“Whisker” Wonderland: Viral Kitty Shares Fun Holiday Activities


“Whisker” Wonderland: Viral Kitty Shares Fun Holiday Activities

By Simon “backpackingkitty”

December 22, 2023.

Simon “backpackingkitty” is one of the internet’s favorite kitties with 6.6 million subscribers on TikTok alone and a total reach of 9 million loyal fans! Simon loves to go on wild adventures and travel the world with his influencer dad, JJ Yosh, who has a following of 1.3 million on Instagram. This dynamic duo lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Follow their accounts for mountain escapades, creative reels (including sensational episodes featuring SlotsLV) and, of course, the adorable adventure kitty, Simon!

Meow, hoomans! Simon here! With the 2023 holidays upon us, my Dad and I are kicking off the festivities in our own pawsome way up here in the Rockies. As the snow blankets the world outside, we’re ready to dive whisker-deep into all the traditions that make this time of year the cat’s pajamas.

So, curl up by the fire, get cozy, and join me as I recount my purr-fect holiday activities that make our season bright and merry. It’s time to let the holiday magic begin! 🐾🎄✨


The black cat, Simon “backpackingkitty”, wears a plaid sweater vest and plays with tinsel hanging off his owner JJ Yosh, in front of a Christmas tree.

My first favorite holiday activity? It’s all about the Christmas tree! I’m on a mission to make it look PURRR-fect. Between carefully placing the ornaments and getting distracted by those glittery branches, it’s a jolly mix of work and play! And when Dad’s not looking, I might just sneak in a bit of tinsel wrestling – it’s all part of the festive fun! So FUR, so good as we spruce up the tree for the most meow-gical time of the year! 😻


When getting ready for Dad’s big Christmas PAW-ty, I love to throw a little PURR-sonality into my look! Christmas sweaters are my thing, and I take holiday style seriously! Log cabin plaid? Stripes? Ugly Christmas sweaters? I’m PAW-sitive I’m going to rock this party!

Over the years, my Christmas sweater collection has grown! I like to think I look PURR-ty good in red and green, and don’t forget the sparkles! ✨  I want to be the most stylish kitty in the room this holiday!  

The black cat, Simon “backpackingkitty”, wearing a plaid sweater vest, stands in a pile of tinsel, in front of a Christmas background.


So, I am a kitty and I get cold! It takes the right CAT-titude to get outdoors in the snowy mountains! But sledding with Dad is so much fun that I can’t resist! Adventures with my best FUR-end are everything, so I bundle up and hit the slopes! Look at me MEOW!

And when we’re zipping down the hills, I feel like the king of the mountain, the fastest feline on four paws—even if I do prefer a cozy blanket at the end of the day.

he black cat, Simon “backpackingkitty” sits in a teal blanket on a blue sled, as he’s being pulled over a snowy terrain by his owner, JJ Yosh, who wears a winter snowshoeing outfit.


After a long day of sledding, I like to get cozy! I am so FUR-tunate that Dad makes the best CAT-ucinno in the Rocky Mountains! One of my favorite holiday activities is curling up on the couch and sipping something warm and delicious! Another round? Yes, PAW-lease!

The rich aroma of the Cat-uccino fills the air, and it’s the perfect treat for my whiskers—it’s like a warm hug in a mug for my taste buds!


Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ quite like a cozy movie night, and I’ve got my spot claimed right next to Dad on the couch. We dive into a world of festive flicks, starting with the timeless charm of The Aristocats, where cats not only take center stage but also teach a thing or two about the meaning of family during the holidays.

Then, we switch gears to the magical hijinks of Home Alone, because just like Kevin, I know a thing or two about adventure! With my head on Dad’s lap and the screen aglow, these classics keep our holiday spirits purring right into the New Year! 📽️😺🎄

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