New Slots to Relax this Holiday Season


Chill Out: New Slots to Relax this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of laughter and good cheer – but, for the next few months, you’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of festivities: whipping up a feast for Thanksgiving, making a list and checking it twice for Black Friday, replacing your old electronics on Cyber Monday, wrapping gifts for Christmas, dressing up for New Year’s, and attending the merriest of holiday parties along the way. Sheesh. That’s kind of a lot.

This sort of hold-your-breath holiday frenzy deserves a long exhale. Luckily, we’ve got just the ticket with these SlotsLV new slots.

In your next stolen moment amid a flurry of activity, enjoy a little escape with these new slot games. It’s a double dividend: recharge your batteries while you pin down some good luck to revitalize your holiday gameplay.

So while you’re here, remember this: even when the season gets really, really busy, don’t forget to make some time for you.

Now – it’s your time to play, so let’s check out these new slot games at SlotsLV!

Wolf Rush

Sitting by your window at dusk, you peer into the snow-covered forest and catch a lone wolf dashing past a tree. His silver fur glistens in the moonlight while his eyes glow a fiery yellow.

You know in your heart that this beast is your Wild, and he confirms it when he stacks and appears on any of the 5 reels.

The Wolf Rush dashes through the night of new online slots, and you can spot the Scatter prints of his paws stamped into the snow. You follow them with your eyes, and the hair stands on end as you realize that they’ve led you to the free spins round with retriggerable free spins.  

If you want to meet this wolf or play any other games, consider using Bitcoin gambling to get started. It’s faster and easier than cards, since depositing with crypto is free from hassle. And you’ll still see your playing balance in USD.

Winning Vegas

In the heart of dazzling Las Vegas, neon lights paint the night sky with their vibrant hues, and you join a companion to paint the town red as a luxurious evening unfolds.

The streets pulse with excitement as you and your date stroll arm in arm, with diamond jewelry shimmering from neck to finger. If you play your cards right – and the playing card Wilds ensure you will – the two of you will laugh the night away as the Winning Vegas duo with mega symbols, random multipliers, and a Bonus Pick feature.

Blue Beard’s Chest

An animated pirate flanked by flags, above the SlotsLV slots game logo for ‘Blue Beard’s Chest’, against a blue background.

The waves of the sea crash like thunder in one of our newest pirate slots! You, the captain of your ship, must lead the crew to Blue Beard’s Chest. Legends of the chest, overflowing with gold doubloons in a round of cash re-spins, have haunted the hearts of brave souls who dared to seek it.

You raise three or more black flags of skull and bones, flapping wildly in the wind and rain, and stand back as free spins with in-sync reels take over your ship. The wind is relentless, and you bark orders at your loyal crew to adjust the sails as Wild symbols stack like the masts of the ship, sending you careening over 25 paylines toward the treasure.

Mice & Magic

In a land of Mice & Magic, one lone mouse guards the largest stash of cheese, standing bravely over it as an extra-large symbol towering four rows high.

Unbeknownst to our brave mini-warrior, a shadowy figure lurks in the darkness near the secret vault of cheese. It pounces and lands on the reels at a moment’s notice, leaving a gold frame in its wake. The frame remains sticky for a 10-spin cycle and attracts progressive multipliers inside its polished frame like a clever predator attracts its prey.

The mice may be the keepers of magic spells, but even magical mice can use a friend or two to stand tail-to-tail with them as they ward off cheese-thieves. If you refer a friend to help and have fun at SlotsLV, you can earn a bonus.

Play With Cleo

In the land of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, known here as Cleo, rules with an irresistible allure. Her beauty is breathtaking as she reveals her full, voluptuous frame as an expanding Wild with a 3x multiplier, while Horus and Anubis dutifully guard the 5×3 temple.

Cats as black as night stalk through the temple grounds, casting silent judgment on those who arrive to Play With Cleo. They know a secret about your slots horoscope… and they’ll whisper it into your ear if you follow the pyramids into the bonus round of 12 free spins with Wild multipliers up to 7x. 

Mechanical Orange

Animated steampunk lady and gentleman stand on either side of a large rotating wheel, which is the game grid for Mechanical Orange slots game.

In a world of luck, where gears and cogs rule the day’s destiny, a behemoth contraption resembling an orange slice grinds and sputters to life. A couple dressed in steampunk-tinged attire motions for you to follow them into the machine room, with their industrial brassy boots, hats, and goggles really sprucing up the Victorian-era gowns and suits.

The Mechanical Orange causes you to stop dead in your tracks as 3 gear-reels creak and spin from left to right, and the brass pipes blow out steam as a win nearly stops the grinding machine and settles in. 

The fruits appear to be ripe and ready to bite into… but one touch reveals that the lemons and cherries are run by cogs and gears, and the only juicy bite you’ll be getting is from the slot game’s 1,000x max win through the industrial red 7.

Gold Heist

At the height of the Gold Rush in 1852, when hundreds of thousands flocked to California to dig up their share of riches, you, a clever prospector, hatched a mischievous plan to claim your own gold… even if you had to loosen a few bolts to steal it.

In the biggest Gold Heist of the 19th century, your grin grows wider as you use your toolkit to adjust the local Bonus railroad tracks, knowing that three or more of them would send you careening in your cart toward a Mine Trail Bonus for up to 200x your bet.

Ruby Treasures

A wise and noble king reigns from within the heart of an Arabian kingdom, sitting atop his golden throne surrounded by tigers, elephants, and cobras, heavily adorned in precious jewels.

Drawn by the kingdom’s allure, you venture in search of a coveted chest brimming with Ruby Treasures. However, not even an explorer such as yourself is prepared for the magic hiding within the kingdom’s gold-lined walls. At any spin, a Cash Spin may appear at random, or you may choose to engage the ruler in a King’s Bet for a round of Super Re-spins.

As the reels spill over with the magic of an Arabian night, another online slot of the same power calls your name, which you rush to discover inside our Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots review. Once you arrive, three Hot Drop Jackpots present themselves on a tray within the gold-dipped castle, one of which must trigger every hour, before the timer counts down to zero.

The holidays may be turned up to ten for a little too long, but these SlotsLV new slots will turn it down to zen. Take the time to relax the mind, refocus the senses and turn a fifteen minute online slots session into a refresh button for your day and your dollar.


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