Add Action to the NFL Super Bowl with SlotsLV

It’s fast approaching with fever-pitch anticipation, and you can’t get enough of it. It’s of course the Super Bowl LVI, so what better time to spin these NFL slot games?

Super Bowl LVI is nearly here, and we’ve been on the edge of our seats as the NFL playoffs unfold. There’s been some exceptionally entertaining head-to-heads as the teams fight for a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. And at SlotsLV, we are happy to be part of the action!

Whether you’ll be in the thick of things at the main event, you’re hosting your own Super Bowl party, or you’re just watching from your comfy couch, you’ll have loads of time to turn up the heat in between plays. These SlotsLV sports slots are all about pumping up the adrenaline and taking home the prize – both on the field with the trophy, and in the game with a jackpot.

So, as you gear up for Super Bowl 56 on February 13 at SoFi Stadium, which includes what’s sure to be an amazing halftime show with Dr. Dre, make sure to add these online slots to your Super Bowl betting and gameday plans!


Gridiron Glory

The playoffs are finished, the conference champions are announced, and it’s your team that will be entering the showdown and playing for the trophy in Gridiron Glory.

Back in the locker room, you can hear the crowd in the stands going totally ballistic, and the energy is electric. You huddle in for a pep talk. The quarterback has a determined set to his brow, and he’s ready to take over the entire reel as an expanding wild to help you win.

The football team is ready to hit the field, and each time you score a W, cheerleaders shake their pom-poms across the reels, replacing winning symbols with new ones to earn you more real money “points”. You’ll need to make at least three football scatter interceptions to score 15 free spins, or even more if you’re quick enough. You can also win up to 10x multiplier during this feature, too.

There are 243 ways to win it on this 5×3 field, and you can be sure SlotsLV will be in the front row cheering you on!


Take your team to the trophy when you play Gridiron Glory at

Instant Inferno

If there’s one thing we can expect from Super Bowl 2022, it’s that we will see a ton of heat on the field. Whether it’s from the players boiling with competition or their temperatures rising from cardio, the fire-fueled adrenaline on the field is as hot as an Instant Inferno.

Wherever you’re watching the big game, head to your login and check out these reels that are cackling with dancing flames. A guitar strums to build up the tension, then the coach hits a totally metal riff when you land a winning combination. We think Dr. Dre and Snoop would approve.

You’ve got two different scatters to help you win prizes, bonus symbols that lead to a free spins round, a Pick Me feature, and of course, a dry towel to dab the fiery sweat off your brow right along with the athletes competing at SoFi Stadium in California. Talk about coming in hot!

Golden Buffalo

When Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski hauled in a touchdown for the Tampa Bay Bucs last year, images came to mind of a buffalo charging for the gold.

In Golden Buffalo, you can channel Gronk and whichever tight end will be competing on the gridiron in Super Bowl LVI. The gold in this online slot is hidden within the old western canyons. As you trek your way through the rocks, you’ll have 4,096 ways to find him. Pick a path on the 5×4 screen, and keep a close eye between the cracks of rock.

Sometimes it’s barely visible within the shadows, but if you spot a bonus symbol, snatch those up right away like Carlton Davis III snatches up the ball! This will take you to the free spins round where you can stack up wild multipliers until you get the ultimate trophy of 3,125x multipliers.


Just like the players rushing the field in the NFL Super Bowl, with the Thundercrash arcade game, you get to rush the sky in a competition with the stars.

Instead of being captain of your football team, you are now the captain of a spaceship. And instead of aiming to score touchdowns and take home the trophy, now you’re aiming to score multipliers and escape the perils of space unscathed.

As the ship begins its rapid ascent through the black void, multipliers build up on your balance meter. Just like the defense on the gridiron can never relax in a game, you’ve got to stay on the ball and make sure you hit “Cash Out” before your ship collides with an offensive lineman coming in for the tackle.  If you do, you could be taking home a $100,000 real money trophy.

Hockey Enforcers

It's time to shift the action to the ice in this elite game of Hockey Enforcers. Pucker up!

It’s not just football that has our heart rates spiking up at roller-coaster rates. Hockey Enforcers sports slot packs just as much action into its reels as the gridiron.

Once you put on the uniform and get a rundown on the newest play from the coach, it’s time to hit the ice. The single NHL player symbol will skate after goals and rewards his team with high points when he appears multiple times on any of the 243 paylines. Lookout for the puck scatter symbol; it brings you up to 25 free spins with a 10x multiplier.

In this SlotsLV online slot, the goal light does more than just help you celebrate. It can also stack on reels 3, 4, and 5 to help you form more wins. Don’t forget to be a team player in this match, because your winger can turn some reels wild at random, but only if you pass him the puck every now and then.

Larry’s Lucky Tavern

Many people love the Super Bowl, but it’s not necessarily for the game itself. There’s a lot to enjoy in the event aside from Super Bowl betting and rooting for your team. There’s still a huge six pack of brewskies to be drunk, and Larry’s Lucky Tavern has all the selection you need!

In fact, the Super Bowl is such a social event with all the drinks and snacks, first you should invite some friends and get some freebies. Once you’re all together, it’s time to pour a healthy pint and make a toast.

As you’re clinking your beer mugs together in a hearty cheers (for the killer play on the field just as much as the sip that follows!), three or more cheers on the reels will result in free spins and multipliers.

We all know football is wild, and the parties that go along with the Super Bowl are just as wild, too, which is why this slot online has a green hat wild symbol that replaces symbols to help you win.

World Cup Football

Let’s not forget about another type of football that is just as beloved around the world. You can’t not think of the World Cup when you think about the Super Bowl. These two sports go hand in hand when it comes to thrills, ecstatic fans, and in the case of the World Cup Football slot, fantastic jackpots.

The trophy in this World Cup competition will certainly be hard to get. But you’ve never missed a practice all season, so when this wild trophy appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, you’ll see that it replaces any other regular symbol with ease.

Communication is key in European football, so be sure to call out to your teammates. When four of them stack on reel one, that reel locks and you get more respins. Go for a hat trick in this game, and you’ll be getting up to 10 free spins which can all be retriggered, as well as the undying adoration from your fans in the stands.

Once you’ve joined SlotsLV Casino and give this slot a practice play spin, then you’re more than ready to suit up and hit the field. See you out there!

Now you have the best sports slots and online slots for the biggest ticket of the season! Play at SlotsLV and add action to your Super Bowl!