Most Popular Slots Themes To Play

Most Popular Slots Themes To Play

Just as it is in all areas of life, in the slot world, variety adds plenty of spice.

Like how your local froyo place wouldn’t be the same without the mint chips, the Fruit Loops, and the Oreo crumbs – your gaming sessions at SlotsLV Casino wouldn’t pack the same punch without its own sprinkling of game flavors. 

There’s something for everyone around here, and we’ve bundled together the top SlotsLV casino slots themes to help you narrow it down and find your next binge-worthy game. Choose your own slots adventure and march to the beat of your own drum.

Let’s try out those mint chips.

Sports Slots

When your tennis shoes start calling loudly from their corner in the closet, you know it’s time to get your behind in gear and play some sports! Sports slots are a great way to get some action, both in the game as well as in your bank account. You can shoot some hoops in Streetball Star, skid on the ice in Hockey Enforcers, or huddle with your team to conjure up the best reel play in Gridiron GlorySports Slots

The stadium is packed for the biggest game of the year. You’re the quarterback up for MVP this time around, and the fans won’t let you forget it as they rumble and roar through the stands. In this NFL slot, Gridiron Glory has 5 reels and 3 rows that show off your best game plays. A referee keeps tabs, flirty cheerleaders ruffle their pom poms over winning symbols, and a max prize of 5,000x your bet is set to trigger after you sweep up the field and pummel the other team with a final touchdown. 

Animal Slots

Attention all animal lovers! We know first-hand the joy that furry creatures – and not so furry ones – can bring us in the home as well as the habitat. Creatures of all kinds are making their way over our reels. An underwater mobster in GoodFishes or a roaring lion in Savanna King invite you to their wild domains, as well as a whole crew of animal cuties in a pursuit of Wild multipliers.

In Panda Pursuit, this big, huggable bear has got lots of cutie patooty animal buddies to welcome you to the reels! Turtle is there, Fish has swum in for the occasion, and even Baboon has made an appearance. Your wild friends are happy to help you pursue the game’s biggest multipliers of 64x within the Panda Pursuit Free Spins. Just don’t forget to rub that Panda’s tummy – he’s awfully full from all that bamboo!

Action Slots

Let’s face it: sometimes everyday life can be a bit drab with the same-old, same-old. Isn’t it a breath of fresh air to cut through the daily grind with a little bit of action? SlotsLV is action-packed to the max, with something for every type of adventurer. You can roam the streets of the wild west and shoot up the nearest watering hole for jackpots in Lawless Ladies; join a crew of cyborgs on a mission in Cyberpunk City; or save another type of city with a team of valiant heroes in Super Wilds XLAction Slots

It’s a calm and peaceful day… until the Big Green villain takes over the streets, and the citizens of your city cry to be saved from his sticky, evil hands! The Spins Twins, Expando Man and Multiplier Man, are there to follow your lead with free spins, an expanding Wild, and double and triple multipliers. Maybe not all heroes wear capes, but in Super Wilds XL, these ones sure do!

Foodie Slots

If you appreciate great food as much as you love a great big spike in your bank balance, and don’t mind the buzz from a happy-hour glass of wine, then these scrumptious slots are just what you need to satisfy your appetite. We’ve got sweet n’ sour candies in Delicious Candies and vodka and vermouth served up in Dirty Martini. Better yet, why not gather your squad to hit up the new sushi joint that just opened down the street in Sushi Wins?  

When you all take your seats at the Sushi Wins bar, the chef has ensured you get maximum variety on your plate. You’ve got sashimi, salmon rolls, eel rolls, and even an avocado roll for the veggie lovers. Let’s not forget the Japanese sake to loosen you up with free spins! Watch out for the wasabi, as this spicy accoutrement is bound to blow up your mouth with hot, hot heat, as well as the reels as an expanding Wild. When Sushi Wins, you do too.

Adult-Themed Slots

We’ve also got some slots to appeal to another, racier kind of appetite, tucked away in the back row. You can fulfill your fantasy of driving a racecar at full speed with sassy women doting on your wheels in Fast & Sexy, cast an eye over the provocative women of good and evil as they put on a steamy show of love in Forbidden Slot, or, better yet, head straight to Egypt to meet the first lady of sensuality and power herself in A Night with Cleo

The Pharaoh Cleopatra invites you to her palace grounds for a sultry meeting. The doors to her private chambers swing wide open in the gamble feature. Inside, Cleo gives you a chance to multiply your winnings by 32x, and watch as she shares her own excitement by unburdening her body of those unnecessary clothes. 

Classic Slots

After all is said and done, sometimes you just need a visit back to the classics. Nostalgia always has a place at SlotsLV, and we’ve got plenty of classic slots games to transport you to the good ‘ol days when gas was cheap and we knew our friends’ phone numbers by heart. You can waltz into a real life casino and toss a few coins in Reels & Wheels, try your hand at the progressive in 777 Deluxe, or take a trip to Vegas in 10 Times Vegas to let the good times roll.

Strip back the extra reels and get down to the nitty gritty! 10 Times Vegas new slot has only 3 reels and 3 winning lines. You’ve got your cherries, horseshoes, bars, and 7s, and the rules are as simple as a sweet tea on a sunny afternoon. Each symbol has its own paytable, with the Wild 2x, 5x and 10x acting as a wild multipliers and paying the highest when you land three of them. Isn’t this refreshing?

No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a theme to suit your spirit. Grab some grub, practice your 3-pointer, turn up the heat with Cleo, or relax in a simpler time in Vegas. No matter which SlotsLV slot theme calls your name, the prizes are yours just the same!