Bitcoin Benefits (Playing & Depositing)

Bitcoin Benefits (Playing & Depositing)




You picked up the murmur from the web, then conversations here and there, and eventually, it was mainstream; even the news anchors had something to say on it. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in it yourself. A small investment, a transaction or two… Whatever your Bitcoin encounters have been to this point, you’re certain to gain a wealth of knowledge in this article to take you into your next game.

You’ll learn about how it’s faster, more secure, more private, and literally more. That’s Bitcoin, for you! And we’re about to show you in detail all the wonderful joys this cryptocurrency holds at our crypto casino.


Let's start with the obvious: how to deposit with Bitcoin.

With such a futuristic aura surrounding Bitcoin, it’s easy to believe it would be difficult to use. Rest assured, you won’t need to dig for precious metals or take an advanced course in coding in order to use it. In fact, if you’ve got some regular ‘ol USD, you can use Bitcoin just like the rest of the pros.


All you need is a digital wallet and an exchange. You purchase Bitcoin from an exchange using regular USD, then transfer your newly purchased Bitcoin to your digital wallet. Whenever you’re ready to make a deposit at SlotsLV Casino, you simply transfer the Bitcoin from your wallet to us.


Unlike bank cards which could be a lot of hassle when it comes to fees, wait times, and approval, depositing with Bitcoin couldn’t be any easier. Once you initiate the transfer of funds, your deposit amount zooms through the digi-sphere at lightning speed, sticks a landing on our side, and reflects back in your account within minutes.

There aren’t any forms to fill out, no third party approvals, and no fees from SlotsLV. (Some exchanges charge a minimal fee, typically under $1 USD, unless the Blockchain has congestion.)

See? Straightforward, simple, and super sweet. That’s why we love it.


Another reason Bitcoin is such a big hit, particularly with online cryptocurrency casinos, is that it’s so much safer and more reliable than any other transaction type.

Take bank cards, for example. If you make a deposit with a bank card, your funds have to pass through multiple channels before they reach us. That means institutions like your bank and your card issuer, among others, have to approve your transaction, and oftentimes they don’t, for reasons outside of your control.

With a Bitcoin Casino transaction, there is nothing to pass through but a series of ledgers for security. These ledgers involve layers upon layers of encryption that are nearly impossible to intercept – plus they aren’t any middlemen getting their sticky paws all over it, so it’s totally private.

You don’t have to sweat one precious droplet over concerns that your transaction won’t go through and you’ll miss out on your gaming session. And you certainly don’t have to worry about anyone or anything intercepting your funds and losing your money.

Now isn’t that just a breath of fresh air?


As we move down the list and answer some of your Bitcoin Casino questions, you can see the benefits are getting juicer and juicer. Who wouldn’t want to use a payment type that gets them more, more, MORE?

We’re all about the giving around here!

When you use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for your deposits, there are extra special perks that are reserved just for those in the know with Bitcoin (psst – that means you!)


For example, our regular Welcome Bonus for new depositors is already stunning enough with up to $2,000 for your first deposit. If you make that deposit with Bitcoin or crypto instead, then you can tack on an extra grand… and you get up to $3,000! Just think.

And the Welcome Bonus is just the beginning.

In the Refer and Earn program, you can get up to $200 when a friend of yours deposits using a bank card. If they’re hip to the Bitcoin movement, you can hike that up to $225 instead.

If you already play daily at SlotsLV, Bitcoin can get you much, much farther, too. If you opt into our Crypto Club and switch to depositing with crypto-exclusively, you can also get crypto bonuses. Enjoy two 100% match bonuses up to $250 each per week, and also earn more SlotsLV reward points.

How great is that? You show up here, flash some Bitcoin at us, and you get rewarded. What can we say? We’re easy to please!


Did you know that when you play with Bitcoin, payouts are faster? Take a look to see why.

Like any good meal or movie ending, we’ve saved the best for last.

When you play at SlotsLV, there’s no denying that you love the process of racking up prizes. That’s a big part of the fun. But we won’t pretend like that’s the best part. The truly great part about playing slots is cashing in your wins, plain and simple. But what good does that payday do if it’s not getting paid out fast?

When you go through traditional bank channels to get your payouts, it could take days. Sometimes by the time your money comes through, you’ve already done the dinner, seen the show, and tipped the concierge. Wouldn’t it be great to have that money faster, like before you left the house?

When you use Bitcoin, your payouts will arrive only 15 minutes after processing. You just select “Bitcoin” as your currency to receive. Paste the address onto the field in the SlotsLV Casino side, and you’ll see your funds in your digital wallet faster than you can say “Start the car! We’re going out!”.


Let’s take a quick second to review.

Depositing, playing, and even withdrawing with Bitcoin has a lot of benefits. It’s:

✓ Faster (deposits, and in as little as 15 minutes for withdrawals!)
✓ Safer
✓ More private
✓ Less expensive (fewer fees)
✓ Extra stuffed with bigger, better bonuses and rewards

Sounds like one heck of a deal!

Getting started is super easy, too, even if you’re a total beginner. For step by step by step instructions – including videos – head on over to our SlotsLV Bitcoin FAQ section. This will tell you in detail how to start a Bitcoin wallet, how to buy from an exchange, and how to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin with SlotsLV.

It’s official: you are now in the know when it comes to Bitcoin. Welcome to the future, and welcome to the best way to deposit and play at SlotsLV.

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