Top 5 Lessons from a Celebrity Cat

Top 5 Lessons from a Celebrity Cat



Top 5 Lessons from a Celebrity Cat

By Simon “backpackingkitty”

March 20, 2024.

Simon “backpackingkitty” is one of the internet’s favorite kitties with 6.6 million subscribers on TikTok alone and a total reach of 9 million loyal fans. Simon loves to go on wild adventures and travel the world with his influencer dad, JJ Yosh, who has a following of 1.3 million on Instagram. This dynamic duo lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Follow their accounts for mountain escapades, creative reels (including sensational episodes featuring SlotsLV) and, of course, the adorable adventure kitty, Simon.

Meow hoomans! It’s me, Simon! 🐾

Every day’s a new adventure, and who better to guide you through life’s twists and turns than a whiskered wisdom purveyor? That’s right, I’ve clawed my way to some important revelations that’ll have you feline good! My dad, JJ, has been taking notes, and now it’s your turn. While some say cats have nine lives, I say you only need one if you live it right. So, perk up those ears and get ready for my pawsitively purr-fect life lessons.

LESSON #1: Rest and Recharge are Essential

If I know one thing, it’s how to take a cat nap. There’s nothing better than being warm, cozy and ready for a nap. I would never have the energy to go on all my adventures with my dad, JJ, if I didn’t get tons of rest. Today I’m teaching JJ how to really relax and unwind like a true cat! I think he’s getting the hang of it. The trick is getting the purr-fect amount of rest so we can go on as many adventures as possible.

Think of it like this: a power nap can turbo-charge your day the same way it preps me for my escapades. So when life’s got you chasing too many laser pointers, remember to curl up in your cozy corner and hit the pause button.

Celebrity cat, Simon Backpackingkitty, lays down, staring at his cat dad, JJ Yosh, set in front of a window.

LESSON #2: Finding Joy in the Little Things

🐾 In order to be a happy cat, it’s important to love the little things in your life that bring you joy – like that mouse I was chasing the other day or the candy wrappers that make crunchy noises when I play with them! In the mornings, my favorite thing to do is to try and steal some of my dad, JJ’s, cappuccino because the cream is so sweet. It gets on my whiskers sometimes, but it’s just so good.

Whether it’s finding the perfect parking spot or landing a winning streak in your favorite slots game, relish the small victories and pleasures. After all, isn’t life just a big yarn ball of moments? Bat at every strand with the same gusto I go after my toys.

LESSON #3: The Art of Persistence

If at first you don’t succeed, try to catch that chipmunk again! 🐾 Being purr-sistent is the key to being the best cat you can be (and sometimes it means more treats for me). Always be on the hunt; it’s the best exercise and there’s a reward at the end. I’ll chase anything if I think I can catch it! Never give up the chase – unless your dad tells you to. You don’t want to come home with nothing to show for it. Last week, I caught so many crickets, I didn’t even know what to do with all of them. I gave some of them to my dad, but he didn’t seem to care for them as much as I do.

Chase your dreams with the tenacity of a cat on the prowl—be it climbing the career ladder or mastering a new hobby. You might not always catch your ‘prey,’ but there’s joy and growth in the pursuit itself.

Simon Backpackingkitty is a black cat, sharing his cat wisdom for playing outside in the dirt.

LESSON #4: Curiosity Fuels Discovery

There’s nothing better than finding new places to explore every part of. I never leave a stone unturned, and since I’m a cat I fit almost anywhere. Cat wisdom says if you don’t look everywhere, you won’t find as many cool places or fun critters to chase, so get out there and explore everywhere you can reach! 🐾 No matter what, there’s always a surprise waiting around the corner.

Stretch beyond your comfort zone and let curiosity lead you to new experiences – try that new food, take a different route to work, play some different slots game, or strike up a conversation with someone new. Exploration isn’t just for the feline – it’s for the bold!

Black cat, Simon Backpackingkitty, peers out from a wooden wall (left) and kneads the wood (right).

LESSON #5: The Importance of Curating Your Environment

Every cat KNEADS their own space that they can make their own. I love finding my special comfy spot when JJ is reading a book, working on his computer, or by the fireplace watching a nice movie! Of course, I spend the first few minutes kneading my area so it’s the most comfortable I can make it, then I usually take a HEAVY cat nap to prepare for a new adventure. Snuggling up next to my dad is my fav-fur-ite thing in the world.

Carve out a space that’s all yours, where you can flourish and lounge in comfort. Personalizing your surroundings isn’t just a cat thing – it’s a fundamental step towards creating a purr-sonal haven for yourself.

Backpackingkitty wears a plaid vest while listening to dad JJ Yosh read to him from a book.

In the spirit of feline wisdom, let’s not forget that life’s a game best played with joy. Embrace these lessons as you weave through your day, and if you’re itching for a playful break, why not take a spin on some online slots at SlotsLV? After all, life’s little pleasures can sometimes lead to the greatest rewards. Keep your whiskers twitched for opportunity, and maybe today you’ll land on the lucky side of the litter box.

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