The Most Unique Casino Slots to Play Online


What do you do when you’ve won all there is to win on your favorite Slots Casino games, and that familiar interface begins to look too familiar? Easy: you find something different!

Luckily for you and all of our passionate players, Slots Casino is packed to the brim with even more unique games to keep your attention. In fact, if you’d like to Play Unique Slots Now, there is no better place to start than right here at Slots Casino.

If you’re excited by all things sparkly and new, then these unique games we’re about to cover will pique that same level of excitement once again. So, hop on over and grab yourself a comfy seat. We’re about to go on a casino slots journey from the ancient world to the underworld, and beyond. 

Let’s begin in Egypt. 

A Night with Cleo

Cleopatra is one of the most intriguing and revered women in history. And for good reason, too. Her reign was both rich and scandalous, just like this 5-reel, 20-payline game at Slots Casino. 

This game may start off with some “ordinary” and familiar features, like the Wild and Scatters symbols, as well as loads of Free Spins. But Cleo offers a chance to hit the random progressive Jackpot, just for playing, so things start to look a little more interesting!.

But, the reason we put this slot in the first place on our list of the most unique slots at Slot Casino, is the brilliant, adults-only Double Up feature. 

Talk about the extra in the ordinary! In the gamble up feature, the seductive Cleo lures you into her chambers, where she presents you a challenge and removes an article of clothing each time you make a correct guess. She won’t just double your heartrate: she’ll also double your winnings! 

Gold Rush Gus

Next up for Slots Casino unique games is a gold-striking, hyper-animated, 5-reel slot. Legend has it that clever ol’ Gus is pretty good at striking gold. Maybe, if you’re extra helpful, he’ll let you in on the gold pot, too. 

In this adventurous slot, you’ll clunk and clank with your pickaxe as you dig for gold and diamonds. If you think you missed something, then relax – you’re all covered. Your pal Gus will award you with Volcano Lava re-spins on 2-5 reels, giving you more chances to win.

To add a final dash of gold sparkle on top, if you find the elusive white diamond in a Treasure Chest, you get to saunter off with the gorgeous 156K Progressive Jackpot

A Day at the Derby

If you’re a horse racing fan, you’ll love this unique Casino Slots adventure on the race track. 

This Slots Casino game transports you front and center on the track, placed perfectly to soak up the action in a race for the Winner’s Cup symbol and 1,500 coins. 

If your horse has a bit more gallop in its step, you could land 5 green-shirted Jackpot Jockeys to win another 2,500 coins. Or score 3 to 5 blue-shirted Jockeys to be gifted 5-30 free spins, with all the wins tripled.

What’s even better than that is when you bet on a Grey horse. With 3 Grey horses in your stall, you trigger the Mystery bonus game which lets you pick a winning horse, and gallop off with even higher winnings. 

Reign of Gnomes

Time to leave the Derby for a sharp left turn into a Slots Casino fantasy-filled trip. We’re off to medieval times in this 5-reel slot, and while we’re there, attempt to win the ultimate payout of 2,000x your bet. That’s a handsome sum any way you look at it!

Reign of Gnomes is more enchanting, quirky, and adventurous than most other casino slots, and boasts over 243 ways to win. Warrior Gnomes – suspiciously similar to Game of Thrones characters – guard the castle’s treasures like Multipliers, Free Spins, A Golden Wheel, and up to 20 bonus games! Will you overpower them?

Keep an eye out for two fire-breathing dragons. They are the holders of the Golden Amulet Bonus where you spin the wheel to win additional Wilds, up to 6x multipliers, or access to the Ice Diamonds. 

Caesar’s Victory

Caesar’s Victory is a 5 reel, 3-row slot, and a stylish variation on the rule of Caesar. With 20 paylines to win, prepare yourself to invade the reels to victory.

During your campaign in Rome, you come armed with a Wild (Ceasar’s gold coin) that appears on reels 1 and 4, and could triple your win. Also in your bag of tricks is the Scatter (Horse) which could potentially multiply your bet by 100x.

What truly has players raving about this Casino Slots game is the randomly-awarded progressive jackpot, and the chance to win 40,000x your stake on just one spin.

So, what do you think? Have all these unique Slots Casino games put a pep in your step? Well, embrace the pep, because this is only the beginning. Do some exploring, and you’ll be sure to come back to Slots Casino to catch up on the wacky, adventurous, and the cool. In this fine establishment, unique casino slots never fail to reignite that fire in your belly at SlotsLV.