Scary Slots for Halloween



You’re In For A Treat! Scary Slots are Here for Halloween

When the moon is high on October 31st, the night is black, and your doorbell rings… you know what to doSlotsLV scary slots are at your door, and they’re ready to play a game of trick or treat; but you won’t have to worry about the trick!

These horror slots are all about the treats! That’s right – the only screaming will be the delighted kind, as you fill up on slots wins and jackpots.

Halloween will JUMP out any day now… so grab a costume and touch up your ghoulish makeup. These scary slots are coming your way at SlotsLV Casino, and you’ll want to be ready with your jackpot bucket to collect all you can.




What goes bump in the night on your lucky night? If you said a prize pot of up to 2,500x your stake… then you would be right!

Find it inside the Monster Manor, a mainstay of campfire legends and ghost stories, passed along in whispers and carrying its own warnings. When Halloween arrives at our doorsteps once again, this Manor comes alive as ghosts and ghouls resurface from their otherworldly hideouts to loom overhead. Now, you’re invited to join them… if you dare.

The living don’t fit in so well with this ghastly bunch, so you might want to wear a costume, and we don’t mean something “cute”. A bloody mask will do nicely when you’re neck-and-neck with the Vampire, or try an evil scarecrow disguise, which might ward off the stalking Mummy. But whatever you do, do not ignore the little Black Cat in this SlotsLV online slot!

If you manage to see her just once or twice, the Black Cats can replace most regular symbols to help you win. If three or four appear on a winning line, they let out a hearty feline hiss and your wins are multiplied by 3x or 5x. If you catch the kitty on reel 3 during free spins, then its true form takes hold for an expanded surprise… but beware, this is no costume or illusion, and her new form is real!


The autumnal equinox is a time when mystical creatures gather together to conjure up their spells for another year. Whoever is in their presence when they utter the final words will absorb the results of their charms.

The Witches and Wizards see you approaching through their crystal ball before you arrive. The first to greet you is the Wizard, with his flowing blue robes. The Witch pauses her recitation to look up from her spell book, which she rests over a pile of skulls.

You’ve arrived just in time! And, armed with three scatters, you’re invited to join them for the Magical Experiment Feature.

You’re awarded 10 slots free spins, and each spin has been especially blessed with a spell. Here’s the sort of sorcery you’re spinning:

A Wild-Explosion turns a random symbol Wild; the Wild-Growth expands any Wilds on the screen; the Metamorpha-Wild adds up to 15 Wilds; and the Win-Multiplication spell multiplies your wins by a random multiplier. That’s a whole lotta Wild!

If you want to take your own cauldron to conjure up some crypto as well, this is one of the most popular slots to play with Bitcoin. Plus, Bitcoin slots let you take your winnings and cash out within minutes of being approved… right out of the magical lair with witches and wizards hot on your tail!

ZOMBIE FCFive zombie soccer players from Zombie FC slot at SlotsLV yelling as they cheer on a slots win

You’ve seen them in classic horror movies on the small and large screen. It begins with a single catalyst and before we know it, humankind begins to transform, bite by bite, into creatures that are neither dead nor alive… The survivors have to find a way to escape their gnashing teeth to preserve their human brains.

In Zombie FC, there’s a twist to the basic story that we love to fear. The zombies have lured you onto the soccer field in this online slot, and now you must beat them in the game to save your own life.

Every player, cheerleader, and referee is oozing blood from their undead flesh, and the fans in the stands are cheering through blood-soaked teeth. You have 243 ways to save yourself and escape the zombie apocalypse on the field. As each symbol falls over the reels and results in a win, they bleed off the screen and new symbols tumble into their place.

The game is unpredictable, and reels 2, 3, and 4 may turn Wild at random and take over the entire slots reel. With just the right technique of dodging your ghastly opponents, you could score up to 25 free spins via the scatters, resulting in progressive multipliers up to 10x.

There’s always room for another on the team, so be sure to refer a friend or two to help you beat the zombies, and we’ll drop a bonus per teammate in your balance to get suited for the game.


Have you heard the legend of the Bigfoot? Here’s the gist: a hairy, seven-foot-tall creature skulks through the woods, spotted only by the occasional adventurer or lumberjack, and cleverly evading all photographic evidence beyond a shaky, dirty lens to leave no trace of his very existence.

Nowhere in the legend, however, has it been mentioned that Bigfoot could be famous for something else entirely… such as his super deluxe sportscar and mansion on the hill! Maybe, just maybe, that is why he never wanted to be found!

In Big Money Bigfoot, you enter the realm of the camera-shy creature to see what’s really true about the famous biped “monster”. He’s not a big scary galoot trying to invade the tents of unsuspecting campers. He’s just a big-ballin’ beast who likes to party… and doesn’t want to share the gifts with just anyone!

The best way to get on Bigfoot’s good side – and truly one of the best tips for playing slot machines you’ll hear – is to focus on the scatters… not to be mistaken for the humans scattering from their campsites when they get a glimpse of his big, hairy feet!

These scatters can award you five free spins when you land three or more; then, up to 15 symbols on the screen can turn into a Wild cash-money dollar sign. You see, Bigfoot likes to go BIG, and that’s the real secret behind those legends.

REEL BLOODTwo blood-thirsty cartoon vampires with one holding a glass of purple blood and one opening its fangs for a bite.

You’d better prepare your sharpened stake and a pendant full of garlic before you tackle the reels of one of the most unique slots to play online.

These reels are hosting not one, but three thirsty vampires, and they’re dripping Reel Blood over the paylines, likely from the remains of their last feast!

As you quietly tip-toe your way through the vampire’s lair, you’ll be clutching your stake with both hands, trying with all your mortal might not to be seen. A silver plaque is your Wild and it’s also dripping in blood from a previous guest. Not one as stealthy as you, of course! Now: If it appears before you on reels 2, 3, or 4, then it’s doomed to serve as a substitute for any regular symbol, setting you up nicely for a possible slots win.

If three scatters make their way over your path, don’t scream out! The vampires will hear you and come running with their fangs ready to clamp. Instead, quietly collect those three scatters for the Blood Bar Bonus, where you’ll select from 15 bottles of blood to win a prize, including a bottle that lets you “Win All” – which means you’ll take every prize available! Now you can take that straight to the blood bank.


These scary slots are giving us the creeps as much as they’re dishing out the cash! When Halloween slithers our way upon the scales of a serpent and by the spell of a witch, you’ll want to be ready with the best Halloween slots at SlotsLV Casino to lure them in closer and rifle through their reels for all of the treats!

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