Play Match Me Scramble – A Memory Card Game Online for Free

Our new SlotsLV Match Me Scramble is a free to play game that puts your memory to the test! Can you win?

The minute you step into the wonderful world of SlotsLV, all your pals are there to welcome you! Larry’s waving you over to pull up a seat at his own Larry’s Lucky Tavern. Gus is tossing you a pickaxe to help dig for treasure in Gold Rush Gus. And our friendly Golden Buffalo? They are nudging you to join their stampede in search of Hot Drop Jackpots.

We’re sure you’d agree: this cast of characters are part of what makes the games so fun at our online casino.

So, join us as we celebrate these friendly and familiar faces with our free to play game: SlotsLV Match Me Scramble!


Our Match Me Scramble is a free memory card game. If you’ve never played memory card games before, it’s simple. You get a few seconds to see the cards with our popular SlotsLV characters before they turn over.

Match me! – we can practically hear each character cheer, as you reveal a new card.

Then you do exactly that: match them up before you run out of guesses. If you can find all the matching cards correctly over three rounds, you win!

Rules of Match Me Scramble – A Memory Card Game

You have just a few seconds to view the cards before your memory is put to the test in our SlotsLV free mini game!

Match Me Scramble is a game of memory!

Like we said, you’ll have just a few seconds to view the cards before they flip over. Find the matching cards featuring your favorite characters from Lawless Ladies, Cyberpunk City and Animal Wilds (just to name a few). There’s three rounds in this free mini game, each moving a bit more quickly than before. You have 5 guesses per round, so choose wisely!


Have Fun with SlotsLV Match Me Scramble for Free

Do you regularly play our SlotsLV online slots and feel like you’re pretty much pals with some of our famous characters?

Or, perhaps you’re new around here and just looking to take a break with some free games and have a little fun?

Either way, you’ll want to try your luck at our free mini game! SlotsLV Match Me Scramble is super entertaining as you test your memory and challenge yourself! Go ahead and play as many times as you like, too. Each round offers up different characters and cards – truly a scramble! – so no game is ever exactly the same.

When you win, share it on Twitter and tag @SlotsLV! We love to see it!

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