Bitcoin Benefits: Playing and Depositing with Bitcoin

play online casino games securely with bitcoinIf you’ve kept up with financial news – or simply just floated your way around the internet at all since around 2009 – there’s a good chance you’ve heard of using and depositing with Bitcoin. For plenty of us, Bitcoin seems complicated, tricky to access, and not altogether necessary to live your dreams. Besides, how can something that just appeared out of thin air be anything but a passing trend? All perfectly reasonable ideas. Except…

We’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: we’re here to tell you that Bitcoin is far more than just an internet trend for internet insiders! 

Not only has it been a smart way to invest as the value reaches for the stars, but it remains a great way to maximize those glistening rewards at We’ll clear up the confusion and show you how to buy, withdraw and deposit with Bitcoin, and then we can take a stroll to our best Bitcoin slots and table games to play at

Ready? Set… Now let’s go!

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is a currency that’s totally digital. Many people imagine it like a credit card, but that’s not quite the ticket. Think of Bitcoin as an everyday computer file. You keep your Bitcoin files in a “Digital Wallet”. That wallet is usually an app on your smartphone or computer. 

When you want to buy and sell your Bitcoin “files”, you send and receive them from other people’s Digital Wallets. The exchanges are the same as your usual ones: you wish to buy something, and someone will sell it to you for a cost. Only the way you make the exchange is different. 

Because Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that doesn’t live in a server, or any particular location at all (plenty of great online articles can explain this part in more detail), it exists as an encrypted code. It can’t expire, become corrupted, or end up as lost treasure somewhere in Digital Disneyland. Having a trusted, reputable wallet to store your bitcoin will ensure it’s safe. Selecting one can be as easy as going to your App store. 

So, how can you start using it?

Is there a way to get into this exclusive club, you ask? Nope. Simply pick an online exchange of your choice (and there is no shortage of them) and buy your Bitcoin with good old regular money! 

There are two things you need to have in place: a Digital Wallet and an Exchange Wallet. The Exchange Wallet is what you pay directly into using your debit card. It’s much the same as an airport booth where you can swap your greenbacks for a local currency. Then, you transfer the Bitcoin from your Exchange Wallet into your Digital Wallet, where you can withdraw Bitcoin and start playing Bitcoin slots. To go back to that airport analogy: the attendant has given you the local currency and now you’re going to tuck it away for safekeeping.

How to Deposit with Bitcoin at

So now you know how to buy Bitcoin and tuck it into your Digital Wallet. The next step is to deposit Bitcoin and take advantage of our Bitcoin Promotions. Bravo!

Just like with “regular” money, the first step is to make a deposit.

This is how you transfer the currency from your Digital Wallet to us. 

  1. Click on “Receive” in your Digital Wallet. Now copy the unique address of that wallet. This address is the functional equivalent of a bank account number.
  2. In your exchange account, click on either “Withdraw” or “Send”.
  3. Paste the address from your Digital Wallet and hit “Continue”, or just scan the QR code. Super important tip: make sure this address is pasted exactly as shown or you may lose your funds.  
  4. Now you enter the amount you want to deposit, and click “Send”. 
  5. On the confirmation page, review that address again – one final check! – to make sure it’s exactly the same as the cashier page. Then click “Send” again.

That’s your Bitcoin deposit. Ta-da! Your new deposit balance will be displayed in USD within 15 minutes! Pretty nifty, wouldn’t you say?

What Casino Games Can You Play with Bitcoin?

What Casino Games Can You Play with Bitcoin?

The beauty of Bitcoin is that once you start using it, it works just like regular money in the games. Let’s take a look at some of our top games to play with Bitcoin.


It’s the classic game you know and love. You and the Dealer play against each other to see who can get closer to 21 without going over. You can choose from lots of different types of Blackjack like Classic, Single Deck, Double, Deck, or Zappit. They all have their own particular charm and slightly different rules. 

777 Deluxe

777 Deluxe has an ever-growing progressive jackpot, bonus rounds, and up to 18 additional prizes. Its design is simple and fresh with the classic fruit symbols we all know well. This is the type of game you head to when you’re focusing mainly on the money side of Bitcoin slots, rather than selecting for the greatest graphics or more intriguing story. 

Cyberpunk City

If 777 Deluxe is for cruising with the classics, then this Bitcoin slot is all about toughening up and getting dirty. As well as the Tomorrowland-style visuals and the suggested dark, punk vibe, you’ve got some real gems on offer: an expanding wild, free spins, and a randomly-awarded progressive jackpot. We’ve got a feeling that this futuristic game is the future of Bitcoin slots. 

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How to Withdraw Bitcoin if You Win!

This is the fun part – it’s time to collect your winnings! 

Withdrawing your Bitcoin is super, super easy. Just like the transfer of your Bitcoin deposit from your Digital Wallet into ours, you’ll ask us to transfer from back to you. Step this way. 

  1. Open your Digital Wallet, and select “Bitcoin” as the cryptocurrency you’d like to withdraw. Click on “Receive”.
  2. Copy the address in your Wallet exactly, and paste it into the field marked “Your Wallet Address” at 
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw in USD. 
  4. We receive that request right away, and within 24 hours you’ll see the brand new funds you’ve grown and raised.

You’ve just made a withdrawal with Bitcoin. Congrats, and welcome to the club!

That’s a good amount of knowledge from just a short, snappy lesson. Hopefully, you now have the confidence to buy some Bitcoin; you understand the concept behind it, the steps to making a deposit, and then how to withdraw the funds again in regular currency once you reach a happy Bitcoin balance. You even know which Bitcoin slots to start with. Bitcoin is fast, secure, and convenient – all of the things warmly appreciated in an easy exchange. The future is now. Join now or log in your slotslv account and make your first Bitcoin deposit!