Celestial Gems Slot Game Review

Celestial Gems Slot Game Review



Celestial Gems Slot Game Review

In a world beyond the clouds, in a realm that few human eyes have ever perceived, the universe warps and bends to the sound of angelic voices. For any human that ascends to the heavenly plane within the our Celestial Gems slot, they’ll be gifted with feature bonuses like an increasing multipliers, an expanding grid of 3-4-5-4-3 rows, and a roaming Wild reel.

With a maximum win of 9,720x your bet, the angels are gathering in a circle of light, awaiting your arrival into their world so they can illuminate your balance and bless you with greater wins. 

In this Celestial Gems slot review, you’ll join a choir of heavenly beings as you harness the power of the stars. Learn how the reels transform along with your spins, while you’re made calm by the sound of their divine songs. 

Should you spin it?

This is what you’ll discover when you ascend past the clouds and play Celestial Gems at SlotsLV:

✓   “Spiritual” or New Age theme
✓   Very generous maximum win
✓   You-choose bonus round to decide your own prize
✓   Large selection of feature bonuses to pick from

Higher powers aren’t for everyone, however. This is why you may choose to skip the heavenly journey:

X  Larger minimum bet
X  No Hot Drop Jackpots

Pssst: If you want to play for Hot Drop Jackpots, we have plenty of other games that feature them. In those online slots, all you need are three crown symbols to spin a jackpot wheel. Then you win one of three jackpots that must trigger either every hour, every day or anytime.

Game Overview: Discover What’s Beyond the Clouds

The night is dark and still. Clusters of stars twinkle like angels’ eyes made of diamonds. You glance up to drink in the view, and suddenly you are engulfed in beams of heavenly light as you float up toward the sky.

It’s a magical slots experience when a feeling of peace envelopes your body. As you ascend past the clouds, suddenly the stars transform into glowing gems as the highest-paying symbols of the game, etched with the elements and constellations.

As you caress their smooth and glossy surfaces, this is what you will discover:

  • 5 reels
  • 2-3-4-3-2 rows
  • 144 Paylines
  • Minimum bet: $0.25
  • Maximum bet: $40
  • Maximum win of 9,720x your stake
  • Increasing Multiplier
  • Expanding Grid
  • Roaming Wild Reel
  • Free Spins

Celestial Gems Features

We see a 3D-animated mobile phone in the middle of the image, surrounded by various gem-like symbols from the SlotsLV slots game, Celestial Gems. Featured on the phone screen is the game itself, showing rows of various colored gems, hovering between clouds. In the background are blue, multi-toned abstract shapes.

The higher you ascend in one of our most out of this world SlotsLV online slots, the louder the voices of the angels become. You feel a gentle gust as they blow stardust over your reels from afar, bestowing you with the divine features of the cosmos.


A bolt of lightning may strike the reels when the angels sense you are close. This lightning bolt inside a golden wreath is your Wild.

Lightning Tally

Once you leave the realm of Earth, mysterious magic begins to take over your reels. Lightning strikes in Wild bolts. Whenever at least one reel is completely covered in Wilds, one lightning bolt is added to a tally.

The more lightning bolts you get on the tally, the more slots prizes you can play for.

Three bolts allow you to choose one featured bonus to play for. If you accumulate 10 bolts, you can play with two featured bonuses. If you accumulate 30 bolts, you can join the angels in their song of all three featured bonuses played at once.

Featured Bonuses

These slots bonuses are what humans envision when they dream of heaven. The godly beings reveal themselves in front of your eyes when you gather enough Wild bolts of lightning to select one, two, or all three features. To accompany these, 3 to 10 free spins are awarded when a feature is selected and played.

Increasing Multiplier

Selecting this bonus starts you off with a multiplier of 1x, and increases by 1x after every 3 spins.

Bigger Game Grid

You start your ascent to the heavens with a game grid of 2-3-4-3-2. As the angels envelop you and guide you through their realm, this bonus will expand your grid to 3-4-5-4-3.

Roaming Wild Reel

With this bonus, each spin offers a reel that is completely covered in Wilds, either on reel 1, 3, or 5.

The magic you see within this Celestial Gems online slot review is almost too divine to believe. If you refer a friend to join you as you explore an unknown world beyond the clouds, we’ll give you a referral bonus to take along.

If you love Celestial Gems, you’ll also love Mystic Elements

A 3D-animated pig dressed in an Elvis costume sits in the middle of the image. He wears a white leather jacket with blue stars and a red band around the bottom, complemented by oversized gold-rimmed sunglasses and a black Elvis wig. Above is the logo from the SlotsLV slots game, Mystic Elements, presented in multi-colored neon capital letters. Behind is a multi-toned blue abstract background.

Just past the realm of Celestial Gems and beyond the next sparkling layer of stars is another ethereal plane in the Mystic Elements slot.

In an online slot that often awards players with some of our highest big slots wins, the elements of earth, wind, water, air, and fire light up the reels in a sky full of twinkling stars.

When you close your eyes and let the energy surround you, a few free spins symbols may float into your aura and draw you further in. If they do, you can win up to 20 initial free spins which can be retriggered all the way up to 150.

While you’re basking in the starlight of your slots free spins, the elements may converge as one into five symbols of pure light to award you the progressive jackpot.

Both these slots online – Celestial Gems and Mystic Elements – are known universe-wide as some of our best Bitcoin slots. That means you can deposit with crypto, play in USD, then withdraw in crypto again to receive your payday faster.

Play Celestial Gems Slot Game at SlotsLV Casino Now

With such a vast array of winning slots features in Celestial Gems at SlotsLV, you just might choose to say farewell to planet Earth and remain with your head in the clouds. But first, you must cast your gaze upon the mysterious depths of the universe, and, using your wager, ask it for the centrifugal force of a planet-sized spin.


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