Play Slots with Exciting Bonus Rounds

There’s no doubt about it. When you play slots online, you play for the wins. And yet… you can’t deny there’s something more that piques your interest, too. 

It’s all about those Bonus rounds! Unique, exciting, and lucrative Bonus rounds are just the thing to put your favorite games on the “don’t forget” list when you play slots. 

Well, we’ve got a list of our own, too. Here you’ll find our top picks to play slots with unforgettable bonus rounds, and jackpots and prizes that are sure to put a smile on your face. Care to see what’s out there when you Play Slots for Bonus Rounds?

Excellent – follow me!  

A Night With Cleo

Despite its night-time name, there will be no sleeping when you play online slots with Cleo. She wants your full attention, and in her exciting Bonus round, she’s ready to pay up to get it. 

This Double Up bonus is as exciting as it gets. The seductive Eqyptian Pharaoh is scantily clad as she awaits you inside her pool, her hands outstretched. Each time you guess the correct hand with a lotus flower inside, Cleo rewards you by removing one piece of clothing, and doubling your winnings. Guess correctly 5 times, and Cleo has no more clothing to remove. No time to blush – you won the round!

Cleo sure is a dream, and an undeniably fun companion to play slots online with.   

Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus offers the proverbial icing on the cake with one of the coolest bonus rounds known to online slots. 

The bonus is triggered when you land two key symbols on reels 1 and 3. A treasure chest appears, which brings with it the chance to win one of three jackpots. Find 5 gems of the same color in the chest, and you win one of two mini jackpots. Find a diamond in the chest, and the big progressive is all yours. 

When Gus finds a treasure map in the chest, you’ll go careening down a mine in a rail cart to show off your racing skills and collect golden coin rewards. Arms inside the cart, please.

That’s how to play this treasure-laden slot game in style, and ultimately strike gold.

777 Deluxe

When you play online slots Deluxe-style, you get to dust off the traditional retro fruit machine and bring it back to life with today’s features and up to 5,000x your stake. 

For a bonus round that’s sure to put a delux-ious grin on your face, you must land three question mark symbols in the base game. Inside the Bonus round, you’re met with color-coded 7s, each carrying its own multiplier. Landing three red 7s will win you 250x your stake. Land three gold 7s on the reels and you hit the progressive jackpot, earning the biggest win in the game! Life could be a dream…

Dragons Siege

Get ready to siege the castle and tame the majestic dragon as you play slots online for endless riches… if you dare! 

But beware: fire in this castle doesn’t kill a dragon, it just adds to the action. And the true action is picked up in the Bonus game. 

The bonus is triggered when you line up the Bridge and Gate symbols on the reels. Once inside, you get to pick your hero, win up to 25 free spins with up to 10x multipliers, and watch your bankroll grow. To top it all off, you can win the randomly awarded progressive jackpot at any time in the game. 

That’s how you play online slots the right way. Ding ding ding

Bowled Over

When you play slots online, a bowling alley is an unlikely backdrop. But with a jackpot size of 3,000 coins and a chance to dominate the lanes, why not give it a shot? You only have to keep your thoughts out of the gutter!

When you land three or more black bowling balls anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the Bonus Round. Set in the lane of a classic bowling alley, you get to choose your male or female player and show off some skills. 

Throw your arm back, aim the ball, and gather up your strength. The more pins you hit, the bigger your prize becomes. When you hit 10 pins or more, the expanding Wild is released on the first two reels. If it forms a winning combo, the Wild takes over the entire reel. That means – you’ve got it – wins.

So, what’ll it be? Are you a dragon slayer, a seductress, a digger of gold, or a lover of the classics? When you play Slots online, there’s no better way to ignite the imagination than with exciting games boasting alluring Bonus rounds to really shake things up. Enjoy the adventure, and we’ll be delighted to see you on the other side.

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