Characters You Need To Meet

Characters You Need To Meet




Throughout your day, you encounter plenty of memorable characters in your life: it’s the gentleman at the supermarket who’s always tells the most outlandish stories; it’s your favorite coworker who’s ready to burst into giggles at any time; and of course your own buddies being their quirky, endearing selves as you find yourselves setting off on another adventure.

These are just a fraction of the characters that make life wonderful, and with our huge selection of slots, you’ll soon have a great deal more to make you really appreciate the differences between us!

The extraordinary characters at SlotsLV Casino are impossible to forget, especially when you meet them inside their own worlds, where they rule the reels and spin their own magic to make their games unique and special.

We’d love to introduce some of our most famous faces. One by one, follow along with these unforgettable characters, and jump inside your new favorite game.


When things aren’t going so well in your day – you’ve hit every possible red light and your go-to coffee shop served you up something ghastly and unrecognizable when you needed your morning cup more than usual – it sounds like you could use some godly intervention in your life.

That’s the perfect time for this heavenly character to descend through your screen on a ray of light, in the form of the god Zeus!

Don’t be deterred by the Fury of Zeus as he appears in a flash of lightning. He may have a temper at times, but more than anything, this is a god who likes to make an entrance. Despite the menacing look in his eyes, Zeus is a generous god. When you join him on Mount Olympus with Hera and Poseidon, he ensures that you are rewarded for your efforts with slots free spins and a random progressive jackpot, even if it is done through a fit of godly rage. Hey – no one ever said that gods can’t be grumpy!

This god can even introduce you to a Bitcoin casino like SlotsLV so you can experience the gold of the gods with the fastest withdrawals, and deposit minimums as low as $10.

CYBORG BABE: THE DYSTOPIAN SIDEKICK3D cartoon characters from the SlotsLV slot game Cyberpunk City are featured, including the central female cyborg character and other four gameplay characters

There’s a strong, streetwise femme fatale with an attitude who knows how to throw down when the going gets tough, and you’ll find her in Cyberpunk City, where this pink-mohawked babe is at your service. (Or is it you that’s at hers?)

You can find her inside a sprawling metropolis teeming with blinking neon lights, rain-filled gutters, and the hybrid human-machine residents darting around corners with weapons poised.

This is the type of online slots character you want around when stuff’s about to go down, and she doesn’t hesitate from showing the cyborgs in the city exactly who’s boss. With a laser gun that’s always at the ready to send its blazing signal, this cyberbabe is fearless as she takes on the world of the future, picking up free spins, expanding Wilds, random Wilds, and perhaps even a random SlotsLV progressive jackpot that could strike at any time.


King Kong is a larger-than-life gorilla, and he meanders through the jungle, watching stealthily as roaming dinosaurs let out thunderous roars at the other wild creatures dwarfed by their towering presence. So fearless is this beast that he’ll calmly watch from the shadows as volcanoes erupt in the form of Wilds, while other symbols are submerged in leafy growth.

Genesis Island isn’t the safest place to be… but with a terrifying character like King Kong on your side, the danger that springs out of nowhere and everywhere on the island won’t dare be a danger to you. Primal Wilds run rampant through the ground that shakes with quakes, and Evolution Mega Spins expand with a mega reel and an extra-large 3×3 scatter, but you’ll be safe as the guest of the jungle’s King.

This big brute gorilla is strong as a rock in this slot online, and he shields you like a wall from the dangers that lurk behind every leaf within the island, scaring off intruders with vicious, slobber-dripping fangs and a muscular body that towers above the jungle’s trees.

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PANDA: THE CUDDLY BUDDYA cartoon character from the SlotsLV game Panda Pursuit sits amongst a pile of forest ferns and flowers

There are days when all you need is a whole day off, a blanket, a snack, and a good movie to curl up in front of. What you could really use is a soft and snuggly character to join you. That’s when your cuddly buddy Panda comes into play!

No matter if you call him up through your slots mobile or desktop, you don’t have to go far in your Panda Pursuit to get this warm and furry bear bundled up beside you.

He has a warm and genuine grin with characteristic black-rimmed eyes, and his arm is raised in a welcoming wave the minute he sees you are near. He’s known to carry around his Panda Pursuit Free Spins to give his friends up to 20 free spins and Wild multipliers reaching up to 64x.

You don’t even need to buy more snacks, because the panda prefers to eat bamboo, so that just means there’s more popcorn and candy for you!


Everyone likes the guy with the know-how to get stuff done, and the adventurous spirit that goes with it – always out for something new. There’s no other character that so perfectly fits the bill than the one and only all-round-good-guy, Gus!

Gus is the can-do type who’s always on the move in his online slots. He has an affinity for treasure, a way with a map, and a sense for hidden places. If you’re game to tag along, you can join him on a treasure hunt inside Gold Rush Gus. Don’t worry about bringing your own equipment: Gus is the guy who’s got it all figured out!

He’ll hand you a pickaxe and even some diggin’ overalls, and he’ll put the two of you to work breaking up dirt and unearthing multiple features, interactive bonus rounds, and three jackpots including a biiiig progressive.

After you’ve conquered that world together, you can meet with good ol’ Gus again the next time you’re up for some exploring in Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches, where you head this time to the jungle to uncover long-forgotten treasures.

RAVER CHICK: THE GIRL WHO LIKES TO PARTYA 3D-illustrated character of a young female girl in rave costume from the SlotsLV game Raving Wildz stands in front of the image with six other carbon copies of her body triangulating out from behind her in holograph form

It’s Saturday night, and you need to shake off the week and let the dance floor absorb all your stress. Who are you going to call when it’s time to get dolled up and go out?

It’s the raver chick in Raving Wildz! You just know she is up for a good time, and her fuzzy boots, short shorts, and crop top are in the front of her closet and ready to go.

She knows the best underground party that only those in-the-know get to attend, and the two of you don’t even have to wait in line, as she’s the type of chick who knows everyone in town, and the bouncer recognizes her immediately and waves you both in.

The smooth upbeat techno goes great with your casino session soundtrack, and the two of you can dance your way through the beats with randomly awarded raving Wildz, reaching up to 81x and a Big Up Bonus with free spins and sticky Wildz.

If you refer a friend to the party at SlotsLV, you can even get a referral bonus to spend on an elaborate costume that catches every eye in the room.

SlotsLV is your happy place, and it’s full to the brim with characters that you’ll never forget, nor want to. From the moment you swing open the doors of SlotsLV Casino, everyone one of them is excited to see you, so let them lead you by the hand and follow each of them inside, one online slot world at a time!


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