Best Ways to Improve Your Odds with Online Casino Games

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If you’ve ever played online slots games before, you’re probably familiar with the house edge, or house advantage of your favorite games. But are you familiar with how to reduce this edge, and increase your own odds in winning the game? 

The good news is that with online slots, you can do just that. All it takes is a bit of know-how, a SlotsLV bonus, and some informed decision-making. You’ll be well on your way to better odds and bigger paydays, which is precisely what we have on the menu today.

Let’s dive in and learn the craft of achieving higher odds, particularly with a SlotsLV slots games Welcome Bonus. 

Online Blackjack Has Great Casino Odds 

Blackjack is a prime game choice if you’re looking for the best odds of winning. The reason is that Blackjack is not only a game of luck, but a game of strategy, too.

If you play Blackjack without any strategy, the house edge is 2%, which is already fairly decent. With proper strategy, however, you can lower the house edge impressively to 0.5%. This means that the casino will win only up to 0.5% of the total Blackjack bets placed over the long run. 

If you are, in fact, using Blackjack strategy, then you’ll have to know precisely when to stand, hit, surrender or double down. Usually, you’d think, this would require a great test of your memory – but when you use a Blackjack chart, you can skip all of the mental gymnastics and level up your game with ease.

And get this: these Blackjack charts are made through computerized trial-and-error simulations, just like those chess programs that outsmart the world’s greatest players. That’s a solid mathematical advantage for you, and also kind of a cool way to think about your game plan.


Video Poker: Another Casino Game with Great Odds 

Video Poker is another skill-based game with great odds, which can also go as low as 0.5%.

That’s why some players call video Poker the “best-kept-secret” in the casino. Add a SlotsLV sign up bonus to pump up your bankroll, and take note of potential payouts up to 800:1; it’s no wonder that video Poker draws such an enthusiastic crowd. 

One thing to look out for in choosing a video poker game is the Return to Player, or RTP. This is the percentage of winnings you could expect to make in the long term from playing a certain game. The higher the RTP, the more money you stand to make in the game. For this reason, you’ll want to shoot for video poker games with an RTP of 98-99% before, say, the games with an RTP of 96 or 97%. 

So what do you do when you’ve grabbed your SlotsLV bonus and chosen a video poker game? The next step is to decide how you’ll bet, which is the foundation of any good strategy. 

Most pro poker players recommend betting with the maximum amount of coins, as this ensures your payday is bigger when you get a winning combination of cards. This is where your SlotsLV sign up bonus comes in handy. Having the extra padding in your bankroll gives you more opportunity to bet higher, and score even bigger paydays.

Take a Chance with Big Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a sum of money that progressively rises each time a new wager is made. And not just by you – all players contribute to growing the pot.

In online slots, the progressive is triggered by either matching special symbols, landing the symbol on a particular line, or playing through to a bonus game. In skill-based games such as poker, the progressive is triggered by specific card combinations.

The progressive jackpot is the ultimate goal because it offers you a chance to win staggeringly big on a relatively small bet. That’s especially true when you use your sign up bonus, since it increases your available bet size without risking your own money. 

You’ll notice that all games with a progressive have some requirements to win it. For card games like Caribbean Stud or Let ‘Em Ride, that means opting in with a dollar before hitting “Deal”. For slots, that usually means betting the maximum number of coins for each payline. 

Once again, you’ll want to use your SlotsLV Welcome Bonus to make max betting less risky as you increase your odds of winning.  

Bonuses Improve Casino Odds

Bonuses Improve Casino Odds

Since we’re on the subject of your SlotsLV Bonus – who doesn’t love the idea of getting something for nothing? Or, making the occasional rookie error with the casino’s money instead of your own?

The SlotsLV Bonus is here just for that reason – to give you a better chance of winning. And, of course, to say a hearty welcome.

With the money from your sign up bonus, you can get a serious advantage to your game. Using your bonus allows you to improve your game skills with little risk, sharpen your strategy, and ultimately master your craft. When it eventually comes to the real deal – you’ll be well-oiled and fine-tuned, and ready to hit the highway at full speed.

Of course, we must mention the golden rule – the more hands you play or the more slots you spin – the higher your odds are of winning. And with your SlotsLV Casino bonus, the higher your bankroll is before you even start!

So how much can you get from us, really?

For the legendary SlotsLV Welcome Bonus, you can get up to $5,000 by matching your first deposit with 200% up to $1,000, and each eight deposits after that with a 100% match up to $500.

If you deposit with Bitcoin, though, you can make $7,500. Which makes the Bitcoin SlotsLV sign up bonus the best Welcome Bonus to date. You get one 300% match bonus up to $1,500 for your first Bitcoin deposit, and eight subsequent match bonuses up to $750 each. Zing!Let’s even up those odds. We give you the low-down on the best casino games, bonuses and strategies to grow your bankroll and increase your chances of winning at SlotsLV.

Didn’t we promise to deliver? The SlotsLV Welcome Bonus is your best bet for great odds and a bigger payday. Grab your bonus with both hands, choose a game with attractive odds, and Start Playing Now. We have plenty more to offer along the ride at SlotsLV!