Simon’s Picks: 5 Games for Ultimate Weekend Fun

Simon’s Picks: 5 Games for Ultimate Weekend Fun



Simon’s Picks: 5 Games for Ultimate Weekend Fun

By Simon “backpackingkitty”

January 24, 2024.

Meet Simon, aka “Backpackingkitty”. He’s a feline adventurer with a staggering 6.6 million TikTok followers and a total fan base of 9 million! Alongside his influencer dad, JJ Yosh (@jjosh on Instagram with 1.4 million followers), they explore the wilderness, travel the globe and create heartwarming content. Residing in the Colorado Rockies, this dynamic duo’s escapades are a must-watch. Don’t miss out on their mystic series – watch the first episode HERE!

Meow there, fellow hoomans! Simon here, your favorite kitty. I know the post-holiday season can feel a bit, well, meh. But don’t let those January blues get you down! I’ve got some purr-fectly fun weekend activities to share with you. I’ll make your days off exciting, with cozy indoor games and snowy outdoor adventures. It’ll be as exciting as a chase after a laser pointer! Ready to jump in? Let’s go! 🐾✨

ACTIVITY #1: Hide and Seek – Simon Style

Ready or not, here I come! Simon the Seeker is on the prowl. Hide and seek isn’t just a game for us; it’s an art. In our house, I’m the reigning champion (unless my tail gives me away!). JJ hides, and I seek, darting through nooks and crannies, under tables, and behind curtains. It’s a thrilling game that keeps us both on our toes.

And hey, if you love the thrill of the hunt, why not try finding hidden treasures in your own home this Saturday? Maybe start with that sock you lost last week!

ACTIVITY #2: Rocky Mountain Rumbles

Did you know JJ and I live in the Rocky Mountains? It’s like having a giant playground right outside our door! Dad’s big on keeping the house clean, but hey, what’s life without a little dirt?

I’m all about romping through the rugged terrain, feeling the earth beneath my paws, and exploring every nook and cranny of our mountainous backyard. Isn’t exploring the great outdoors the best way to spend a weekend? I’d love to hear about your own outdoor escapades!

ACTIVITY #3: Relaxed Sunday Gaming Adventures

Cat Simon Backpackingkitty is wearing an orange and yellow shirt, and playing SlotsLV online slots on a mobile phone.

So, like I always say, finding the PURR-fect way to spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon is key. JJ and I love to stay ALERT and ACTIVE, even on our chill days! And what’s more exhilarating than diving into a game and aiming for a big win? That’s where our SlotsLV adventures come in.

Our latest obsession is Plinko Rush. This game is a perfect match for my feline instincts. It’s all about the thrill of chasing and pouncing, much like my fascination with balls around the house. Watching those balls in Plinko Rush bounce and tumble is exciting. I eagerly anticipate where they’ll land, just like when I bat a ball across the room. It’s that same unpredictable excitement that keeps both JJ and me completely captivated!

We’re also loving Majestic Beasts. This slots game takes us on a wild journey through the jungle, and I love every minute of it. Roaming with lions and elephants, I feel like the ultimate explorer. The game’s expanding reels and hidden treasures remind me of my outdoor adventures. They are full of surprises and discoveries.

There’s so many paw-some online slots at SlotsLV, though – you’re sure to find one you’ll enjoy!

ACTIVITY #4: Box Bonanza

Who else loves boxes as much as I do? Post-holiday, our house becomes a box wonderland! I leap, dart, and sneak into each cardboard castle, finding new hideouts and lookout spots. Sometimes, I even ambush JJ from my boxy hideout!

Each box is like a mystery novel with its own story, just waiting to be unraveled by a curious kitty like me. It’s a world of imagination in every corner! Sometimes a change in scenery – like exploring a new area of your city – is the best game plan for an inspiring weekend activity.

ACTIVITY #5: Candy Wrapper Soccer

Simon Backpackingkitty – a black cat in an orange and yellow shirt – stands in front of a red chocolate candy, pawing at it.

Nothing beats a good game of candy wrapper soccer with JJ. We could play for hours! It starts with a flick of a paw. The wrapper skips across the floor. Then a wild chase ensues, full of twists and turns. It’s all about the thrill of the chase, the dash, and the victorious capture.

Seeking similar excitement in your weekend activities? Why not try a round of Super Goals and Reels. This game mirrors the unpredictability and fun of our living room soccer matches, keeping you on your toes… just like me!

As we leap into the new year, let’s fill it with joy, adventure, and, of course, a bit of kitty mischief. Join me, Simon, and my human, JJ, in our escapades, including the purr-ific excitement of SlotsLV online slots!

So, are you ready to dive into a weekend of fun and games with us? Let’s go, fellow adventurers!


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