More Friends, More Freebies: It Pays to Refer!

earn casino bonuses by referring

Since you’re here, and dressed so nicely we might add, you already know that it pays to play slots here at, and that’s on top of the pure entertainment! But did you know it pays to have friends who love the world of slots as much as you do? It pays tangibly more than traditional home gatherings (vaccine-permitting), casual rendezvous, engaging in your usual fulfilling exchanges, and the occasional too. In fact, with a bonus, it pays to have friends – literally! All you need are some bonus codes or the right promotions to cash in when you share the love and get your friends to join the party.

If your besties/buddies are into Bitcoin, that’s even better. Our Bitcoin Welcome Bonus is just the thing to warm up your cryptocurrency pals and sharpen up your friendship… not to mention fill out your own pockets. We all win here!

Take a look at the Slotslv bonuses, bonus codes, and Bitcoin promotions that are especially for you and your closest (even distant) friends to make a buck and have an excellent time along the way.

Refer & Earn Promo – How does it work?Refer & Earn Promo - How does it work?

While you’re already popular among your peers, this bonus is about to make you the talk of the town!

It works through the Refer & Earn promotion. When your buddies make an account and a successful deposit, both you and your friends get something special, totally on us.

So what can everyone get here? In the spirit of true friendship, let’s put others first and start with what your friends get. When they make their first deposit, the folks you refer to us get up to $5,000 in bonus money through the Welcome Bonus.

On their first deposit, your referral can use the bonus code “HELLOSLOTS200”, and we’ll match them 200% up to $1,000. For their next 8 deposits and the bonus code “HELLOSLOTS100”, we’ll match them 100% up to $500. That’s a total of $5,000 for your friends, and no doubt a round at the bar for you!

So what do you get?

This is where it gets good. After your friend makes the first deposit, you get a 100% match up to $200. The best part is that there is no limit to how many friends you can refer. Sounds like it’s time to scroll through your contact list, right?

Here’s how you make sure you get the bonus for referrals:

  1. Tell your buddies to sign up
  2. Send them a referral link provided by us
  3. They click on “Join” and make their very first deposit
  4. You get $200 straight to your account to start using on free spins and playing towards prizes.

That’s what friends are for!

Earn More Money by Referring Friends

So far we’ve gone over the basic referral bonus. But we don’t consider you “basic”, and frankly, neither are we! That’s why we’ve got something even better lined up to make your referral bonus all the more enticing.

If you haven’t caught on to the cryptocurrency craze just yet, this might make you reconsider. Did you know that when your friends deposit with Bitcoin, you get even higher rewards?

That’s right! While you already get $200 when they make their first deposit with a credit card, you can tack on an extra $25 if they deposit with Bitcoin, instead. That’s $225 dropped straight into your pocket.

Use the extra 25 bucks to play on max bet on a progressive slot, and that could be the win that gets you the biggest payday of your life!

Bitcoin Deposits and Refer & Earn PromotionBitcoin Deposits and Refer & Earn Promotion

In fact, let’s take a second to say a few more words about Bitcoin.

The reason it’s all the rage these days is four fold: secure, fast, anonymous, and convenient.

Secure: Bitcoin is backed by a blockchain, which means it’s practically impenetrable to theft or interference.

Fast: Because there’s no middle man clogging up the transaction pathways, your funds fly through the crypto-sphere at record speeds, giving you deposits and withdrawals within minutes.

Anonymous: If you care at all about internet privacy, then you’ll love this aspect. With Bitcoin, there aren’t any records of your spending. You’re the only one who needs to know!

Convenient: You top up your Bitcoin wallet with regular money online. It’s ready to use right away, and the benefits are instantly available. No banks or third party credit card companies are scraping their cream from the top.

And of course, the moment you’re ready to use Bitcoin, you can jump on the most exceptional Bitcoin promotions.

$7,500 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus: Like above, your friends are entitled to a very generous Welcome Bonus, which is only made better by Bitcoin. Now instead of $1,000 and $500 limits, your buddies who make their first deposit with Bitcoin can reap the rewards of a 300% match up to $1,500, then a 150% match up to $750 for their next 8 deposits.

After you send them a referral link, have your referral log in to their account, click on “DEPOSIT”, choose the “300% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus”, make their deposit, and collect the cash.

Then check your own account, and you’ll have $225 waiting for you to dive into your favorite games!

What if all your friends have already signed up, and you still want some of those impressive Bitcoin rewards?

The Daily Double Up with Bitcoin is just the ticket.

This is a bonus that gives you 150% match up to $500 every single day, twice a day when you deposit with Bitcoin. That’s $1,000 every day to play your favorite games!

That’s the beauty of Bitcoin. It keeps on giving, ensuring the party sails along for everyone. While having good friends is rewarding enough, can make your friendship just a bit more satisfying when we toss in a little extra cash in the mix. Around here, we believe in “the more the merrier”. So call up your pals, and take full advantage of us. It’s time to nurture that friendship, style.