Have You Heard of These Other Gambling Cities?

Have You Heard of These Other Gambling Cities?



Have You Heard of These Other Gambling Cities?

A steady hum of excitement, colorful lights twinkling across rows of slot machines, and boisterous laughter and cheers mingling with the sing-song chimes of jackpots. It’s Las Vegas, yes, but it’s an entire treasure map full of other gambling cities, too!

While Vegas rightfully holds its crown as the most renowned gambling hub of the world, myriad gambling cities throughout the rest of North America bring their own distinctive casino experience to the table, and some may even surpass it with their own unique charm.

From the sun-kissed deserts of Nevada to the lush greenery of Missouri to the sparkling shores of Michigan City and the majestic landscapes of Ontario, SlotsLV Casino is taking you on a journey through the best gambling cities in the US and Canada – other than Vegas.    

Reno, Nevada

Seven hours north of Las Vegas and just a stone’s throw from the California border, millions of Vegas visitors flock to Reno, Nevada for a fresh change in their luck as well as the scenery.

Affectionately deemed “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is one of the more well-known gambling cities in Nevada.

While you’ll get swept up in the round-the-clock hustle of its southern cousin, zipping over to Reno, nestled against the Sierra Nevada Mountains, allows you to take a breath of fresh, mountain air as you’re soaked up by nature and the homely comfort of community.

A day in Reno may start with a coffee and a bagel at a charming cafe, meandering into one of its 20+ casinos to boost your slot winnings, and then letting the adrenaline settle with a scenic drive to Lake Tahoe or touring the National Automobile Museum.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Famously dubbed “America’s Playground,” your visit to Atlantic City, New Jersey, plays out over a carnival of boardwalks, casinos, and beach bars, all set against the backdrop of the boundless Atlantic Ocean.

When living it up with Atlantic City gambling, you can spin, hit, and double up through history at the world’s first legal casino outside of Nevada, which opened in 1978.

With the fumes of fun still sparking off your fingers, step outside into a landscape of old-world charm, strolling over the historic Boardwalk, where a sideline of Art Deco buildings echoes the roaring ’20s.

In the evening, catch a dazzling live show at one of the city’s iconic casino theaters or its Boardwalk Hall, walking in the same star-shaped footsteps as Frank Sinatra and The Beatles who have performed there over the decades. 

Kansas City, Missouri

On a yellow background, the front and back of a city postcard and four cards of Aces are displayed.

In the heart of the Midwest in Kansas City, otherwise known as the “Paris of the Plains”, you won’t only gamble in one of its multitudes of casinos. You’ll get a front-row glimpse of American history.

Back in the day, this spot was jumpin’ with jazz music and secret gambling joints during Prohibition. Nowadays, you can explore historical spots like the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum which are both famously connected to the past underworld of gambling.

When the sun sets in the sky, the nightlife rises like a new day in the Power & Light District. All dolled up in your Saturday night best, fuel your evening out with some nation-renowned Kansas City barbeque, gnawing down on smoky beef brisket brushed with a sweet and tangy sauce.

Carson City, Nevada

Jetting back to Nevada, we gracefully land inside the picturesque valleys of Carson City, the state’s ruggedly beautiful capital.

With the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west and the Virginia Range to the east, if your casino ventures don’t leave you breathless, the scenery certainly will.

Follow the sounds of chiming and laughter to one of the distinctly Carson City casinos which are intimate and locally owned, far away from the glitz and glam of Vegas nearly 400 miles southeast.

Don’t forget to look up from the Blackjack table now and then to take in your surroundings. Your casino is likely housed in a Victorian-era building with ornate facades, intricate woodwork, and colorful paint, or a rustic Western-style structure, complete with swinging doors and vintage, weathered signs paying homage to the city’s Wild West past.

Michigan City, Indiana

Michigan City, Indiana is a hidden gem for casino enthusiasts seeking a getaway beyond the usual suspects.

Laid-back with stunning waterfront views, pristine beaches, lush nature parks, breweries, and a huge riverboat casino, Michigan City is a little over an hour away from Chicago, and few hours from Grand Rapids and Indianapolis.

Leisurely stroll along the picturesque shores of the lake with lapping waves and panoramic vistas, then meander through the quaint streets of Michigan City with charming shops and eateries, and heighten your senses at the grand entrance in the city’s pioneering casino which opened in 1997.

You might be the big winner in a poker tournament, dance in shoulder pads at a themed 80s Retro Party, or tap your foot to live cover music duos paying homage to Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow – all events at a lively Michigan City casino.

Ontario, Canada

Four betting chips are on top of a front and back city post card on a yellow background.

When you venture just north of the border, Ontario, Canada waves you in with promises of dazzling skylines and extraordinary landscapes.

In Toronto’s vibrant cityscape, gleaming skyscrapers bask in the sunlight, while the majestic power of North America’s renowned Niagara Falls cascades about 75 miles away.

When you’re in an Ontario casino, you know it.

In Toronto, casinos are sleek and sophisticated with electric energy as high-rollers slap down stacks of dollar bills. In the Niagara region, your casino likely boasts an awe-inspiring backdrop of the iconic falls that nearly rivals your jaw-dropping jackpot wins from one of the thousands of slot machines available across the province.

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