Instant Inferno Slot Game Review

Well, do we have a treat for our lucky SlotsLV players! Today we’re reviewing Instant Inferno - a high-octane, adventure-packed slot game that may just become your new favorite. Let’s go!For those who like it hot, there’s no game out there that’ll get the fire burning like the Instant Inferno slot at SlotsLV!

This online casino game takes red-hot wins to a whole new level. Each and every symbol is consumed by fire, and every lucky win stokes a brand new burst of excitement.

You won’t find a storyline here with characters guiding you through a hidden land… but you will discover an underground world where rock n’ roll rules the scene, and every step over the burning embers of classic symbols takes you one leap closer to the final prize… and potentially to your doom. (Sometimes it’s good to be bad!)


Are you ready to brave the heat and enter into the Instant Inferno online slot review? We can’t guarantee that you won’t get burned, but we can certainly guarantee your wins will be on fire!

Should you spin it?

With so many games out there to choose from, you may wonder if a game that’s so dangerously hot would be worth your bets. Rest assured, the SlotsLV Instant Inferno slot is hotter than the furnace burning with flames, but all that heat just stirs up life in the bonus round and scatters, and your balance will rise right along with your thermometer!

This is why you’ll love braving the fire in pursuit of prizes when you play the Instant Inferno online slot:

✓ Double scatters = higher win potential
✓ Easy to win Pick Me Bonus Game
✓ Tons of Free Spins with Multipliers
✓ Solid RTP (96.63%)
✓ High max bet for higher wins
✓ Rockin’ theme with guitar riffs

The heat ‘aint for everyone, and this is why the faint of heart may want to steer away from the flames:

X   Paylines are fixed
X   No progressive jackpot

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Game Overview: A Scorching Hot Casino Experience

As you browse our SlotsLV online slots, you begin to hear a noise… You can just barely make out the faint riff of a guitar, so you cautiously listen a little closer. It’s at that fateful moment that the flames burst from Instant Inferno, grab you by the collar, and send you plummeting into the underworld, where the furnace fuels its flames.

This is what you discover the moment your feet strike the burning ember floors:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 2 scatters
  • 30 fixed paylines, awarded left to right
  • Pick Me Bonus Game
  • Free Spins + Multipliers
  • Bet Range: 0.3-150

A quick glance around has you witnessing a series of symbols. At first they appear as only flames, but as your eyes adjust you can see the flames are in fact sevens, BARs, Cherries, and a yellow bell with a pitch fork dangling from the bottom, taunting you to come closer to give it a ding.

As you get comfortable in the flames, the casino rock music with stellar guitar sounds amps up and enraptures your soul, and it’s at that very moment the rock n’ roll ruler of the underworld comes out to play with bonuses and features.

Instant Inferno FeaturesAs with all games, it’s all about the features – and with Instant Inferno, this is no exception. Let’s introduce you to what you can expect during the game.

Don’t run! This satanic ruler has many hot slots offerings to share, and you won’t want to miss them!


Far into the distance you can see a hint of yellow emerging from the bright orange and red flames licking the sides of the reels. That is your first scatter, and it’s one of the highest paying symbols in the base game, paying from anywhere on the reels.

Premium Scatter

The premium scatter appears anywhere on the reels in flame-red and orange, and it’s hell-bent on making your balance rise. Like the regular scatter slot symbol, the premium scatter comes with its own paytable, and just five of them will award the highest prize in the base game.


When the ruler of the inferno warms up to you, he’ll emerge from his fiery lair with a raging pitchfork and the word “Wild” engulfed in flames in the middle. He’s offering you an online slots gift which can transform any regular symbol in order to help you win, so you’d better accept!

Bonus Symbol

The bonus symbol is a pot of gold coins with red hot flames licking the side of the metal pot. If you get just three bonus symbols on reels two, three, and four, you get to play the Pick Me Bonus Game for a sweltering opportunity to flip over tiles and win free spins and multipliers.

Biggest Win Potential: Pick Me Bonus Game

When you reach the bonus round via the bonus symbols, you’re presented with 20 tiles. You have to flip each one to get a prize, until you match three with the same prize, which is how you unlock free spins and multipliers in the game.

To help you along, the red-hot ruler of the game has tossed a Wild tile in the mix. If you unveil this tile, it can substitute another tile to help you win, plus add an additional five free spins, and they can all be retriggered.

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Play Instant Inferno Slot Game at SlotsLV Casino Now

If you’re not afraid of some heat, then listen to the call. Head to SlotsLV Casino to play Instant Inferno, where prizes are all sizzling inside the furnace and waiting for you to descend into their lair, slip on an oven mitt, and grab ahold of them yourself. Before you do, check out our crypto casino deposit methods to fund your SlotsLV account. Crypto will have you on your way in no time at all!