and descend upon your reels!

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Golden Buffalo FeaturesGolden Buffalo Features

On your way to catching the elusive Golden Buffalo, you’re bound to stumble over special rewards lurking in the canyon’s ridge. This slot is ready to reward your special mission with the bankroll boosting power only a truly wild beast can wield!


Reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 host stacked wilds which can substitute for any symbol in the base game (save the bonus symbol) as well as in free spins. But that’s not all these wilds can do!  

Wild Multipliers

Golden Buffalo gives you a truly golden opportunity when you can earn up to 3,125x multipliers by stacking up wilds during free spins.

Free Spins

If your heart is already racing from the thrill of the chase, then free spins are just what you need to inject even more adrenaline. When you land 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols in the base game, you unlock 8, 15, 25, or even 100 free spins – which can all be retriggered!

Wrangle in the Top Prize

While this game doesn’t have a progressive like many other popular games, there are still very worthy prizes to collect.

If you really want to know the big secret to playing online slots, then scooch in a little closer – only the strongest buffalo chasers have what it takes to get the biggest prize. 

Big Bet + Multipliers

Multipliers are running rampant in the western plains, and when you make a higher bet, they could very well offer the chance to win truly fantastic prizes. All it takes is one wild inside the free spins feature and you could get a multiplier of 5x. If you get just one more, the wilds multiply with each other, and that’s how you can get all the way up to an astounding 3,125x! 

If you’re still not sure, don’t you worry one bit. Head on over to the Golden Buffalo under slots, and select “PRACTICE”. You can spin as much as you want while you chase that golden beast down. Whenever you’re ready to play for real, just hit the “PLAY FOR REAL” button inside the hamburger icon, and give it a whirl. 

IF YOU LOVE GOLDEN BUFFALO, YOU’LL ALSO LOVE GOLDEN BUFFALO HOT DROP JACKPOT!If you love Golden Buffalo, you'll also love the Hot Drop Jackpots Golden Buffalo version!

The only thing better than Golden Buffalo’s multiplier extravaganza is Golden Buffalo’s multiplier extravaganza with jackpots! That’s right: SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots are available for Golden Buffalo.

Enjoy the same epic journey, but this time the path is lined with three types of exciting jackpots: hourly, daily and super jackpots. The prize pots vary from over $1K hourly up to $250K per super jackpot. This is huge for an online slot that previously did not feature any jackpots – just the regular gameplay. So if you want to ramp up the adventure, try Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots for yourself today!



Play Golden Buffalo slot game at SlotsLV Casino now

There’s no doubt about it: no matter your bankroll size, the Golden Buffalo slot at this best crypto casino is a great way to dive straight into adventure and come out victorious. Multipliers, wilds, free spins, and the golden beast himself are waiting for your wager.