TAKE THIS Summer Vacation Quiz

TAKE THIS Summer Vacation Quiz



Which Summer Vacation Will You Have? Take This Quiz

You’ve got bundles of vacation days tucked inside your back pocket. With the rays of summer shining on your calendar, you’ll be slowly burning through them along with the golden sun. For all leisure-seekers in the world, the hottest months are hands-down the best time to use them. Whether the beach is your style, or you’re more of a big city or cruise type of guy or gal, there’s a vacation ticket with your name on it, and it’s waiting at the other end of this super breezy summer vacation quiz.

Do you want to know what else is awaiting for you? Here’s a teaser: Hot Drop Jackpots, free spins, and interactive bonus rounds come with these SlotsLV online slots. Depending on how you spin it, they may even be the highlight of your trip.

Now, if only we could decide where that trip will be. Here at SlotsLV Casino, we have a few ideas. To get your itinerary, answer just a few easy quiz questions, and we’ll tell you your vacation plans, matched with a slots game to serve as your summer traveling companion. That should get you in the mood for the trip of a lifetime!

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Viva Las Vacation, Vegas Style with Elvis Frog in Vegas

Your summer vacation is set to dazzle within the ultimate destination for going all-in and all-out, which is, of course, 1970s Las Vegas.

The city is buzzing with excitement about a major show tonight. As you strut down the Strip, dressed to impress, you catch a glimpse of Elvis Frog in Vegas screeching up to the venue in a bright pink convertible. 

Spotting you entering the 5×3 online slot, he signals the band to quiet down. Leaning into his ribbon microphone, Elvis Frog announces that he’s honoring your spins tonight with a coin re-spin feature, blazing reels with giant 3×3 symbols, or the Mini, Major, or Mega Tutti Frutti Jackpots.

That show was incredible! Maybe next year you’ll catch him in Hawaii. Read our Aloha King Elvis slot review to find out how.

Once you scoop up all those winnings from your cool, crooning frog, it’s time for the night’s biggest act: cashing out with crypto. SlotsLV is a crypto casino which means your vacation is about to take another exciting turn when you receive your payday in 15 minutes or less after we flash the ‘thumbs up’ from backstage. 

Hit the Road, Jack on a Road Trip Adventure with Road 2 Riches

Cancel all your plans, block out the next seven days on your calendar, and fill up your gas tank to the brim. Your summertime adventure begins the moment your candy-red convertible’s tires screech on the asphalt and you zoom off on the famous Route 66, known as the Road 2 Riches within your slot.

One of your friends is riding shotgun, and two are passengers in the back. They’re gearing up to have a rollicking good time because your bonus and Wild symbols can steer you to three fixed jackpots in the round of free spins.

Gaze into the clear blue horizon and spot the mystery Wild eagle soaring heroically over your head. Fire blazes around its wind-swept feathers, appearing at random to drop additional Wilds on the 5×3 road, some of them sticking to the pavement.

An adventurous spirit like yours is just getting started, so take our adventure slots quiz to discover your next free-wheelin’ good time.

Home, Sweet Stay on a Staycation with Candy Carnival

For you, a vacation means more time to stay at home and chill. You dream of the days when you can wake up as late as your eyelids desire, have a leisurely breakfast on your porch, and meander out into the neighborhood for a refreshing, familiar walk.

While you’re out there, head to the local fairgrounds and see what’s happening. We heard there’s a 6×4 Candy Carnival for the locals, oozing with mouthwatering treats to make your staycation feel like a true indulgence in online slots.

You can scoop up ice cream cones, donuts, peppermint candies, and cupcakes. In this online slots carnival, stomach aches don’t exist, so don’t hold back with Wild cakes that expand over the reels. They travel leftward during the round of up to 50 free spins, coating the pastel carnival grounds with frosted wins.

Since you’re doing the staycation this year, you’ll have ample time to shoot the breeze with your buds. Here’s an idea. Have them sign up at SlotsLV Casino. You can spin through the Candy Carnival together, and we’ll slip a referral bonus into your golden ticket for extra treats.

Unwind & Dine on a Relaxing Retreat with Temple of Athena Hot Drop Jackpots

From a cloud-like bed with pure silk sheets, your eyes slowly peel open to the gentle sing-song of robins and a tenderly strumming harp. Gliding to your balcony, the first sight to greet you this morning is the shimmering Aegean Sea, and you absorb the warm sun kissing your skin and a gentle breeze carrying the scent of pastel pink flowers.

For this year’s summer vacation, you’ve chosen a pristine retreat with the enchanting Greek goddess Athena. Dressed in gracefully flowing white robes, she presents you with her summer slot, Temple of Athena Hot Drop Jackpots, a gently spinning game meant to relax and unwind. Together, you ease into restorative activities like yoga on the coast, soothing massages, and delicately stacked mystery symbols on 5 reels and 3 rows.

When you reach the peak of serenity, the reels may reveal an Epic Hot Drop Jackpot. It must drop before the dollar amount reaches a huge value. Its determined by the gods and created to rejuvenate your bank account as much as your soul.