Luxe 555 Slot Game Review

If you’ve ever let your imagination indulge about what it might be like to experience the casino the high-roller way, then welcome to the SlotsLV Luxe 555 slot.

Maybe there are golden chairs. Maybe there are cigars. Or maybe there are special features, the likes of which have never been witnessed by anyone but those players in the know.

Only stepping inside this online slot will let you know for sure. 

Once you’re in, your every decision is catered to. You set the value of each line. You set the bet amount. And you choose your prizes when you enter free spins. That’s the difference between being a regular player, and being the most revered and important guest at the casino!

The elite Luxe 555 slot review is about to begin. Hold your head up and dazzle the concierge with a winning smile…

Should you spin it?

Those who love classic slots with modern wins are going to feel right at home in the luxurious old-school vibe of this game.

Here’s why you’ll love to play Luxe 555 slot at SlotsLV:

✓   Simple yet feature-rich
✓   Adjustable payline multipliers
✓   Player selection bonus round
✓   Bonus chance to reach bonus round
✓   Generous max win
✓   Swanky and opulent theme
✓   Sharp and modern graphics

Some don’t feel all that comfortable in such a luxurious setting, and this is why you may not want to enter:

X   No characters or defined storyline
X   Fewer slots paylines

Game Overview: A Luxe Experience

You’ve had an absolute ball of a night at the casino, with a bundle of big wins freshly cashed out! The casino manager spots you and you’re informed that they have a special surprise for winners like you… Before you know it, you’re in the ultimate elite room: Luxe 555.

The moment you step inside, you already know you’re in your happy place. The couches are made of plush black leather all lined in gold.

Brilliantly colored oranges, cherries, and plums provide a classic touch; alongside them, luxury symbols like gold and red 5s, golden bells, anchors, and crowns dance throughout the transparent reel lines.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in Luxe 555 at SlotsLV Casino:

  • 3 rows
  • 3 reels
  • 5 paylines
  • Max win per spin: 3,600x your stake
  • Minimum bet per line: $0.25
  • Maximum bet per line: $20
  • Customizable line multipliers
  • Stacked symbols
  • Bonus Chance (or a second-chance bonus)
  • Player’s choice free spins
  • Realistic, vibrant look

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Luxe 555 Features

A 3D-animated hippopotamus is seen peeking from behind an iPad, showing a screenshot of the SlotsLV slot game, Luxe 555, highlighting the features and symbols of the game.

Have a seat on our plush leather couches and enjoy as we give you an overview into these luxe slots features. You may have not experienced all of these yet in some of our other SlotsLV online slots.


The red 5 lined in pure gold is your scatter. Landing three of them will pay 2x your wins.


A golden pendant Wild is offered to you on a red velvet tray, and it can replace any other regular symbol to help you win.

Luxe Lines

In the base game, you can customize the multiplier on each winning line between 1x, 3x, or 5x. This adjusts your line’s wager as well by 1 coin, 3 coins, or 5 coins respectively.   

Stacked Chance

Whenever two stacked reels appear exactly alike but they don’t result in a win, this online slot will personally assist you in re-spinning the reel, without the same stacked symbols, three times.

Bonus Chance Re-spins

For all other patrons of the casino, they have to land three scatters to enter the bonus round. For you, however, you get another chance. If you land only two scatters, the reel without a scatter will spin again, giving you an exclusive chance to land the final scatter.  

Best Feature: Player’s Choice Free Spins

When you enter the slots bonus round by landing three scatter 5 symbols, you don’t have to just sit back and let it happen. You’re in control of your own destiny in this game, and you can choose for yourself how your slots prizes will play out.

Game One: Royal

  • Start with 10 free spins
  • Remove all low-paying fruit symbols

Game Two: Gold X

  • Start with 10 free spins
  • +1x rising win multipliers with every free spin, starting from 1x (all winning lines multiplied)

Game Three: Royal Gold X

  • Start with 5 free spins
  • Both features from Game One and Game Two
  • All low-paying fruit symbols removed
  • Rising multipliers removed

Each additional two or three scatters that you land awards 2 or 5 more free spins respectively, all the way up to a max of 100 free spins.

Then, as one of the most sophisticated Bitcoin casinos online, you can withdraw your winnings with crypto to transfer USD. When you do, you’ll enjoy a super speedy payday after your request is approved.

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Play Luxe 555 Slot Game at SlotsLV Casino Now

That’s all there is to it: You’ve acquainted yourself with the Luxe 555 online slot review. So you might delight in telling anyone who asks about the adjustable lines, second chances at winning, and your own selection of prizes within the bonus round of this slot online.  Or… you might just find yourself giving them a knowing smile and a little wink.


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