Difference between online & slot machines?



You’ve seen the thrill of slot machines in movies: the rush of pulling the handle, the sound of symbols falling into line, and the seismic moment when the jackpot hits and the coins spill out.

Traditional slot machines allow players to engage in a game of chance, with the primary goal of matching the symbols on the game’s rotating wheel. Since its inception in a basement to its unexpected popularity in local saloons, slot machines have definitely adapted to the digital sphere as online slots. Where traditional slot machines usually only have 20 different symbols per reel, online gambling slots can offer up to as many as 256 combinations!

Online slots are just like a slot machine in a physical casino, in that you can play slots for real money. The internet is a major player in the slot machine world, and there are many more online slots real money games than there were even a few years ago.


Slot machines (short for nickel-in-the-slot machine) have evolved throughout the century, from relying on springs to featuring electromechanical parts and adopting automatic payouts. In today’s digital age, both online and land-based casinos use software for their slot machine operations. At SlotsLV, our online slot machines utilize an unbiased algorithm of a pseudo-Random Number Generator to produce results and select winners at random. 

Whether you’re playing online slots or slot machines, their compositions are fundamentally the same, in that they all have a button/lever, rolling reels, and paylines in which a winning combination can take place and be awarded with a payout. 


In terms of variety, players can certainly find it when they choose online slots at a legit online casino. Brick-and-mortar casinos face the reality of limited space with the size and bulk of slot machines and will often include the same game across multiple machines. 

At SlotsLV, we have over 200 online slot games that you can access with your fingertips, with wide ranging, varied titles so you can find one that piques your interest. There are essentially two types of online slots: the first is video slots, which mimic a traditional slot machine. They usually come with five or more reels and contain strong thematic content, with supporting audio-visual effects to make the play more immersive. 

The second is progressive slots, which can have as many as nine reels or more. It’s attractive as a game because the highest payout is not fixed—it only increases with every bet someone makes, meaning that once the jackpot is hit (either through a lucky combination hit or a random bonus game), the current player wins the accumulated ticker amount.


Why Online Slots?


The prospects of becoming a player for an online casino has never been more irresistible. At SlotsLV, we offer a range of perks that brick-and-mortar casinos don’t offer their players, such as a generous welcome bonus. We offer up to $5,000 in free cash over nine deposits – that’s how determined we are to make sure you’re happy playing with us. 


Let’s face it: nothing beats the convenience of playing online slots, not just because you never have to leave the comfort of home or worry about the onlookers at a land-based casino, but also because receiving your payouts only takes a tap of your finger! You can choose methods such as check-by-courier service, bank wire transfer, or credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. You can also use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, you can easily find free games at online casinos that will help you get used to the idea of gambling before you start betting real cash. We value building the confidence of our players in us, that’s why we have practice mode on games as one of our many perks! Then, when you’re ready, you can jump in and play online slots for real money.

If you’re looking for more ways in which you can make playing slots more fun, read our 5 tips for playing slot machines!


SlotsLV Casino is the place to be for all your slot machine needs—with a huge welcome bonus and tons of games, you’ll never run out of entertainment choices when it comes to online slots real money. Sign up now at Slots.lv and experience fun like never before!


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