How To Play Roulette for Real Money

How To Play Roulette for Real Money




One of the reasons we love slots so much is that you can win big while playing on the go. Aside from that they’re immersive, exciting, and super easy to play. You might even think there’s nothing as easy that could help you win so much.

That is… until you try Roulette! When you play online Roulette, you get many of the same benefits as when you play slots. The game is easy to wager on, the wins are frequent, and all together it’s the perfect game to get some thrills on the go.

Whether you already know how to play online Roulette and you’re looking to refresh your skills, or you want to learn how to play online Roulette with the best winning strategies, you’ll want to stay right here. We’ll go over American vs. European Roulette, how to play online Roulette, and precisely how to win Roulette-style prizes. Let’s get to it.

How to Play Online Roulette for Mobile or Desktop


The first step to playing online Roulette is to locate the game and open it up. So far, so good.

If you’re on a desktop, head on over to the “TABLE GAMES” section. Here, click on either American Roulette or European Roulette (we’ll go over the difference in just a minute).

Regardless of the version you choose, how to play online Roulette is the same. First you select your chips, then you select your bet on the board. You can undo your selection by clicking on “Undo”, or “Clear all” to start over. Once you’re ready, hit “Spin” on the bottom left. The ball will whirl into action, and wherever the ball lands will tell you if you’ve won.

Now, when you play online Roulette on mobile, you should go for the American version in light blue, as that’s the one designed for better mobile play (and the music is ultra-swanky!). Aside from that, the game is played the same. But this time if you want to undo a bet, hit the back arrow on the bottom left. If you want to clear the board, hit the “X”.

With me so far? Fantastic. Let’s talk about American vs. European Roulette.


American Roulette vs. European Roulette: they look almost exactly the same, so what’s the deal?

It goes like this: European Roulette has 37 pockets alternating in red and black, and they have numbers 1-36 in no particular order. The last pocket is green, and it has a “0”.

American Roulette has 38 pockets also alternating red and black, but the numbers are 1-37 (also not consecutively). Then instead of one green “0”, the American version also has a green “00”. And this extra “00” pocket, my friends, is the key difference between the two. Because of the extra pocket, American Roulette has a house edge at 5.26%, where the European version has only 2.7%.

Aside from that, the betting options are essentially the same between the two (save that extra “00”).

So, how about those bets? Let’s look at how to play online Roulette with its smorgasbord of money-making options.


When you play online Roulette, it all comes down to two main categories: outside bets and inside bets.

Outside bets (also called even money bets) are the safest best to make, as they’re not only the most likely to land, but they also make the most consistent money at 1:1. Take a look at the outside bets:

  • Red or Black
  • Odd or Even number
  • Any number from 1-18 (also called low)
  • Any number from 19-36 (also called high)

Inside bets are more specific, which means the odds are tighter, too. They might be riskier to make, but if you want to know how to play online Roulette for the biggest paydays, these are the bets to make:

  • Straight: 35:1: bet on one single number to land. This is where the big money’s at , but it also has the lowest odds to win.
  • Split: 17:1: bet on two numbers that are next to each other on the table
  • Street: 11:1: bet on a row of 3 consecutive numbers (like 3,4,5 or 15,16,17)
  • Corner: 8:1: bet on four numbers that form a square on the betting table, like 2,3,5,6
  • Double Street: 5:1: bet on two rows of numbers, for a total of 6 numbers
  • Basket: 6:1, and only available on American: bet on the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 all together

Now that you’re an expert at the bets when you play online Roulette, let’s get into the real nitty gritty: strategies.

Online Roulette Strategies


Keep in mind that Roulette is strictly a game of chance. No strategy out there can improve your actual odds. Having said that, there are ways you can manage your betting style to get the most out of your bankroll and walk away with a happy pep in your step.

The first strategy is called the Martingale System. The system tells you to double your bet after every loss, so when you finally do win, you get all your money back. If you’re doing the Martingale, stick with outside even-money bets.

The other system is called the Double-O-Seven, named after James Bond. To do it, you need to start with 20 betting units. Then, spread all of your betting units over every spot on the board, except for numbers 1-12. Bond’s idea here is that if you cover nearly all possible outcomes, you’re bound to come out ahead in the long run. And you might even score some romance, or at least a martini – either way, it’s a win win.

There you have it! That’s how to play online Roulette, and how to have a smashing time doing it. Don’t forget to set aside enough bankroll just for your new Roulette strategies, and go ahead and deposit and play now to your heart’s content at SlotsLV. Until next time!