Can You Ace The Crypto Casino Crossword Challenge?

Tiger cartoon character wearing oversized glasses holding up a placard featuring a free crossword puzzle about crypto casinos for SlotsLV and surrounded by floating bitcoins

Welcome to SlotsLV Casino, the happiest crypto casino you’ll find online! There’s never a cross word spoken… or is there?

We’re all about the games around here, with hundreds of online casino games that can be played with Bitcoin or any other supported crypto. Before you get into our grand selection of games, jam-packed with adventure and excitement and all sorts of jaw-dropping rewards, we have something for you to try that’s a whole lotta fun!

Today, it’s pencils out, because we’re going to put your knowledge of cryptocurrency to the test! Challenge yourself with our free crossword puzzle.

How much do you know about cryptocurrency? Check out the clues, figure out the answers, then discover how you can benefit big-time by using crypto to play at a Bitcoin casino like SlotsLV.

Ready to have fun?

Free crossword puzzle against a pink swirl background with bitcoins behind it and a cartoon tiger inspecting the crossword with a magnifying glass

Crossword Clues

Here are your clues! Read them carefully and fill out the grid (you could save it to your phone and use MarkUp to keep track, or print it and grab a pen). Then scroll to the bottom to check the answers to see how you did!

2. The crypto casino that’s your happy place (7)
1. A cryptocurrency based on the meme of a Shiba Inu dog (8)
5. A decentralized digital currency [shorthand] that verifies transactions through a blockchain (6)
3. A cryptocurrency that’s tied to the U.S. dollar (6)
6. A digital ledger of transactions tied to a cryptocurrency that is validated through a peer-to-peer network (10)
4. Describes a system that operates outside of a central authority or group (13)
7. The place online where you can purchase crypto (8)
8. The process in which different blocks are added to the crypto blockchain in order to verify transactions - if you can dig it! (6)
11. A type of coin that has a steady price, typically tied to another stable fiat currency (10)
9. When you sell your crypto for cash using an exchange (7)
12. A version of a blockchain that runs in a different direction, but shares the transaction history with the original; also found on a table or in a road (4)
10. The state of data once it’s scrambled into code; applies to crypto data (9)
13. The digital storage place for your crypto (6)

And, to throw you a curveball, here’s a bonus challenge for those up with the crypto movers and shakers!

Unscramble the letters to find the answer to this cryptic clue:

A little bird he had set free flew back down to earth, sending a coin soaring in its place

Getting Started with Crypto

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Crossword Answers

 ACROSS: 2. SlotsLV 5. Crypto 6. Blockchain 7. Exchange 11. Stablecoin 12. Fork 13. Wallet
DOWN: 1. Dogecoin 3. Tether 4. Decentralized 8. Mining 9. Cash Out 10. Encrypted

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