Why do online slots use random number generators?

Why do online slots use random number generators?



Why do online slots use random number generators?

Each spin in online slots holds the promise of excitement and possibility, but beneath it all is the unwavering expectation of fairness. And rightfully so! Thankfully, when you play at SlotsLV Casino, you know that each round is as fair and random as the last. Nevertheless, you might be wondering how. The secret weapon behind the fairness of any reputable online casino is what’s called a Random Number Generator, otherwise known as an RNG. And why do online slots use random number generators? Because they make your game fair.

You can think of the RNG as a digital dice roll before each spin, except it has way, way – like infinite – more possible outcomes. Knowing that an online casino uses an RNG empowers you to trust the game at your fingertips. You spin confidently knowing it’s not rigged (despite some common myths – more on that later), and that your chances of winning are based on pure luck.

So who is this mysterious RNG character driving your slot spins? We’re about to zero in on the answers. Can we count you in? Excellent. Let’s start with question number one. 

What is a random number generator?

Put simply, a random number generator is like the digital version of rolling a dice. It’s a tool used in computers and other digital devices to create sequences of random numbers.

Consider that when you roll a dice you can’t predict whether it’ll land on one, three, or six. With a random number generator, imagine you couldn’t tell if it landed on numbers 1, 45, or 14,896,420,137,477. Your head spins just thinking about it.

The nifty mechanism behind an RNG is its algorithms. These fancy bits of code use a complex sequence of instructions that churn out numbers at random, ensuring they’re as diverse and unpredictable as possible.

And RNGs aren’t just for slots. Random number generators are fundamental in number-crunching fields like statistics, simulations, and cryptography.

Do slot machines use random number generators?

The number 7 stands next to a retro slot machine with a line of three sevens and it’s all on a light purple background.

We’ll jump in right away and say yep. They sure do. A random number generator in slot machines is the backbone of your game. It directs each spin to churn out a fair and random result.

When your finger hits that spin button, the RNG springs into action, firing off a sequence of random numbers. Each number represents a different outcome on the reels. As the reels do their whirlwind dance and your heart races in anticipation for the big moment when they settle down, the game grabs the next set of numbers from the RNG. These numbers act as coordinates, dictating which symbols will land on each reel, and precisely how loud you’ll be cheering when they do.

The entire process is lightning-fast and orchestrated by the RNG with mathematical precision. And because the RNG operates independently of previous spins, each round is a fresh start, jumpstarting your adrenaline with the thrill of the next outcome.

Can you beat a random number generator?

Unless you were a world-top spy who infiltrated the operating room, did contortions around the laser alarms, and used government-grade espionage equipment to hack into the underlying algorithms of the random number generator, the answer is no way, José. You can’t beat it.

For the record, we’re kidding about the laser alarms. But the point remains. A player cannot access the algorithms that control the RNG, and it would be next to impossible to get them.

Are RNGs fair?

100%. Random number generators don’t play favorites or show bias. They keep the game on a level playing field for everyone.

The complex algorithms powering the RNG are rigorously tested and verified to ensure they are truly random and unpredictable. And they’ve got backup. RNGs often team up with cryptographic techniques to beef up their security and make sure they can’t be messed with.

Casinos keep a hawk-eye on RNGs to double-check they’re playing fair and square. Independent testing labs regularly give them a once-over to verify they’re up to snuff, following all the rules for randomness and fairness.

There’s a team of theoretical Fair Police behind every spin in your game, all to give you confidence as you spin.

Random Number Generator Slots FAQs

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Now that you’ve wrapped your head around what an RNG is, your mind might be generating several questions. We’ve jotted a few common ones down – all at random, of course – as well as their answers.

Are slot machines truly random?

They sure are, and it’s all thanks to the random number generator. You can be sure that no two games are identical, and very likely no two spins are identical, either. So go ahead and dive into the action with confidence!

Do slot machines have hot and cold cycles?

Ahh, the age-old question and one of the most common slots myths out there. But here’s the scoop: Each spin in your game is just a roll of the infinite-sided dice, completely random and independent from the last. There’s no memory in the game to remember past spins or predict future ones.

If you feel like a game isn’t producing as many wins as you’d hoped, you should turn to the game’s RTP. If the return to the player is on the lower side, like say, 95% or less, you might experience fewer wins. Don’t blame it on the RNG! Instead, meander to another game with a higher RTP and see if it changes your luck. 

Can casino operators manipulate the random number generator?

Nope! Random number generators are tamper-proof and operate independently of the casino’s control. Plus, regulatory bodies like eCOGRA and TST  closely monitor and certify RNGs to ensure they’re always on the up and up and meeting strict standards for integrity.

Is the RNG used in table games, too?

You better believe it! Whether you’re mulling over a move while playing blackjack or holding your breath at the slowing spin of the roulette wheel, you can be confident there’s an RNG in the background fairly calling the shots.

Play Safely & Securely at SlotsLV Casino

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With an RNG calling the fair shots behind your games, you can bet your bottom dollar that every spin is as random and unbiased as can be. That means that when you spin for the hourly, daily, or epic Hot Drop Jackpots, you’re confident you have an equal shot at the golden ticket. 

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Aside from having pure, unbridled fun, the other expectation that you have from online slots is that they are fair. Reputable casinos like SlotsLV are fully regulated with random number-generating software. You can spin confidently knowing that every game you enjoy is trustworthy, and, of course, downright fun. Yep, you have our number! We’re the safest online casino around. Now on the count of three, get out there and see for yourself. One… two… three!