Do You Know How These 10 Slot Features Work?

Do You Know How These 10 Slot Features Work?



Do You Know How These 10 Slot Features Work? (#6 is Crazy)

If you’ve been spinning the reels of online slots for a while, chances are you’ve encountered the usual party fare like Wilds, scatters, and extra paylines. That’s a good thing; those features are the quality core of every slot.

But the thing is, you’re not here for the ordinary; you’re here for the extraordinary. If you haven’t ventured off the beaten path, you might have missed out on some of the most cutting-edge features and the big-time payouts they deliver. And we can’t have that!

Today’s slot game features are pushing the boundaries of creativity and winning potential.

SlotsLV online slots offer the best online slots features you could dream up, and we’re here to make 100% sure you know how they work.

Scatters, Multipliers, Free Spins, Wilds, and Cascading Reels

These five slot game features, along with a few others, are the buzzwords behind every paytable. No slot would be complete without this holy lineup. If you’re not already familiar with them, take a gander at Slot Features Explained: Part I, to get up to speed. Then, rush back here to top up your noggin with the newest, freshest info on the best slot game features.

1. Hold & Win

We see text that reads ‘Hold & Win’ and there’s a mermaid to the right and it’s all underwater with a light blue background surrounded by colorful coral.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if every symbol that landed on the reels awarded a prize just for showing up? That’s the brilliant idea behind Hold and Win games. To play one, you usually have to land at least six of a special symbol, like the shimmering pearls in Pearl Pursuit Hold & Win or the rockin’ black vinyl records in Rockstar World Tour Hold & Win.

Then, you open a shiny new grid with only those special symbols and start the round with three re-spins. Each time a new bonus symbol locks on the reels or is “held”, you get three more re-spins. This ride continues until you either run out of re-spins and your bonus symbols are tallied up, or – drumroll please – you fill the entire grid with bonus symbols and score the grand fixed jackpot.

2. Giant Symbols

What else could you expect from a slot if you can’t expect it to go big? Some slot games go so big, that their symbols become giant. Giant symbols are formed when either a few reels or surrounding symbols converge into one big, honkin’ symbol like the hot pink convertible in Elvis Frog in Vegas. A giant symbol covers multiple spaces on the grid which helps you match more on the paylines. 

The “bigger the better” rule isparticularly true when it comes to jackpots. Hot Drop Jackpots are the most enormous features available because they stretch to a six-figure dollar value until one lucky player takes it all. Of course, we hope that next winner is you, and luckily, winning Hot Drop Jackpots is no sweat -just play the game like normal and land three special symbols at random. 

3. Random Multiplier Symbol

You’re probably familiar with slot multipliers and how they can boost your winnings by a specific factor. Typically, this feature is baked into the game, so you might consistently see a 3x multiplier during a round of free spins.

However, things get even more interesting with random multiplier symbols, which you can find in games like Bonanza Billion and Aztec Magic Bonanza. When one of these symbols lands, it applies a random multiplier to your win. The range can be quite dramatic, often spanning from 2x to an astonishing 100x, making this one of the best online slots features you can find. 

4. Buy 2x Chance

: A frog dressed es Elvis in Hawaiian clothes plays a ukulele to the left and next to him on the right is a wooden sign that says ‘Buy Bonus’ and ‘Chance x2.5 to win’.

The Buy 2x Chance feature is gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why. When you activate it, your online slot tacks a little extra onto your bet and then automatically boosts your chances of landing a specific feature. The boost varies from game to game, but in Aloha King Elvis, for instance, it gives you a 2.5x greater chance to trigger the coin re-spin feature or the free spins round.

5. Bonus Buy

Tagging along with the Buy 2x Chance feature is the Bonus Buy. This dynamic duo is often seen together, but bonus buy slots add a juicier twist. Instead of giving you a mere chance to win, when you activate the Bonus Buy feature, you skip the line and get dropped directly into the bonus round – no waiting needed. 

The cost to kick off the Bonus Buy feature varies with your bet size, but it’s usually a small investment for the grand potential within the bonus round. Take the anime slot Adventures, for instance. Here, you can snag a max win of 2,100x, making the cost of the Bonus Buy a small price to pay for a shot at the payout.

6. Pays Anywhere

You’re probably already familiar with scatter symbols, some of the most important features in slots. To refresh your memory, scatter symbols pay anywhere on the reels. Now, apply the same magic to any regular symbol, and you’re looking at the ‘Pays Anywhere’ feature.

Games like Dice Bonanza or Alien Fruits have said, “Ya know what, let’s go rogue”, and waved sayonara to paylines altogether. Here, regular Joe-schmo symbols award wins no matter where they land on the screen. The more matching symbols you hit, the bigger the prize you celebrate. That’s a typical setup for a ‘Pays Anywhere’ feature, which is anything but ordinary!

7. Cluster Pays

Floating in the sky is a large slot grid labeled ‘Pop Zen’ and a ribbon to the left that says ‘Buy Bonus’.

While some slots grant wins from anywhere on the screen, other games like Pop Zen and Potion Spells take another unique approach with “Cluster Pays”. This means that whenever a certain number, usually four or five, of the same symbol land together in a touching cluster, they award a payout regardless of the shape or pattern, making winning much easier.

Just as paylines and payouts come in all shapes and sizes, so do your friends. Next time, bring a few friends along to SlotsLV. When they join, we’ll jazz up your balance with a referral bonus for each new player.

8. Both Ways Wins

Now you know that it’s totally possible to score wins without traditional paylines, thanks to features like cluster wins and ‘pay anywhere’. Another strong contender in this area is Both Ways Wins. While most slots require your symbols to match from left to right on a payline, a ‘both ways’ slot like Lair of the White Tiger lets you win in either direction, thus extending the potential of every payline to the max.

9. Nudging Symbols

In some games, a larger symbol teasingly appears partially on the reels. These special symbols often act as Wilds or trigger other nifty features. If it’s a “nudging” symbol, it’ll automatically shift fully onto the reels, giving you the full benefit.

Nudging symbols are a classic feature that you’ll find in many simple slots and more elaborate ones alike. In Super Golden Dragon Inferno, as example, the nudging dragon serves as your Wild on reel 3. If it shows up partially, it nudges entirely onto the reels, bringing with it a fiery multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x.

10. Walking Wilds

Landing Wild symbols in online slots is already a ‘booya!’ moment, but what if those wilds expanded and covered more ground with every spin? If you guessed it would boost your chances of winning, you’re spot on. Walking Wilds are standout features in many slots. Take Candy Carnival, for instance, where an extra-tall, exorbitantly stacked cake serves as the expanding Wild, “walking” left with each spin and spreading its Wild power across the reels.

And if you want to sprint and not “walk” to the bank with your payday, be sure to play these games as crypto gambling. Deposit and withdraw your funds via crypto, and you’ll receive your payday within 15 snappy minutes or less once we give your request the green light.

Just like plain popcorn transforms with a splash of butter and spices, a slot game truly comes to life with the right features. These are 10 of the best online slots features, and you can find them right here at SlotsLV Casino, from Hold & Win to Buy Bonus to Cluster Pays, and everything in between, all the way to your city’s featured bank. 


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