Battle For $2 Million Reward in Ethereum Attackathon

Battle For $2 Million Reward in Ethereum Attackathon



Hot Crypto Stories: Battle For $2 Million Reward in Ethereum Attackathon

It feels like a lifetime ago when the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepapers in 2008. Over a decade of advancement has blossomed since then. What began as a niche interest within tech circles, has burgeoned into a societal staple embraced by all.

Nowadays, “crypto” is officially the buzzword on everyone’s lips. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or just crypto-curious, this is where SlotsLV Casino sorts things out and hand delivers hot takes, fun trends, wacky stories, and must-know facts from the crypto universe.

You may watch in amazement as we reveal breakthrough technologies that could change the way you bank. Or you might chuckle at random fun facts about pizza, or get excited about viral tokens making millionaires overnight. In any case, we’re your go-to resource for the latest and greatest crypto stories floating around the internet.

Let’s see here… what’s going on lately?

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Battle For $2 Million Reward in Ethereum Attackathon

July 11, 2024.

The digital landscape is bustling with excitement as Ethereum, the titan of blockchain technology, dives headfirst into its grandest security showdown yet in an event they’re calling the “Attackathon.” Starting on July 8, 2024, this four-week hackathon is unfolding to be one of the most epic battles of wits in the cyber realm.

Our heroes? White-hat hackers. These cyber guardians use their formidable skills for good, scouring the digital world to protect it from nefarious threats. They’re the knights in shining armor of the tech world, diving into code and emerging with vulnerabilities that could otherwise spell disaster.

Hacker-like hooded figure sitting in front of a computer against a purple background.

Ethereum’s Protocol Security (EPS) team has thrown down the gauntlet, with a $2 million prize pool as the lure. The event kicks off with a deep dive into Ethereum’s codebase, arming participants with the knowledge they need to hunt for weaknesses.

Newer cyber security experts shouldn’t worry, as this isn’t just a one-time gig. The EPS team envisions a future where these hackathons accompany every major upgrade to Ethereum, meaning there will be plenty more chances to hone their skills and don their white capes down the line.

Immunefi, the renowned bug bounty platform, will be compiling the results of this grand challenge, looking for the most impactful, rule-abiding reports. The EPS team has already pitched in $500,000 and is calling on sponsors to raise an additional $1.5 million by August 1.

At this very minute, the clock ticks down within the Attackathon. White-hat hacking heroes from around the globe are diving into Ethereum’s digital fortress in a saga of code and cryptography. Their mission will secure vulnerabilities and safeguard the blockchain for all users in the future, including you.

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Eddie Seal Challenges Crypto Fans to Get Tattooed for $500

June 19, 2024.

For all the crypto lovers out there, memecoin Eddie Seal has one question to ask: How much do you love crypto, really?

A lot, you say? Prove it.

A smiling, pudgy seal wearing a beret is on a purple background.

This is the tale of Eddie Seal, a memecoin known for its viral quirky marketing strategies. Recently, their reputation sealed the deal with their latest promotional gag. For a couple of days, fans had the chance to win a cash prize if they got the Eddie Seal meme tattooed on their bodies.

Let’s back up for a second, and see how all the wackiness started.

The Eddie Seal team always knew they were different. They had a unique vision from the get-go, aiming to create a memecoin that would stand out for its utility and fun, particularly with its unorthodox marketing strategies, which soon became their hallmark. Their latest stunt? A viral tattoo challenge.

On Sunday, June 16, the Eddie Seal team hopped onto X with a bold announcement. They invited fans to get an Eddie Seal tattoo, offering $350 to anyone who dared. For the truly brave, a head tattoo would earn a cool $500. The news spread like wildfire. Within a day, social media was flooded with videos of people proudly displaying their new Eddie Seal tattoos. On June 18, the team posted on X saying the promotion was now closed, and they were pleasantly surprised that so many people participated. While many tattoos got the seal of approval on their page, some were, errr, not appropriate for publication. We’ll let you connect the fins on that one.

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Iggy Azalea Drops Another Hit with MOTHER Token

June 13, 2024.

Iggy Azalea. She’s a rapper, a chart-topping artist, an entrepreneur, and a…crypto creator? You heard that right!

This sassy Aussie star has dropped her very own MOTHER token on Solana, and it’s a hit! It shot to an all-time high of $0.08952 within days of its debut in late May. Even with some dips, MOTHER’s still holding the motherload with a current market cap of over $180 million.

With a bright purple background the music star Iggy Azalea is standing inside a gold coin with rays of light beaming behind her.

But Iggy’s crypto adventure hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Before the launch of MOTHER, a shady promoter started drama when he tried to drop an unauthorized IGGY token, pocketing $380,000 in the process. But first things first, Iggy is the realist, and that guy had no chance. The pop-star model clapped back hard on social media, earning mad respect for her transparency and no-nonsense attitude. Her fiery response rallied over 18,000 MOTHER token holders and counting, coming in hot to have her back.

But the rise of MOTHER doesn’t stop there since hustle and struggle is the only things this rapper is trusting. Iggy announced that MOTHER tokens will soon be used to buy phones and cell plans from her telecommunications company. This move added real-world utility to her crypto and dialed up a 27% spike in MOTHER’s price. Sphere Labs will handle the payment infrastructure, while Unreal Mobile will provide the services. You can expect ad campaigns and more updates to debut soon.

Iggy’s not just a rapper, she’s the MOTHER of all trades, and crypto is her latest Fancy venture, putting the I-G-G-Y in the world of DeFi.

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